What no cook foods would you consider healthy? Eg cereal

Mikkel C.
Healthy is a subjective word. What’s healthy for one person isn’t necessarily healthy for another. If you’re looking for a balanced breakfast that will keep you full, give you energy and prevent a crash, I would recommend protein bars and protein smoothies. Try and keep each serving below 8g of sugar.
Elliot C.
I like sambazon açaí go cups because their delicious, can be eaten anywhere, and are full of many vitamins and antioxidants
Margie E.
Any, but especially, reach on fats vegetables, and nuts are great. For example avocado, cashew, almonds… not to forget smoked fish, quark, yoghurts(plain with little or no sugar). The only problem with raw food is that you need more energy to digest it. So I’d recommend to consult with your nutritionist before considering going on raw foods diet
Ruben P.
Well my grandfather was a doctor and he always said if it tastes way to good and isn’t natural it’s probably really bad for you. So stick with natural foods for instance a piece of fruit,vegetable, very low sugar yogurt. Anything healthy is usually not processed
Salvador S.
Egg must cook, cereal are unhealthy. For example nuts, protein powder, protein bar without sugar, cheese, cottage cheese
Elizabeth O.
A salad dishes with quinoa or tuna or rocca , a sliced bread with tomato, mint and haloomi cheese, also, bowl of cereal and milk
Carlo I.
Protein and fruit smoothies or Low fat yogurt with granola or fruit is my go to, but from everything I’ve been reading it’s best to prep breakfast ahead, which doesn’t always work out for me. Next I will try making a big veggie frittata and cutting it into pieces for the week.
Megan C.
No cereal is healthy. You want to avoid grains, sugars, and empty carbs. For grab and go healthy snacks I use cheese, meats (ex deli meats without added sugar or honey) nuts and seeds as well as seaweed snacks and olives though I know they aren't for everyone. Other no cook items are raw veggies and cured meats. Smoked salmon is my favorite. Sometimes berries are good to but in moderation. I've started making charcuterie boards for myself to have variety in my diet as well as make making any meal simple and easy.
Amalie F.
Personally, I would consider oatmeal, eggs, and a type of sausage healthy, but dry cereal, fruit, and chorizo all seem like good breakfast ideas.
Clara T.
Stuff like couscous is I want something hot but still 0 effort, fruits and veggies, overnight oats, salads, nuts, some cereals like bran flake etc but I'd always have them with fruit as well!
Anthony Y.
I like to eat ceral in the morning which fills me up, but my fave tour thing to eat in the morning are is bread and butter it’s soooo good
Lea Z.
My keto coffee
Gives me healthy fats, MCT oil (boosts fat burning & increases mental clarity) , grass fed butter (keeps you full & build muscle instead of storing fat) & collagen (reduce wrinkles/dryness, increase muscle mass & relieve joint pain)
Joe E.
Fresh produce is always a good way to go! They are part of a healthy diet as they contain so many essential nutrients. I like to eat cereal as a snack throughout the day, although not sugar-packed cereal, but not as breakfast because the sugar and carbs with minimal nutrients is not a good way to jump start your metabolism in the morning. Be careful with anything