What are the best healthy foods to prep for breakfast either the night before, or in bulk?

Anish T.
Hi, before night prepare some nuts like Almonds and others and some resin to eat in the morning. when you wake up first drink water and then for breakfast eat a fresh fruit and two pieces of bread with peanut butter and a bit of jam of your choice
Arisberto T.
I make a loaf of coconut bread that I cut up into 8 portions and keep in the fridge. Every morning I get out one portion and serve it up with some yogurt and strawberries. It's so easy and nice to know I don't have to think about what to have for breakfast and potentially grab something less healthy. It's already there and ready to go.
Kai B.
Breakfast burritos, because they have whatever proteins, flavors, seasonings, and add ons you want so you can make it work for you. I like egg, sausage, cheese, and spinach in mine. Put some yogurt next to it and it's a pretty solid start.
Brighton W.
I feel like something that has little bit of everything. I like to have eggs with bacon and some toast with a drink. I doesn't have everything but still has a lot of stuff that is good for you.
Blake J.
I'm not sure about prepping before hand since i've never done it but my breakfast just consists of an apple or some other fruit, an egg and some nuts, it takes less than 5 mins to cook the egg and its a well rounded breakfast imo
Frederik B.
Overnight oats are pretty cool and you can add fruits and nuts or even some protein powders to make it more flavourful and nutritional. As for preparing meals in bulk, try some homemade granola (and you can always reduce the amount of sugars and increase the amount of nuts to make it healthier) and then just add it to yoghurts or milk – or just snack on it!