What are healthy breakfast options?

Michael E.
Fruits of any variety are a pretty safe bet. Strawberries, blueberries, mago, apples etc. Avoid overly sugary cereals for sure. You can also make protein shakes if you're in a rush. If you're not in a rush, then egg whites are great too.
Quek Z.
Breakfast you can make for yourself at home
1) plain yoghurt with fresh vanilla or a bit of vanilla essence
2) handful of mixed nuts
3) eggs, scrambled, boiled or poached
4) oatmeal mixed with sugar free multi-grain powder
5) goji berry and red date tea to replace coffee
Mille Z.
I start with a mellow cup of green tea( brewed with a piece of ginger. ) Honey or a fresh stevia leaf to the pot.

Ruby red grapefruit halved (a recent favorite) and scored with a knife and a teaspoon digs out the sections. Add a few blueberries or pomegranate seeds for interest!

I think fruit needs to be alone in the stomach to digest properly so prep some oatmeal topped with walnuts or roasted pumpkin seeds. I add flax meal. I like to add some ghee for more satiety!

Rafael O.
There are a lot of healthy breakfast options. You can have a fruit parfait, with yogurt, fruit, and granola. A smoothie bowl or just a smoothie works as well, but a smoothie bowl has more sustenance.
C Lia Z.
Something with protein which keeps you fuller longer. Sugary things aren't good because you crash quicker as sugar only lasts a short period of time.
Lucas S.
Today I had a protein smoothie with bananas,.almond milk, greek yogurt and strawberries. Also two eggs on toast with crab salad
Armando B.
I think I good healthy breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and bluberrie, a handful of almonds or cashews and a cup of tea
Bernard C.
Scrambled egg whites with sautéed spinach and garlic
Oatmeal with blueberries
Whole wheat English muffin, over easy egg, spinach, and cottage cheese
Strawberry, banana chocolate protein shake
Turkey sausage, tomatoes, spinach, egg white omelette
Strawberries, blueberries, plain Greek yogurt, and walnuts
Avocado, oat bread, prosciutto
Elmar X.
There are a lot. But for me, healthy breakfast is something that you don't really like to eat. Hahaha, like, avocado toast bread, banana pancakes and many more.
Izzie O.
something with some protein, carbs, and fats. above all, though, your breakfast should make you feel happy, healthy, and ready to take on the day!!!
Ev Ncio P.
I myself prefer: an egg white veggie omelet or scramble, a green smoothie (greens, a healthy fat, and fruit), apple with almond butter, cauliflower egg white thin with avocado and hummus.
Uamdao A.
Low sodium, low-sugar, high protein foods and fresh juice make a great start. Would be perfect if they are environmentally friendly.
Kae G.
Some healthy options are egg white and turkey English muffin sandwiches, yogurt parfait, fruit cups, breakfast bars, smoothies, or a combo of all of the above!
Sierra O.
Eggs, whole wheat toast, sautéed veggies, fruit, overnight oats, apples and peanut butter, tofu scramble, yesterday’s leftovers
Thomas U.
Huge variable, listening to the body is the best answer. For me it's an avocado toast, gives me a basis with tasty fats. I also like nuts and fruit, anything can go, just don't make a habit of eating the same thing over and over again. When I need to have a strong day, I crack some eggs, mix them with chilli and make an omelette.
Letitia O.
I like to eat intuitively, depending on what my body tells me it need. And what I know I haven't had in a while to have variation. Sometimes I make myself a smoothie with different fruits, or yogurt with some nuts and fruits. Sometime I go for an egg ina sandwich with some vegetable, or some other sandwich. It depends on the mood.
Alexandra G.
– 2 eggs omlette with vegetables (100g) cheese (30g) meat (30g) and only one teaspoon of oil + one coffe without sugar and 1 tablespoon of milk = 350 calories

– one coffee without sugar + one tablespoon of milk
150g yogurt (2% fat)
60g banana
1 tablespoon peanut butter
100g fruits (blueberries, apples, pears or whatever you want)
350 calories

Hira N.
As long as you don't have a disease that prohibits certain foods, eat what you like but you know it's good, for example I am an Asian who is used to eating a lot in the morning, I usually eat rice, chicken, vegetables, and other small additions such as tempeh or tofu , if I only eat meat and fruit I'm not sure it's good, because I'll not be full and don't like food that doesn't have much taste, as long as it's healthy enough and likes it, I think it's good and also balanced with exercise
Summer F.
Can be anything less processed and not high on sugar. If it grows eat it! Yogurt, fruits (dried/fresh), grains, nuts, vegetables, cheese, eggs, butter, jam, cream, pastries
Jamie J.
This morning I had quinoa cooked in almond milk with some cinnamon. Sometimes I’ll add a tsp of plant protein to it. Some other things I’ll have are smoothies with added powders from Your Super or Unicorn Superfoods. My husband and daughter love omelets or just cooked eggs in general.
Lily G.
No gluten or dairy as that will make me feel sick, something with protein and either a fruit or vegetable. The less sugar, the better. While a bowl of cereal with berries is good, a turkey sausage wrap with avocado is more filling and will likely help me last until lunchtime.
Basi O.
Healthy breakfast options include: scrambled eggs with cheese or feta, greek yogurt with nuts or pomegranate seeds, and old fashioned oatmeal with sea salt and banana.
Ruben Z.
I prefere to have un sugared cereals or a piece or two of fruit. However, healthy options i might recomend could be unsalted butter on toast, scrambled eggs ( maybe in a sandwich ) and some yogurt with a bit of fruit.
Tilde N.
I like breakfast that are high in vegetables and easy to make. One of my favourites is to grab a pot and throw in chickpeas, kale, onions, mushrooms, garlic, frozen and sweet potatoes. I season it with salt, pepper, Curry powder, nutritional yeast, and a touch of oat milk. It's easy to make and hearty!
Charlene Z.
I’ve been eating plain oatmeal with bananas and almond milk. I might try Greek yogurt with fruit or a granola bar next week. I think those are healthy options.
Matt P.
Free range eggs, topped with fresh avocado and side of strawberries and blueberries. The eggs and the avocado go perfect together. These are some of the healthiest foods on the planet, especially to kick off your day.