How soon after waking up should you eat?

Cindy T.
I usually eat after 1 hour, because when I wake up I haven’t much time to have breakfast, so I have it when I have time to have a break
Andromeda J.
Withing 45 minutes. It is siad first drink water, then stretch, exercise, eat, meditate. That way you make it a routine.
Bridget Z.
I'm not sure how soon you should eat after you wake up as I'm not a professional. What I do is i wake up at 8:00am everyday, drink a bottle of water, get dressed, make my bed and then go eat at around 8:30.
Noah W.
When ever you feel hungry is most appropriate, but whatever you do, DO NOT SKIP breakfast! Fasting has been proven to actually have very minimal benefits and is more about training the mind with food than nutrition.
Brandon N.
That depends on you. For losing or maintaining weight your metabolism kicks off going as soon as you eat your first thing for the day. That’s why breakfast is the most important meal. Me personally I like to eat a handful of nuts or something really small within 30 minutes of waking up, then after working out and finishing my morning routine I eat breakfast.
Cl Mentine C.
Well I am not an expert but I guess it goes according with your metabolism. Personally, I like to eat about half an hour after I wake up, I cannot eat immediately.
Ginestal B.
I used to eat my breakfast around 15 or 20 minutes after wake up, actually is the time I take to prepare my meal and enjoy the process.
Allen G.
I have to eat breakfast a few minutes after waking up or else I’ll be disoriented and fatigued. I can’t do anything else unless I eat first. I learned firsthand that I will pass out if I don’t eat first.
Michelle X.
I usually drink water first after brushing my teeth. Then I do a workout and eat after that so usually about 30 minutes to an hour after waking.
Ross T.
I think the longer you take to eat the more time your body can concentrate on other body processes like healing , digesting maybe . So maybe later is better ? However eating early feels good too so not sure
Alfred N.
1-2 hours i feelis best. This gives you time to have your hit lemon, ginger and honey,exercise, medidate and check some emails