What supplements do you recommend adding to your daily breakfast intake?

Romina P.
i always take magnesium and b-12 pills to help with chronic migraines. I drink coconut milk because it is rich in Vitamin B and water that is infused with zinc or magnesium.
Rebecca U.
I do a super juice every morn, spin,brok,apple,pineapple,cucumber, turmeric,spirilina&wheatgrass powder. Bacteria capsule.
Malthe Z.
It depends on the individual. Find out from your doctor what you naturally test low in and then take supplements for that! As a young female, I take prenatal supplements because it gives me all the vitamins and minerals that I test low in.
Ola N.
I would usually try to eat a balanced diet to not have to take supplements. But D3 (especially in winter) and B12 (especially if vegetarian) are a must!
Ross C.
Multivitamin you can pick up from any local pharmacy. Blended to include all the essential vitamins and minerals to support your overall health and well-being. These include, vitamin c / b12 – vitamin a – alongside iron and zinc.
Jade G.
I normally take a vitamin B and zinc just make sure you have them around thirty minutes before or after you eat because zinc doesn’t absorb with food in the stomach. I also recommended taking vitamin c to boost the immune system. I find that these really help me
Poliana Z.
Supplements, are the least important thing in a diet plan, as long as you have a good complete intake of macro and micro nutrients youre good to go, but for some people that might not be the case so instead it is best to just consume a multivitamin to complete the micro nutrients and eat some more for the macro nutrients( carbs, protein, fat )