How can you make sure your breakfast gives you energy instead of weighing you down?

Joyce Z.
A thought out meal plan should be practiced, because you fill yourself with good food and peace of mind. Maybe wake up a little earlier so that you can take your breakfast slow – believe in a happy breakfast.
Timothee S.
Make sure to include a healthy source of protein, it’ll create balance in your meal and keep you going till your next meal. Natural sugars such as fruit are a nice refreshing way to add flavor and fiber, while getting the energy benefits of sugar. You don’t need to eliminate them but it certainly helps to limit the carbs, as too many can weigh you down. Add a little something fun so you enjoy it too!
Aurore N.
the breakfast should be high in protein, such as eggs. Make sure not to eat processed carbs like donuts or pancakes cause they well decrease you energy levels during the day. You can eat something like oat meal with berries.
Frederick N.
Eat a high GI breakfast, this will give you a longer energy boost without a sugar spike and will help you last through until lunchtime.
L Cio Z.
Make sure your breakfast has complex carbs and protein! Both can make energy last longer throughout the day. Since it can be difficult to change, I found a good first step to be to try replacing sweets with fruit. I usually do an egg/fruit combo. This morning was an apple and quiche! (And coffee/tea! But without the added sugar and milk that can weigh you down.) Best of luck! 🙂
Isabelle U.
I like to picture foods like weights to carry. Lighter, higher protein, less carb-packed foods are like carrying feathers. On the other hand, carb and sugar-loaded foods are heavier to carry. You’ll last longer in a race if you’re carrying lighter weight. Make sense?
Janet P.
Breakfast isn’t about filling you up, it’s about picking you up. Eat enjoyable food in the morning, and take the time to anticipate it as well as to savor it; this makes the habit self-rewarding. It also keeps portions small enough to not walk away feeling heavy, and guides towards simpler and denser nutrient foods. Think fiber and protein, not oil and sugar.
Theres Y.
Eating a protein rich diet will completely crush your cravings and also give a boost to start your day. Or even having a healthy milkshake can refresh yourself. The sugars are theo ones that weigh you down
Derrick N.
Being vegan helps a lot. I tend to make a vegan ommelette and load it with my favourite veggies – if I’m in a hurry I’ll make a smoothie bowl with all my favourite oats and fruits. Making healthy food look delicious also helps too so you’re not tempted to snack on junk food or skip breakfast all together.
Darryl O.
I can try and avoid heavy foods and fatty foods, like pancakes or sausages. More fruit and eggs would be a good start. Not forgetting a glass of water!
Nikolaos F.
Eat a lot of protein, eat fruit that contain a large amount of water, drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast, drink green tea and eat carbs with fiber
Evita E.
Have a real think about whats in the good itself. It can easy to just grab the quickest thing in reach even if its from a cafe but if its high in fat and sugar yes it will feel good for the first hour but then come mid morning you will crash. You want to pick foodd that arent going to make you feel sluggish. Sonetimes wheb im in a hurry I grab a banana and some nuts and eat it on the way. If you have time give it some thought and make it looks tasty to as we also eat with our eyes. You may think granola is a healthy option but sadly again its packed full of sugar and is a bit of a healthy con.
Prado Q.
Not entirely sure about your question. But food in general gives energy. There are different types of enzymes that food breaks down to, some easy to digest and others harder. If you want high energy and easy digestion you pick fruits. If you want a more exercise friendly food for gains, you pick white meats (chicken or turkey). I normally pick fruit and yoghurt. As fruit gives quick energy and yoghurt gives energy during a longer period since it is harder to digest for your body.
L Cio Q.
I know it, because if I eat eggs, veggies, oatmeal, fruits, smoothies instead of sugary carbs, like pancakes, cereals, doughnuts, I have more energy, and I am not sleepy like before. When I eat pancakes, cakes, etc for breakfast, my stomach is hurt for like hours, I am bloating, and go sleepy because the sugar in these meals, and I go hungry like 1 hour after breakfast. But when I eat eggs, oatmeal or veggies, I feel energized, not hungry till lunch, and I feel my body really wake up after the breakfast.
