I often struggle with eating the right thing for breakfast. What’s some examples of meals everyone else eats?

L Rke F.
On weekdays I rarely eat breakfast. I drink tea, water and have no problem with fasting until 2pm, when I have a small protein snack. At 5pm I eat dinner. Vegetable, protein source. Sometimes pasta or whole bread. For late supper (7/8pm) I have another small protein snack, some fruit or berries and tea.

In the weekends however, we have a late breakfast with the kids, around 9 or 10. We have eggs, whole grains bread, butter, jam and fruit. Freshly brewed Coffee and milk. Then we run off into the day for sports, errands, social activities, and then reunite for dinner at 5pm. The Kids have oat meal porridge with raisins and cinnemon before going to bed every night, week through. In the weekends , we also often have a midday coffee& croissant. 🙂 all in all I believe we all eat quite healthy – at least we all have happy feelings around our meal plan. Doesn't mean we sometimes come home late from work and order an occasional pizza… 🙂

Maria Y.
For breakfast i usually eat yogurt with fresh fruits or an egg with whole grain toast and some cheese or even a cup of coffee with some cereal. For launch i eat whatever my mom cooks and our lebanese cuisine is quite mixed and has lots of ingredients but when i make my own launch i go for a beef or chicken steak or shrimp or salmon with some carbs (rice or pasta) and grilled or steamed veggies. And i end my day with something light like a salad or toast with greek yogurt (labne) and cucumbers. You can follow @sara.haven on Instagram for more healthy meal plans https://instagram.com/sara.haven?igshid=3r0d5po9eitw
Joe P.
Maybe try overnight oats, it's simple to make, good for you, and tastes really good.

That's 1 cup old fashioned oats, enough coconut milk to cover the oats (or any type of milk, but I like coconut), and as much honey and cinnamon as you like.

On a personal note:
Maybe asking for examples of what everyone else eats isn't the right question? Maybe it should be about the desired outcome & not about fitting in? Careful with wording, it signals your thinking.

Tilde C.
I like to start my day out by actually cooking something if I have the time; it makes it feel more like I'm accomplishing something. Migas are perfect for this, as they don't take very long to cook, and it's easy to prep your ingredients before bed if you prefer that. They're also a great way to sneak some vegetables in for breakfast, and you can put basically whatever you want in them (I usually go for bell peppers, spinach, corn tortilla, and mozzarella, sometimes with a bit of prepped taco meat and/or salsa). If I'm not feeling that, I'll go for steel cut or Scottish oats a lot as well (cooked in milk instead of water for the added protein). They take a bit longer than instant oats, but they keep you feeling full longer too.
Chen N.
Oats are just amazing, eggs as well. Make sure you have some fruit and veggies, depending on your food preferences and your taste preferences
D O.
It is dependent on mood so I need both sweet and savory options. Oats, fruit, or peanut butter for sweet. Avocado, turkey sausage or turkey breast for savory
James Z.
Oatmeal, toast, healthy pancakes, rice cakes with nut butter, just some fruit and nuts, cereal, yogurt and granola, pre-made healthy baked goodies, like muffin, biscuits. The list goes on and on, you can eat whatever you feel like, as long as it's nourishing, healthy,and not processed, and gives you the right energy.
Imogen B.
Toast or cereal are my go-to, there are healthier options for both (whole grain, adding fruit etc) or you can have sweeter versions if that’s what you fancy, it can be a bit trial and error finding what you enjoy eating in the morning and fills you up enough to get you to lunch time but I have faith that you’ll find some great things!
Alma Z.
I always used to have the same thing for breakfast – porridge with berries but I recently found a healthy eating plan that has given me a months worth of recipes just fir breakfast and I am now working my way through them. Sometimes it’s a mushroom omelette, sometimes it’s porridge, sometimes scrambled tofu but it always contains protein and fruit or veg. I used to struggle but now I’ve found the right inspiration I look forward to something new everyday.
Megan S.
I feel like everyone else eats eggs which is a struggle since I do y like them much. Or protein shakes/smoothies which are okay sometimes but I usually like warm foods. I wonder if there are protein soups 🤔
Carla Z.
My breakfasts vary between the following (1 or 2 per meal) :
2 Eggs (any way), low-sugar yogurt, apple, orange, low-fat cottage cheese, pineapple.
Sergio O.
Well I know that a lot of people eat avocado toast. And I thought I wouldn’t like it, but one time I tried it, I loved it! All you have to do is get one or two pieces is bread and put it in the toaster. Then you get and avocado and s live while your toast is cooking. Once the bread if done, you spread avocado on each slice and there you go! If you want to have a drink, I recommend either lemon grass tea, or cinnamon tea.
Riley Z.
Lately it's been a lot of gronola! Cereals that feature nuts, seeds, and ancient grains are my go to. I also really enjoy almond or peanut butter and an apple.
Elia E.
My favourite kinds of breakfast would be porridge with low fat or lite milk and tinned or stewed fruit. Remember to make the tinned fruit in it's own juice or better still stew up your own fruit so then you can make it with no added sugar.😄
Lena X.
I'm eating a hard boiled egg with a little salt, two clementines or a banana, and if I'm still hungry I'll add a little oatmeal.
Shlaxgirl2 N.
I always pick out the thing I’m craving that morning and avoid things that don’t seem to taste good to me. I also try to go for the healthy alternative when possible, but let myself cheat sometimes.
Christianna Q.
I love cereal. However, in my milk I put raw oats,linseed,chia seed and honey Granola. You could also drink a fresh juice with one slice of bread with honey or low sugar jam
Vilator C.
You can start with simple recipes such as oats(3mins), Sprout Salad(5mins), Porridge (5mins) , Milk and Honey with corn flakes(1mins) and there are many simple breakfasts also. Also a fresh fruit is always an option
Karla Z.
oatmeal with peanut butter and any fruits/nuts I have around. poached eggs & avo on rye bread (delish!). some rice-crackers with peanut butter if I'm in a rush
Faiza V.
Its usually egg related. Omletyes stuffed with leftover chicken and some sauteed frozen veggies topped with cheese, half fried, French toast…. some days I get tired and just have toast with jam and butter and my cup of tea… something light. I drink tea with milk. Cereals are not my thing. I tried.
Hannah J.
It is always important to focus on having a breakfast with lots of protein and some sort of fruit or vegetable. Try eggs with spinach and cheese, cereal, or greek yogurt with fruit and granola.
Elizabeth B.
Egg beans and toast, overnight oats or oats with nuts and seeds and dried fruit soaked in milk for 20-30 min, rye bread toast with avocado and green leaves and seeds.
Tisha N.
I eat oatmeal’s or like porridge or cereal sometimes I have a fruit bowl as a side or scrambled eggs there are so many things you can eat just choose the right one for you and I can’t decide that
Amanda G.
Hey! I always eat oats with milk (put it in the microwave for 1 min) then i add some honey and some fruits it’s really good
Brett U.
You can have eggs along with brown bread. A protein shake is also good to start. If you don't want anything go for fruits!