What is your absolute favorite breakfast?

Navkirat F.
Usually I don’t eat much but two breads properly toasted with oats and a glass of skimmed milk is a divine combination for me
PS:it’s preferable to have green tea an hour before this much of eating for better metabolism
Elizabeth N.
SMOOTHIES ALL THE WAY!!! i prepare them in a short time and i can integrate veggies that i usually don’t like because the taste will be altered by (for example) bananas or yoghurt.
Milana J.
Ur mom
Ok but seriously there’s this bagel I make and it’s so good it gets me pregnant 🤰
It’s basically a bagel with sriracha cream cheese (I make the cheese by melting it and adding the sriracha) and tomato, lettuce, salmon (ham slays with it too) and avocado.
If you can’t eat this for whatever reason I feel very bad for you and I hope you can find a gourmet grass recipe to fulfill your needs