What do you do on days when you have to leave the house quickly?

Kylie J.
Shower night before. Pick out clothes night before. Make lunch and dinner prep night before usually leftovers and put my bags by the door. Make sure my badge and keys are in their assigned tray.
Sara W.
I plan my schedule ahead of time so I can minimize surprises like that but when it happens I do the chores when I get back
Luis G.
Throw on clothes, plan to walk to the local coffee shop once I show my face at work so I can still have coffee and breakfast. Or order ahead at Starbucks and be late to work, but I always have coffee and breakfast. Sometimes even if I’m late I just rush and put one meal together and plan to buy another one. Depends on my bank account at that time
Erica W.
If I know the night before that I need to leave early I will prepare my clothes and shoes and anything I might need to bring with me night before. It helps me prepare so that I am not rushing and also helps me not to forget something. If it is a matter of oversleeping and I need to rush out the door, staying calm is rule number 1 for me. You can still rush while staying calm and I feel it helps me stay focused and I am less likely to be stressed and forget something. Reduce time by taking coffee or breakfast on the go. A top bun is a go to when I don’t have time to style my hair. Just having a bare minimum routine for days when time is short helps me to stay calm while getting myself out the door.
Kati E.
When i woke up at 5 in the morning i always do praying and taking a shower prepared to go school even i have to leave the house quickly i still doing it so.
Joey F.
i plan everything in my head and go over it like 5000 times. then i try to not put on music since it tend to make me slower. then i make sure i try to not forget something and leave as quickly as possible. if i have greasy hair , i try to work it away w powder since i tend to shower long.