What kind of “great breakfast” can I prepare the night before? A part from overnight oats?

Marian Z.
Consider preparing a nice smoothie mix the night before but do not mix it until the morning so you can enjoy it fresh. Add a mix of seasonal berries for the necessary vitamins

Lorraine Z.
I sometimes prepare everything in advance for a smoothie bowl. Chop and freeze fruits and in the morning i just pop everything in the blender

Berilo A.
I personally like to eat fried kale and eggs, so I prepare by simply having them available. If ever I don't have a bag of chopped kale
I can always chop it the night before.

Emilie W.
I don't know about the night before… But I make a smoothie each morning. Banana, frozen mango and a handful of nuts and some water. Taste great and take 5 mins to make

Joey Z.
There are recipes online for protein packed muffins or mini muffins. Make them overnight and refrigerate them for later!

Stacey A.
A super good smoothie with flaxseed, dark green veggies (i.e. kale or spinach) and peanut butter ora type of but for protein

Lewis F.
You could wash, chop and measure your smoothie ingredients (fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.) and put them in the fridge the night before. Then in the morning just throw them in the blender with some water or plant based milk and you’re good to go.

Lonnie U.
A few different options! Chia puddings are a great slightly sweet option that you can just put some granola on and walk out the door, you you can put fruit in them. Make them in Tupperware and they’re awesome. Little quiches or frittata, egg and bacon or spinach style pies in a muffin tin are great to grab and go too. If you like baking, some banana bread with ricotta through it might also be nice.

Sophia P.
Omelette muffins can be made the night before, parfait, fruit and nuts don't require any prep, ou can chop up fruit and stick in the freezer then just blitz it in the blender in the morning with some nuts milk yogurt or whatever protein source you like .

Louna Y.
Overnight oats with fruit is always quick and easy. I turn to Pinterest when I want something more. Breakfast burritos, breakfast bowls with eggs, peppers, potatoes (hash browns) and a meat, a bagel sandwich with bagel of your choice (of course), egg (hard boiled and sliced) avocado, bacon or substitute and a light dressing (Light mayo or ranch is a go to). Speaking of bagels, a blueberry bagel and cream cheese or better yet, with peanut better (if you’re looking to gain)

Todd C.
You can cut up some fruits (apples, bananas or whatever you like) and put it in the fridge. Then in the morning all you have to do is add some yogurt and there’s your breakfast!

Allie N.
Look into egg muffins. There are lots of different varieties you can create and you can put these at the beginning of the week

Marcus M.
You can prepare some avocado and put it in a sandiwich with fried eggs (even though I prefer hard boiled ones because they're healthier since you don't need olive oil or butter).

Roger O.
It has been suggested to make pancakes or waffles the night before, freeze them and rewarm them in the morning. Hash browns cook up real fast in the microwave also. A fresh fruit bowl prepared the night before is good too.

Reginald U.
If you’re a meat eater you can make bacon and egg cupcakes. You can make a batch one evening or weekend. Grease a cupcake tin then line each cupcake hole with bacon. Then chop up some green veg and herbs, I like to use broccoli and parsley. Sprinkle inside each hole. Then break an egg in each one. Top with salt & pepper , maybe paprika. Bake for 20-30 mins on moderate oven. They keep for a week. Eat cold or reheat in the microwave.

Jeff T.
I can have the hard boiled eggs all ready to go. Making sure there is avocado available. For grab and go, I can do frozen egg pucks or cut up apples and peanut butter. Maybe prepackaged smoothies to just throw in the blender, or pre make the smoothie. Also a blender bottle with protein powder- just add water!

Theodore Z.
Well, if you are not vegan, and you don't mind eating them cold, I would recommend some kind of eggs or omelette. It's a kind of sandbox breakfast as one can add many things like ham, cheese even ketchup and Tabasco ! Hope that helped 🙂 .

Karl Josef T.
You can try preparing this like freezer breakfast burritos or freezer breakfast sandwiches on the weekend. You can make a batch of them, wrap them up, and freeze them so that in the morning, you just have to microwave them. You can do the same with breakfast egg muffins if you are trying to avoid breads or carbs. There are lots of fun recipes on the internet if you just search for something along the lines of “freezer breakfast.”

Amy J.
A hard boiled egg. You can make whole wheat pancakes or waffles in a bigger batch and freeze them. Throw them in a toaster oven or microwave and you are good to go. Fresh fruit is great to add or eat on its own.😊

Brent E.
Overnight oats sounds great, you can find many overnight great breakfast preparations online. With fruits, maple syrup, honey, greek yogurt. Give it a try and search. You will be amazed at the possibilities

Tomas U.
I do a vegetable cheese and egg frittata. And make them in muffin tins so that I can bury the flavors that go into each one.

