How long must my exercise last?

Evelyn X.
However long makes you feel energized and accomplished. Sometimes, we have a busy morning, but those are the days to relish and little victories and shuffle around the house. Anything that makes you proud of yourself and motivated for the rest of your day. It could be five minutes or two hours or anywhere in between. Don’t be surprised if each day you feel a different amount of energy before or after your movement. Just listen to what your body is telling you! 🙂
Lim M.
It doesn't matter! Most important thing is to not lie in bed, and get up and moving.

If you scroll down Fabulous when it tells you exercise, there's recommended exercises you can try ranging from 5 minutes to half an hour. One even only takes 1 minute!

So if you really really can't exercise that day, at the very least do the 1 minute exercise. Just get moving!

Leslie U.
Well for me exercise is not related to time you can dance for 5 minutes and you are gonna feel energetic and happy so just exercise it could be a few walks or shopping .
Amy Z.
I think at least 10-15 mins is adequate if you’re just starting out. You can get a great workout in during that period of time and it’s just enough time to get your mind feeling refreshed and clear. As you keep doing it and get in a groove and start to enjoy working out you may want to increase the time; up to 30mins is a good maximum amount of time for a workout.
Minh Uyen R.
Exercise should be long enough you feel it. Whether that be a burst of energy orquick burn in your muscles. A few minutes (maybe 5) is a good start
Lorena B.
It depends, if you are just starting then maybe between 10 to 30 mins and that too depends on how many breaks you take, if you used to work out, etc. If you r not a beginner a routine between 20 to 40 mins might be ok. Again, that depends on the intensity of the work out, for how long you’ve been working out, etc. Find what works best for you and specially what you enjoy the most. Good luck! Hope this heped! (If you feel a lil lost you could also follow a workout plan, i persona follow Pamela Reif’s weekly plan, I find them fun and she has beginner, intermediate, advanced plans so you have a lot to pick from. Maybe try one that sounds best. If it works then great! But if it doesn’t change the plan to an easier or harder one. Enjoy the work out and you’ll progress and improve).
Olivia N.
it really depend on what you are trying to accomplish. weightloss in general can be done by eating nutritious foods with light exercise. 20min workouts are fine. if you wanna build muscle you need to focus on healthy fats, proteins and carbs while balancing cardio and strength training. which could go from 30min workouts to 90min workouts. the key is balance. you always need plenty of water and sleep and you never want to overwork yourself. remember it's not a race, it's a journey. enjoy it.
Damien E.
It’s not about time but about being present during your workout. Allowing your body to be challenged and checking in to not injure yourself.
Logan P.
An exercise doesn't necessarily have to be long it's more about the all and effort that you put into it! 3 reps of 10 to 15 sets on your exercises are perfect with a little cardio!
Ina Z.
There is no set or correct amount. Listen to your body, and if you’re not ready to push yourself hard, just get moving for 7 minutes or so. The key is not to be sedentary too long, and try and move every hour if you’re desk-bound at work. Don’t be a couch potato 🙂
Katt M.
I would say 5 minutes to start with. Aim low, so you don't get stressed to start working out. Once you're doing it, big chance you are willing to do more. You're only 5 minutes away from a good mood
Kory F.
Set the minimum you know you can do every day. Then a range you think is reasonable. Shoot for the higher end while being satisfied and happy with the minimum on the days you don't.
Liam C.
it depends of your health. For example, my exercising takes about 20 minutes and I feel really great about that. For the beggining you can exercise 10 minutes and then do it longer and longer.
Ph Ng O.
I have bought “lose weight in 30 days” app and follow the exercise plan. It will give me 10min, 24 min exercises, I think it’s good for easy-quitter like me
Lino E.
A workout should last until you feel like your body is satisfied. Not too long because you want to be safe with your movement and if your too tired you can become sloppy. Do what makes you feel good.
Rayane O.
You can’t go from 0 min exercise a day to 30 min a day in 1 day. It has to be progressive. Begin with 5-10 min (or less if u feel that it’s not achievable) of exercises and everyday increase as u feel you can do more.
Drew E.
Long enough to wake myself up, to reach body awareness and presence, to feel my blood pumping and heart beating, so that I can make the journey back to center
Alysha V.
I actually need more that 30 minutes of exercise but for the first week at least 15 minutes will do. Also each exercise need 30 seconds of plank.
Irina Z.
For me the lenght of exercise is directly connected to my level of energy and mood. On a slow day i try to do a minimum of 6 minutes light exercise and on a good day min 1h . Duration is important, but consistency is key.
Eveline J.
There is not particular time that your exercise should last. Anything that keeps you moving and flexible enough each day is perfect. Try to incorporate all kinds of fitness exercises into your routine, like walks/sprints, strength training, flexibility training, etc. A morning stretch could be about 15 minutes long; a daily workout could be about 30 minutes long, while a gym shark athlete's routine could be about 2 hours long. Fabulous offers amazing routines that you can follow, check them out!
Lisa A.
Depends what are you doing. My yoga sessions can go from 20 min to 40 min. If I'm in the mood for an active exercise session then I prefer to keep it short, maximum 20 min. Ad 1 min more each session when you feel comfortable.
Dora E.
Scientific studies show that a few minutes of intense exercise is sufficient. Therefore, it is not necessary to perform hours of exercise each week although it is likely to have beneficial qualities for different reasons.
Pauline Q.
Long enough that your heart rate goes up and you get a bit of a workout, but not so long that it becomes unsustainable. I started with 20 minutes.
Rebecca P.
For me, I try to go for 30mins to an hour. But I started with 10mins. It probably doesn't have to be much. 10 mins walking and stretching work. In every workout, you have to stretch before and after. I do a head-to-toe stretch (starting with my arms the torso then legs) before and after each workout cause I am prone to cramps. But for 10mins go for 5 min of the 10 mins stretching (so 2.5 in the beginning and 2.5 in the end). Yoga is a workout by the way so you don't have to necessarily do something hard. Start easy and increase bit by bit.
Louna Q.
it depends what your goals are, if you are just exercising for happiness then long enough to break a sweat is all you need