What do you usually have for breakfast most days?

Jenny P.
Kanapki z wyśmienitymi dodatkami, więc to ogromny plus zważając na to, że kiedyś jadłam wyłącznie płatki. Jestem na tyle spokojna, by rzeczywiście móc zjeść dobre śniadanie bez uczucia zaciskającego się brzucha. Myślę, że wprowadzę na śniadanie też jabłka z masłem orzechowym lub owsiankę przygotowaną dzień wcześniej.

Milo T.
I usually have some eggs to get some protein. I either fry my eggs or boil them. Sometimes I make scrambled eggs. I also try to eat some sort of fruit. Sometimes I make a fruit salad. Other times I make a smoothie. I also like to add either a toast or a bowl of cereal.

Lauren N.
Most days I usually have either a hot or iced coffee that I make at home. On days I am going to work, I eat a breakfast wrap (Good Food Made Simple) that contains protein. When I am home, I usually eat scrambled eggs, a strip of lower sodium bacon and either 1/2 a bagel or an English muffin.

Xrysa X.
There are days when i dont have time so I don't eat anything at all.But my perfect breakfast is a slice of bread with butter and honey and some milk of course

Ma Lys Y.
If I don't have that much time in the morning I will usually have toast with butter on it. But if I have more time and I've made on the night before I'll have a chia seed pudding with Strawberries, blueberries and Granola on top. Sometime I'll just a piece of fruit

Milana F.
I usually have eggs for breakfast. I also mostly have a sandwich. I want to start making scrambled eggs everyday with avacado toast.

D Borah Q.
The breakfast I am usually having these days is smoothie. One banana, oats, chia seeds, cocoa powder, protinex, almonds and some milk in a mixer and done!! And it helps me to feel full and satisfied.

Emma R.
It truly depends on the day, what I’m craving and what is available at home. Usually I eat oats or a toast with either nutella or cheese.

Laurie O.
well i like to have different things for breakfast like one day i can eat eggs with bacon and toast, the next day i might just go simple with some cereal, what i eat for breakfast is just based on what i feel like eating and how i feel that day

Alfred C.
I usiadły go for an oat meal but since the school started it happens that I have coscous with some veggies, pasta or an ordinary sandwich

Charlotte Y.
On a workday, I'll usually prepare overnight oats the night before. Greek yogurt, oats, chia seeds, hemp hearts and a splash of almond milk, mixed together. Topped with a pinch of granola and piece of frozen fruit.

On weekends, I like eggs to be the base to get protein. Either a quick scrambled egg, or an omelet with some tasty veggies.

Debbie N.
I will usually make myself an omelette with bell peppers, tomatoes and green onions. I eat with some avocado toast and an iced coffee.

Gabrielle F.
Most days eggs, potatoes with onions and garlic and German sausage. Too much seasoning (Johnny's salt, pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper). Sometimes bacon, strawberries or yogurt. Sometimes just coffee.

An H.
Something healthy and filling but rarely the same. Overnight oats, smoothie, eggs bacon toast, or Cheerios with coconut milk. Just remember to enjoy it!

Sandra X.
I'm South Indian. So it's usually rice based items for breakfast. Although I have dosas at least 2-3 times in a week. And other times it's some flavoured rice or chapattis or bread

Cass F.
Oatmeal with chia and flax seeds and a plant milk.

Wholegrain toast or a banana on a lazy day, usually followed by a handful of nuts.

Lucas A.
At school, I eat a banana muffin with chocolate milk. I wake up 30 minutes before I go to school on the bus so I don't get time. I sleep early yet I wake up so tired everyday, it makes me feel like my hard work and determination to sleep early to get a good sleep is a waste.

Dominique N.
I usually have weet-bix , which is an Australian cereal shaped like flat rectangles. i get a bowl, and put in 3 weet-bix (the cricketers eat like 8 or something). then i cover the weet-bix with milk, then sprinkle some sugar on top as it can taste boring just by itself. Google it and it will make more sense haha.