If you have a great breakfast recipes, you know what to do. Shoot !!

Luciara Q.
I do not have recipes I'm afraid. For about 3 years now I eat 4 times a day so my breakfast usually looks like dinner. I've cooked 1 whole chopped paprika and softened it – no spices, I eat some bread + two eggs fried on the pan with no oil.
Lillian B.
1 large banana, 500ml of water or ice water. If you take medication in the morning like me, take it with a small amount of a fun/cheeky drink like approx 150ml of chocolate milk. No booze though!
Daniella N.
To be honest with you I'm still finding that very hard to do as I dont really eat breakfast, I usually dont wake up around that time
Hilda T.
Oat porridge made with water, a pinch of salt and a mix of your favourite seeds. Bring oats and water to the boil and then sprinkle on some raisins, turn off the heat and cover for five minutes. Serve on top of fruit such as fresh pineapple or strawberries and blueberries (get them frozen and defrost each day). Sprinkle muscavado sugar on top for a sweet lift.
Airum S.
Banana pancakes
1 ripe banana
1 egg
2 spoonful of oats
(Or as much as you want)

Mush the bananas, mix in the egg and oats
Cook the batter in medium heat till they are brown on both sides
Enjoy 🙂🙂