Do you have any healthy, easy to prepare breakfast suggestions?

Lolo J.
A breakfast Tortilla
1 get a tortilla
2 heat it
3 cut 1small slit intel you reach the middle
4 add each continent on each Area I imagine there’s invisible lines that give you for pizza slices and on each pizza slice you at a condiment
5 for my one I add cheese lettuce eggs and sometimes hot dog it’s not healthy so don’t put it every time it’s okay if you have 1 empty
6 put it in the toaster when you take it out you will have a delicious meal
Last step have a good day
Yaqeen V.
Oats mixed with boiled water or milk and let them sit for 4-5 minutes after that pour it in a bowl and mixed with it one spoon of cinnamon, peanut butter and honey or Stevia sugar for sweetness. For topping put banana, strawberries or any fruit u like, chia seeds or flax seeds.
And Bon apetit.
Brent I.
When I’m in a hurry I usually grab some instant out meal and fruit. Usually bananas or apples since they’re hand held and I can eat in the go. Eggs with veggies are always great too, or turkey bacon😋
Geoff Q.
Fruit and PB smoothie? Bananas, frozen fruit, yogurt with some orange juice. Throw it in a blender and that’s breakfast.
Colleen Z.
I eat prepared breakfast foods such as yogurt. If I have time (ha), then I will eat scrabble eggs with Mrs. Dash seasoning.
S O.
I like to have avocado toast usually in the morning with some sea salt and pepper on it and I recently just tried Plain Greek yogurt with strawberries and blueberries honey and granola it is so good! And I like to make smoothies also
Alexander Z.
Yougurt and fruit is my go to. Add some seeds and nuts. Takes two minutes tops.

Another favourite is an apple with warm peanut butter. I put about a table spoon of peanut butter into the microwave in 10 second burst until its more runny. Then I slice up an apple and dip.

I also have a cup of tea and a big glass of water.

Another idea is to prepare the night before. I'm currently not eating a lot of carbs but over night oats are a good one. Ready when you get up.

