What should be the portion of my breakfast? And before how many hours from lunch?

Justina J.
A great portion, not sure I understood the question, or if I have the right idea to answer that. I have lunch everyday between 12 and 1pm because of my work. So I believe it's ideal to have breakfast in a time I can properly digest the food in time to be hungry again by the lunch. Otherwise I'll eat less and be hungrier later night, which I don't like and have to sleep with the belly full, this habit hurts my stomach and increases reflux problems.
Lily S.
High fiber or protein, something like oats or eggs are good examples of this. Having breakfast at least 3-4 hours before lunch. Eating breakfast in the first 2 hours that you wake up can boost the metabolism.
Edvaldo T.
Use your fist as a measuring tool. You should have about a "fist" of healthy fats (avocados are good for this). Make sure to have a protein filled breakfast, perhaps a banana and low fat yoghurt. Also, a midmorning snack of fruit or nuts is a great way to keep you going until lunchtime. As for lunch, I try to plan when I will eat lunch around when I plan to have dinner. If I am having an earlier dinner, I will have a slightly earlier lunch. If I know I wont have dinner until later, I'll wait until mid afternoon to eat my lunch so that I am not super hungry all afternoon. But that is something completely personal to you. Good luck!
Zeilane E.
Don't remember, no calories count, the important one is balance of macros and micros. A good portion is that doesn't make you feel somnolence. If you feel like that after meal, it means you've eaten too much or wrong. Sometimes animal origin foods give us a feel od somnolence. Just listen to your body. When you are hungry, the body will tell you. I've trying a habit of 2 meals of eating. Breakfast and early dinner.
Sharon G.
I have my breakfast at least 4 hours before lunch. For breakfast I try to include a fruit and protein. I’m still learning the right proportions.
Rebecca F.
For me the answer to that depends entirely on what I have to do and when I have to leave the house that day. I'm a firm believer not eating until you're hungry, but daily schedules don't always allow that. The real question here is what you should have for breakfast based on the time you have to wait until lunch. If you know it'll be a while, you want to have something with fiber protein and fat, which will keep you satiated longer. If it'll be just one or two hours, then something with a lot of carbohydrates like a bagel or muffin or cereal will be enough to tide you over. When there are no time constraints on when you can have lunch I recommend the filling breakfast and waiting until you're hungry again to have lunch.
Eleanor N.
Seriously whatever works for you. I usually try and have a protein based breakfast about 8 which (sometimes!) keeps me going to 1pm
Dawn N.
Any breakfast should be a part of a meal plan. It is individual and unique for everyone. High quality protein is a must. Figure your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to be equal with enough protein and veggies. Figure in healthy snacks as well. So, portions are based on your plan. If you do not have one, get one:) meal prep is key
Irene Z.
If you are not used to eating breakfast start small and make sure your meal includes some protein as that will help keep you from getting hungry before lunch. To figure out how big a meal it should be you need to zoom out and look at all the food you eat in a day. If you eat a big lunch and dinner then breakfast needs to be small and low in calories. If you don’t eat a big dinner then you can make your breakfast more substantial. In terms of timing pay attention to hue hungry you are and how long between lunch and dinner. You want to avoid eating a 3 pm
Tessa O.
The portion size would vary for each individual. However, a good metric is to eat enough so that you feel full but not so much that you feel bloated. Since breakfast is the first meal for the day, it should ideally be eaten as soon as possible. Thus, have your breakfast as soon as you're done freshening up.
As for the duration between breakfast and lunch, keep it less than 4 hours, as your body takes approximately four hours to digest the food.
Hope this helps.
Mia T.
The portion of your breakfast should be to fill you but not too much. Everyone is different so the same size my portion may be too much for you or not enough. Just listen to your body and don't be scared of food. It depends when you eat your breakfast. I think your lunch should be between 1-3 PM.
Wade Y.
Three eggs and a portion of tuna or two slices of ham and half a tomato or handful of spinach should be perfect, try to wait four hours before you next eat.
Nanna X.
I eat either 2 eggs and an apple for breakfast or yogurt and some fruit. If you eat 4 to 5 hours before lunch you can eat an apple or banna as a snack.
Nicklas X.
It depends what your eating if its eggs I can only eat one and a bit of toast. If cereal then a full bowl. I eat breakfast then 3 later hours have lunch. I have a breakfast bar if I do feel hungry with my cuppa.
Milla X.
As it's said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It'll give you a good and energetic start for the day if you do it right. It should be eaten about 3 hours before 3 hours from lunch. If it's any longer, you'll probably get very hungry before the lunch. And if it's shorter, you might not be that hungry yet. Anyway, I think you should eat every 3 hours during your day to make sure your body gets enough energy to function throughout the day. And about the portion. In my opinion you should eat a lot in the morning. Because of the night there has been a long while without food.. and that's why your body needs lots of food. But it's also very important to concentrate on _what_ you're eating. It should be healthy and nutritious. I prefer eggs, porridge with berries, smoothies and fruits. They give you vitamins and protein and they make you feel very energetic! 🙂 Hope this helped at least a bit
Cat C.
The answers to these questions depend on how your body is now and how you want your body to be. Breakfast portions for a very tall or very active person will be different from breakfast portions for a petite or more sedentary person. As for the timing, try different options and see what works for you and your body. Some people do better with several small meals throughout the day and others do better with a couple of big meals each day.
Lucy T.
Proteins, meat, rice, vegetables.
Something like a closed fist size of meat, and proteins, vegetables as much as you want, and small amount of rice.