Do you have any healthy suggestions for breakfast and snacks?

Baylee P.
I would advise things like apple slices with peanutbutter or energy bars. They seem to work just fine for me. I hoped that helped you!

Em N.
At the moment I’m really enjoying oat porridge with apple &cinnamon. I top it with almond butter, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries . 🙂

No Lia E.
As a vegetarian, packing my breakfast with protein and vitamins helps me feel full and energetic throughout the day. A glass of milk along with nut butter toast, with some fresh fruits seems like a healthy combination. Snacking, if you must, you can always have a handful of nuts (any) or help yourself to some healthy chip alternatives, like banana chips, beetroot chips, alas, even spinach chips exist! The options are never ending.

Rom Rio P.
Yes, when I have yogurt I'll get it with fruit, but when I don't I always eat eggs and fruit. It's easy simple and healthy. I usually tend to get full on my large portion of fruit rather than my eggs though.