What would you combine in an easy go-to, vegan, breakfast smoothie that includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals for a physically active working day?

Nicoline P.
Some greens ( spinach or kale), almond milk, nut butter, bananas, non-dairy yogurts, berries…. Just a few suggestions. 😊
Veronica F.
Kale, banana and pine apples. It will taste delicious; has a little sweet to give you a boost, fiber to keep you full and vitamin.
Nolhan Q.
I would put banana, avocado, apple, walnuts and maybe protein powder. Then I would remember to take my daily vitamin – excpecially my vitamin b12
Wanda Q.
Avocado, peanut butter protein powder (or other acceptable vegan product with similar nutritional factors), some type of plant based sweetener (stevia, monkfruit, etc.), cocoa powder (for flavor and antioxidants), and some type of green powder (think spirulina or similar product). If you like, you could add a frozen banana. I would add cashew milk and ice and blend until smooth. The finished product should have a creamy consistency and taste similar to a chocolate peanut butter cup.
Anni Y.
I prefer to eat my food rather than drink it. Turning food into a smoothie means you consume energy far more than you need. The act of chewing is important for slow ingestion of more energy dense foods and for the absorption of nutrients from others like heart healthy leafy greens.
Nitrates from leafy greens are absorbed through the vascular lining of the mouth. Nitrates are crucial for the healthy working of our blood vessels. Nitric oxide is formed which is important for endothelial cells function. Endothelial cells line our blood vessels and are instrumental in expanding and contracting blood vessels all over our body. So keep chewing those greens!
For energy eat starchy foods like oats for breakfast, with a topping of fruit like antioxidant rich berries, a sprinkle of flaxmeal and a dollop of a lowfat plant milk yoghurt.
Albane Z.
Personally, for my breakfast smoothie I include fruits like banana, apples and berries and don't forget to add some protein whey powder.