Do you eat cereal in the morning and if so which kind?

Joachim E.
I prefer not to eat cereal for breakfast as it often leaves me hungry again in a short time period which leaves me unsatisfied. Instead I prefer to eat heartier breakfasts. Lately I have been enjoying eggs, french toast, pancakes, and assorted fruits and yogurt. When preparing my own breakfast I get to control what goes into it and it’s nutritional value which is a big factor when starting my day. Something I would like to try in the close future is experimenting with overnight oats as they are an easy and healthy breakfast option that is overall very appealing.
Britt Z.
I eat granola in the morning with blueberries (fresh) the granola is zero sugar and is with nuts and dark chocolate. I eat it with soy yoghurt.
Antonio C.
I love eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch but ONLY without milk, I find milk with cereal a bit weird even though I’m kinda the weird one.