How do you prepare breakfast without having much time in the morning?

Rebecca S.
I eat a lot of scrambled eggs. I dice chicken sausage up for the week and have that ready to throw in the eggs to mix it up. I also keep spinach, different cheeses, diced bell peppers etc. on hand to have a variety of things and flavors.

Mary Z.
I prep it one morning that I don’t have my much to do- like Sunday! I make sausage and have a full breakfast on Saturday or Sunday and make enough for the rest of the week. Then I just toast some bread of half a bagel, have some fruit and reheat the sausage and I’m ready to go! If it just running out the door I grab some fruit and a decent protein bar.

Carely T.
I keep it simple, first think about your diet. What is it that you need and like.

Personally, I do protein shakes. Has all the nutrients I need and it takes seconds to make.

Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Stick to what you know and like.

Fedra Q.
Always have fruits at home, if you can't prepare breakfast because of the time, it's OK, grab some fruits and take them with you, specially bananas, or have boiled eggs ready so you can take some with you too.
But always try to make time to prepare breakfast

Alexandra Z.
You can prepare it in the evening. As an example : overnight oats , or cut everything for a smoothie and put it in a bag in the fridge. Try to prepare ahead as much as possible so in the morning you don't need lots of time to prepare.

Wilhelm Z.
If I want to make a big breakfast, i’ll usually do a lot of steps the night before. If its just a normal breakfast, i’ll make something like toast and eggs and if i get hungry later i’ll just snack on something

Rodolfo G.
I make sure to have things like hard boiled eggs and fruit easy to grab. That way, if I'm running short on time there is no excuse. I pre-peel the eggs and pre-cut the fruit so I can just put it all in a container and head out the door on my way to work!

Peter O.
I like to make a smoothie the night before and put it in the fridge so I can just grab it and go in the morning. I make a fruit smoothie with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and mango. Then I put it in a mason jar and it’s ready for me in the morning.

Rae O.
I love soft boiled eggs so I make a few at a time while I’m making dinner. Then I have a few ready for me in the morning so I’m right ready to go and don’t have to compromise on what I’m craving vs what I have time for! Also smoothies are such a good one too! Just throw your ingredients into a baggie or container and place it in the freezer and you can make those ahead of time in endless varieties and quantities

Jonathan I.
I either take some fruits to go or I make a smoothie. If you want cooked eggs, you can get a egg bowl to put in the microwave in the morning for a fast wrap or English muffin sandwich 👍

Toni E.
I would wake before 1 hoir I do everything and I keep 30 min from my time just for me making food I would make avocado 🥑 😋 putting its so healthy and yummy

Robin E.
I learnd how to prepare my favourite types of breakfast over the time really fast and i prepare all the ingredients the night before

Molly N.
I usually go for things that don’t take much time like fruit or boiled eggs that I’ve made beforehand. It’s best to meal prep if you can, so boiling eggs, making a healthy granola or breakfast bars is an amazing way to keep a quick and healthy morning.