Sandra U.
You should make sure to have a good balance of macro nutrients, choosing fruit and cereals over baked food and sweet stuff. Proteins can come from either light dairy products or lean white meat.
Andy U.
From my own personal experience, if I focus on whole grains, a fruit and a protein (eggs or bacon etc) I have bountiful energy without the bloat. Also consider carrying grapes/raspberries/strawberries for a mid-morning snack :)!
Carlos J.
Pay attention to your body. What kind of food makes you feel weighed down? Either eat less of that and incorporate more fruit, or don't eat it at all.
Fruit, protein and carb is a simple way to look at breakfast.
I have one and a half eggs, two slices of bacon and a cup of berries or half a banana. Simple
Or make a cup of oatmeal / cream of wheat, add some frozen blueberries at the end to cool it down, let sit for a minute so the berries thaw out. Have a couple breakfast sausage links.
Just pay attention to your body, it will tell you what to stay away from, if you listen.
Catherine O.
Bananas are a great breakfast. I make sure I have some sort of protein like peanut butter on whole grain or a poached egg on toast.
Tessa I.
I honestly don’t ever feel like breakfast weighs me down, when I wake up, I have hunger pains until I eat, so breakfast is mostly about getting rid of those for me.
Clinton P.
To make sure you have the energy you need for the day and no excess weighing you down, eat high-protein, high-fiber, low-sugar breakfasts.
Jorge U.
I’m just careful with the amounts that I have from each type of food or drinks in the morning. For example when I eat something heavy like bacon and eggs I set my mind to be aware of the sleepy mood that i can be in after eating so much of them. So less amount from that, and a lot of water or tea at the end. To feel satiated (???) I pick some fruit in addition… And the most important thing at the end of my breakfast is staying still, take a few minutes, think over the day ahead, and give some time to my stomach to process the food for the good… 🙂
Mathis O.
I’ve been keeping it simple. After reading the message about eating breakfast I decided to eat a egg sandwich and a piece of fruit every day this week. I prep it the day before to make my morning routine a bit easier in the morning. I noticed I am not as hungry during the day and I am not counting the minutes to lunch. Keeping it simple and consistent with something I know works has been great.
Leonard U.
I eat a boiled egg and a piece of fruit most days. It’s quality protein and easy because I make 5 at a time and eat them all week!
Christina Q.
I eat a smart breakfast – a good mix of protein such as eggs or tuna, carbs like whole wheat bread or malunggay pandesal, a good source of iron like black rice coffee with honey and a fruit for extra vitamins and minerals. I dont take caffeine or sugary drinks or food so I dont build fake energy.
Cl O Q.
I choose a breakfast with low-GI carbs and fiber. I also make sure it is low in sugar and fat. I also ensure it has some protein to make me full for longer. I ensure it contains no processed ingredients. It must be wholesome.
Peggy X.
Protein can help maintain the sugar levels. Too much bread will give you a boost first but later will weigh you down. A more balanced breakfast with all the necessary ingredients can help. A peanutbutter shake can help with almond milk. Sometimes i add a little pea protein and gives energy to start the day.
Claus J.
I find that a combination of a small amount of protein with a good quality complex carbohydrate works best. Oatmeal with nuts and fruit is one example. Also make sure you have something to drink.
Alvin P.
Ensure you choose a wholesome breakfast which ideally for me is a good mix of grain,pulses, fruit or veg with a nice cup of hot tea. Avoid any processed food. The easiest thing to keep in mind is anything that comes out of a packet ready to eat or processed should go to garbage.Have yummy in your tummy
Stephanie W.
Why would something essential as a breakfast weigh you down? You need 2000-2500 calories a day to function properly. Nothing more, nothing less. Starting your day without breakfast is like driving a car in need for gas, stressful with only one thing on your mind.
Elouan T.
Eat a combination of things: fruit for immediate energy, fats and healty carbs for longer lasting fullness.

Conside making a smoothie with fruit and nuts. Perhaps add some oats and a non dairy milk.