Can you recommend any breakfast that involves spinach?

Timony F.
I like making scrambled eggs or tofu with all sorts of veggies, especially Spinach. Wholewheat flour pancakes with Spinach are amazing too
C Sar Q.
A quiche is delicious! Chunk up some bread into a casserole dish, scramble eggs and pour over the top (add any other ingredients you like such as spinach, artichoke, bacon etc) then stir, cover, and refrigerate overnight. Then sprinkle cheese on top & bake the next morning.
Leeloo W.
A very easy and quick one : spinach omelet ! (Plus mushroom and a slice of cheese if you have time).
Or a spinach chicken feta salad
Or a toast of nuts and baby spinach and ricotta cheese
Tabatha W.
I find spinach works best with eggs, so you can put them in scrambled eggs, omelets, quiches, also breakfast bakes. You could also pair it with salmon, sauteed with other ingredients for a more brunch approach. Put it in a breakfast shake or smoothie. Most importantly, eat it the way you enjoy it, that's the easiest way to motivate you to include it.
Edgar Y.
A spinach smoothie! In a blender, add orange juice or milk of choice, spinach, frozen pineapple, and banana! You can add lots of other stuff to that smoothie as well. Such as: kale, frozen mango, or avocado!
Lolo N.
Of course it’s my favorite vegetable at all … egg with spinach, mushroom and cheese 😍 or spinach with mushroom and garlic 💜💜💜 also you can make smoothie with spinach, avocado, liquid collagen and milk .. it will be super tasty💜
Nath Z.
A breakfast smoothie with spinach can be so nutricious and tasty! Thomas Frank's one on youtube sounded really good to me.
Lillian Z.
What about a morning shake, which includes avocado, banana, and which you can add spinach for a healthy start of the day
Tammy U.
·Blended chickpea, spinach, and avocado on multigrain toast with salt and peper.
·Turkish bread sandwich with real butter, spinach, roma tomatoes, light cheese, ham, salt and pepper.
·Salad containing spinach, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, pine nuts, lemon or lime and salt.
Sarah E.
I recommend a cooked egg with fresh spinach with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You can add half of avocado 🥑 to feel more full.
Lueli P.
Baked eggs, omelette, try googlong breakfast muffins-the type made with eggs. You can add any type of extras such as spinach , ham, mushrooms.
Joanna C.
Cook some into your scrambled eggs and have on toast. If you're looking for lower carb recipes then just have the eggs on a bed of spinach and other leafy greens
Geane P.
You can try making breakfast burritos with eggs, sometimes a little bacon, and whatever else you can work in there depending on your diet. Spinach would be a good addition. A little salsa and sour cream for some southwestern deliciousness. If you don't eat meat, breakfast wrap is still a good way to go. Easy to mix & match with what you have & easy to bring on the go.
Misty Z.
A green smoothie. Blend up some milk, protein powder, and banana and spinach. The get creative with what you add. Or scrambled eggs with spinach or scrambled tofu with spinach
Gerwin E.
Any dish with eggs and spinach should be good. Like an omelette, crustless spinach quiche or a breakfast sandwich with spinach. Good luck!
Emily W.
i like substituting greens with salt pepper and oil (like spinach or kale) for toast and plopping two fried or soft boiled eggs on top. you get the protein but skip the starch.
Christy I.
I really like having a veg omlette in which I add cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and some spinach. At the end, I also like to add a bit of grated extra mature chedar cheese 🙂
Kathy T.
I would recommend making an omelette as you can add many vegetables to boost the nutrition. Spinach goes well with mushroom and feta