What is your favorite quick, easy, filling and healthy breakfast?

Medeea N.
My healthy and easy breakfast is a smoothie bowl with some fruits for decoration. And I like to do it with raspberry with one banana and some almond milk

Leonardo O.
Well mixed banana, milk, instant oat flakes, and a table spoon of a yummy tasting berry powder. This is a good start into the day, when I have no time to prepare.

Vit Ria Z.
Salad (tomatoes, carrots…), eggs and tost.
For drink I prefer natural juice. After breakfast I drink water.
Ps: I'm still learning english, so I'm sorry if it's something wrong. 😉

Gavin P.
Poppy seed bagel with vegetable cream cheese, egg white omelette with bacon, onion, spinach, and tomato, 3-4 pieces of breakfast meat, and orange juice.

L Sma F.
Something similar to yoghurt (not sure how it translates to English) with some fruit that I cut into ir. Such as banana or mango. Wholewheat bread with egg is also nice.