How do you keep breakfast fast, easy, and healthy without getting tired of the same food every morning?

Gemma J.
I often have granola in the morning, but instead of just having granola and milk by its self each morning I try to add a new fruit to it. For example today I had raspberry’s in my morning granola, and yesterday I had blueberry’s. I find adding fruit is a really quick and easy way to make breakfast a little more Interesting. Hope this helps 🙂
Loane S.
I have greek yogurt with pst as granola every morning. The secret for me not to get bored is to mix up new spices every day: connamon, vanilla, four spices… it changes every day – without being overwhelming, as the base stays the same!
H L N.
Condiments, toppings and sauces! Even if you have the same porridge, oatmeal or over night oats every morning, you will never get bored if there is a different topping for every day of the week. Prepare the night before, lay it all out so it’s to hand for a stress free morning. Getting bored? Look up how other countries make the same breakfast … the English put a swirl of strawberry jam and cream through their porridge and the Scottish go savoury with salt, butter and a sprinkle of cheese!
Mille C.
prewash your fruit and have a good variety for you to choose from. by prewashing or preparing your fruit and organising your fruit in storage containers you are prepared for the week ahead and you take out the effort and time of having to do it every morning. this means you are making healthy choices instantly because you’ve already showed up to do the work and you can just grab and go. by choosing a range of fruits you’re adding enlightening colour to your breakfast and an abundance of vitamins and minerals which means your body and mind are divinely nourished with more nurturing foods. you may choose to add yoghurt and sprinkle granola on top. breakfast or snack choices can easily be prepared this way and by choosing glass containers you’re being eco friendly and encouraging healthy choices as each time you open the fridge you will be greeted with a rainbow of colour making healthy choices irresistible. but most importantly it is reminding you that your body needs fruit and healthier choices as it relies on you and only to take care of it. just like a child relies on a parent. so be the best loving parent to your body and it will give the love back to you to in a hundred fold. 🤍✨
Ilja X.
Try varying the recipes and ingredients that you use – make an omelette with vegetables on the side one day, a salad or oatmeal the next day. All of these take around the same time to make!
Stephen T.
Im actually kinda rushing about my breakfast so i always have dates in my fridge so i grab some and a tomato with a bread is the best with some olives and of course the water before everything