What is your menu for great breakfasts? Any recommendations?

Becca N.
Having grab and go options is ideal. Fresh fruit like apples, bananas, or some prerinsed strawberries and grapes help a lot! I also really like to have portion cups of low sugar Greek yogurt or cottage cheese to grab and eat on my way to work. My goal is to prepare oatmeal to keep in the fridge for some diversity instead of a granola bar.
Zge N.
Medium boiler egg, some cheese, olives, a tomato, a cucumber, 2 slice of bread (while white bread or more healthy choice) with tea (green or another choice ) I think. I like this one. Also sometimes I eat jam ( strawberry or else)
Keely N.
Eggs, avocado toast, turkey bacon, protein bar (w/good ingredients), fruit (not mixed with protein), healthy granola cereal!