Tim P.
There's this great puddin made from chia seeds and milk I think, you should look it up on the internet, hope I helped!

August N.
Breakfast casserole is a great make ahead. I spread a can of cresent rolls in the bottom of a buttered casserole dish, add about ten eggs along with cooked sausage, egg, onion and bellpepper and store in in the fridge overnight. When you wake up, just pop it in the oven at 359 for 30 mins or until eggs are done. It's a really easy meal to modify to your tastes and easily feed a group of people.

Serafim Q.
A breakfast sandwich is very easy to prep and travels well! Cook your eggs in a cookie cutter (or in a small bowl in microwave) for a nice shape, then add the egg, cheese and whatever topping you like in an English muffin or bagel!

Nolan E.
A hard-boiled egg or apples and nuts you can grab on the way out are my current favorites! If you have more time, egg cups with cheese are lovely, or a spinach and berry salad with anchovies feels special and can be batch-cooked.

Aloys O.
Well, making egg muffin cups with veggies and meat and cheese in them (or whatever you like) is something you can do on a Sunday that will last all week. Like little quiches! Mostly, I prefer to give myself the time in the morning to cook a hot breakfast.

Alex U.
Egg cups! Grab a muffin pan, throw in some veggies and/or meats and pour whisked eggs over it. Bake it in the oven and pop them in the fridge or freezer. Ready-to-go omelettes in the morning!

Deborah J.
I really dont know of a great breakfast that you can make the night before. The only think I can think of is buying the ingredients for a fresh smoothie or smoothie bowl and washing the fruits the night before. I should do more breakfast research.

Jennifer C.
You can have yougurt and fruit, or avacado and lean meats, such as salmon or chicken. You can make a rolled omlette which are usually best chilled. Or make a weeks worth of bone broth soup in one sitting for the colder months.

Lu Sa P.
I usually boil eggs and wash, cut and prepare all greens I can find for morning smoothie. I never have oats because I'm trying to keep away from carbs.

Garance Y.
Eating eggs in the morning makes you full for a long time, so I like making an omelette with pumpkin and sunflower seeds or with berries.
And yogurts with fruits.
At morning we need a lot of energy to start a day.

Natalie F.
Chia seed pudding is really good. You can also make oatmeal muffins, eggs , Breakfast burrito (which can be microwaved )

Cilene T.
Leave cut fruit and kale or spinach in a container in your fridge, then in the morning put that and add protein powder, chia seed , almond butter and almond milk , blend , enjoy 😋have the ingredients That don’t need refrigeration on hand next to you blender The night before . What you have on view is easy to remember to use. Blessings! 🙏

Wanda J.
You can also make a breakfast smoothie, freeze the ingredients the night before and in the morning you can just blend them all in, top it with your fave berries and nuts

Hajo G.
Grab a muffin pan, some eggs and whatever ingredients you want. Mix together and put in muffin pan and bake. You got egg muffins. Protein packed and can make them anyway you like.

Salom O A.
I've tried avocados, chicken and fish, usually leftovers from night before to prepare something to put on my toast mixed with some lightmayonnaise, herbs etc. Always include fruits, I usually use couple of different fruits. Another idea that works for me was copycat my favourites breakfast from favourite coffeeshops.

Jeremiah Z.
You can mix pancake mix before, and prepare toppings (banana slices, handful of chopped nuts), to keep aside. Put the pan on the hob before bed and then you re ready to cook when you wake,. do the same for omelettes?

William W.
You can go with omlette, a mug of coffee, a banana
Or, you can have Milk and cereals along with some dry fruits & berries in it. They taste great and are healthy too. 😄
Happy to help.

Britney N.
Dear question giver, I’m also (?) struggling with the ‘great breakfast’ task, days when I succeed i put some frozen fruit like strawberries or blueberries in a small pan and cook it a couple of minutes (just to get it warm and the frost out) with some oats. More to the point considering your question: My first advice would be to keep the fridge, fruit bowl and cupboard somewhat well stocked so you can easily grab an apple and some nuts… I’m sorry, i feel you are somewhat ahead in the proces, I’m in the phase that eating any kind of breakfast is an accomplishment… i looked on google and found… maybe a little egg-muffin? You can bake a couple on a Sunday and keep them in the freezer/fridge until you need them? Anyway 😅 Good luck to you!