Marlene S.
For me , since eggs are healthy, any way to prepare them is easy and nutritious. And healthy. My favorite is omelette with cheese, onions and garlic. It can also include lots of vegetables, like grated carrot or chopped chard. Yogurt is also one of my favorite foods. Quickly blended with oats, fruit and honey, it’s fast and delicious.
Noah J.
If you are on a rush with no time to have a full on sitting down breakfast you can make this and have it on the go.
You will need:
A mango(medium sized)
2 strawberries
Plain yogurt (about 200ml)
Raisins(just a few)
Just toss everything in a blender for a few seconds and you have a delicious and healthy smoothie to fuel you throughout the day and simple to pour in a bottle and have on the go. If you prefer it a bit more on the sweet side, try adding some honey. The fruits can be replaced to any fruit of choice but you'll find the combination between the mango and strawberry to be a bliss to drink.
Lana Y.
Egg over medium with spinach and feta cheese. I cook the egg on one side, flip and add fresh spinach and some feta cheese crumbles. When the feta has melted a little I put everything on a plate and add a little hot sauce. So easy and you'll feel like you just ate at a fancy restaurant.
Elisa T.
Yes, a strong coffee (espresso), green tea with a drop of lemon and a piece of fresh ginger, amd a bowl of granola with berries mixed with simple cornflakes.
Silas U.
I do, it takes me about 3 minutes to prepare. You just need a bowl of oatmeal, 1 to 3 spoons of honey, and a piece of fruit depends of which type you like (I'm mostly using banana, or apple, or blueberries…), Then you chop it into small bits, put it in bowl alongside with honey and mix it. As last you can pour in water or milk, again depends on what you like more 😉 And the energy will stay with you the whole morning 😁
Pirmin X.
Get two scrambled eggs, no salt needed, and a toast of wholewheat bread with some slices of avocado. Makes you feel satisfied and gets the protein of the day going!
Anastasia H.
Yes! I make oatmeal it’s so easy and fuss free, though I like it on water. I can have a toast with avocado or a Nutella if I want something sweet
Jameela N.
I usually go to boiled eggs and a salad and a whole orange or grapefruit on the side. Or I love having some quickly sautéed tuna with tomatoes in a tortilla or on a slice of toast with a salad and a fruit.
Zenon Y.
I chop fresh veggies, enough for the whole week at one time. This week I did cubed eggplant with organic kale and onions or hash browns. I fry it all in a little grass fed butter in my cast iron pan. Then top with jalapeño ranch and cheese if I want and I have organic sprouted toast on the side. For protein, I’ll cook an entire pack of bacon at the beginning of the week too, enough for the whole week. So I’ll put 2 slices in the skillet to heat while the veggies cook. Sometimes I’ll add an egg too if I feel extra hungry. It’s super fast and easy and my go to. I feel best if I start the day with veggies, protein and complex carbs. I also make a fruit smoothie some mornings to go with it. I use 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup coconut water, 1 cup frozen organic fruit, 1 egg yolk (raw), 1 scoop collagen peptides. This all keeps me fueled for a good 4-6 hours, depending on the day and my activity level. This works for me, but won’t work for everyone. So keep experimenting until you find a groove that works for you 😊
Yzma F.
My favorite breakfast for times that I need to grab something and sit in front of my laptop for morning classes is oatmeal. Half a cop of Oatmeal or wheat flakes, a table spoon full of peanut butter, a tea spoon of honey (more if you want it sweeter), two crushed Wahl nuts, one sliced banana or half an apple, Pour milk as preferred, and ad a little bit of cinnamon for extra flavor.
It takes a couple of minutes to prepare and tastes great. I find it a good replacement for sugary cereals. And you can go creative with it too.
Kerstin S.
Cottage cheese with a bit of preserves. Plain instant oatmeal with honey, milk, slices, nuts and dried fruit…or just a bit of preserves. Avocado, lemon juice, salt and pepper on sprouted grain toast 🙂
Linda N.
Overnight oats is my new favourite, you can add anything and there are several recipes online. You just have to prepare it the night before so, you save d lot of time in the morning
Rajat X.
As someone that struggles to get calories in my go to is oats, full milk, peanut butter, banana and a scoop of whey protein. Takes like 5 mins to prepare and contains around 1000 calories for my serving. It's cheap, healthy and quick
Alan Y.
When I was lifting, I’d make smoothies every morning. And having frozen bananas and berries in the freezer ready to go with milk and protein powder is great. I also love rice and eggs which is so easy if I have rice leftover in the fridge. Just cook and egg and cut up some cucumbers wile it cooks and it’s a perfect breakfast!
Terri Q.
I never have time to spend cooking in a morning. So I litterally have started having two weetabix and a banana as it’s easy. However, I am intrigued at how delicious some people’s breakfasts look from making overnight oats. So my next step will be to look into making these. Also variation of breakfast is key which is something I need to do!
Dylan O.
I bought and bananas and oranges for breakfast because I feel like I don't have enough time to prepare something in the morning.
Ashli O.
I usually make a kodiak protein Pancake mix, it takes about 10 minutes from start to finish and it is quite filling with a glass of water
Elizabeth K.
I hope ghly recommend my healthy overnight oats. Plain roll3d oats soaked in cholesterol lowering yogurt drink and healthy fruit such as blueberries and sultanas in the morninght a delicious filling healthy breakfast
Katie T.
One of the quickest and easiest tricks I have found is egg bites made in advance in a muffin tray. I make several different varieties each batch so it doesn't get boring. You can even freeze them, so you could make several months in advance if you really wanted to. 30 seconds or so in the microwave with minimal prep or clean up gives me a quick, delicious breakfast with protein, vegetables, and anything else I might desire.
Valerie B.
Umm, not sure. But for me: fruits, milk, cereal, nuts. Are the best for a quick, easy and healthy breakfast.
Hope this help u. 🌟 Good luck🤞🏻 祝你好运🍀