What meals do you eat for breakfast?

Jasmine J.
If I’m rushing I’ll have cereals (usually cheerio’s) or toast, but if I have time I like to make a full vegan breakfast with avacado, beans, vegan bacon, toast, mushrooms and tomato
Kasper W.
Protein Smoothie is my go-to because I find I am rarely feel like eating in the morning. I put in frozen berries, frozen greens, some fresh greens, Greek yogurt, protein powder and sometimes some juice mixed with the water. Feels good to get my nutrients and get a good kick of protein.
Romy P.
I eat granola cereal and an orange but, if i in a rush i just drink a protein shake or a fruit or sometime a protein bar.
Sophie U.
What meals do I eat for breakfast… that usually depends just on what I feel like eating. Keep in mind that I am allergic to milk and eggs; My most frequent choices are and avocado toast, sometimes with tomatoes, oatmeal with fresh, or if not possible frozen fruits and honey, or egg yolk (x2) and a sandwich; usually with ham and tomatoes or cucumber. As you can see, I’m trying to keep my meals balanced, however who doesn’t sometimes eat cereal with milk…
Valdemar N.
Eggs, bread, fresh cheese with some cream, oatmeal and milk, banana (but never only banana). To sum up, what can be prepared quickly