Any breakfast recipes for busy mornings?

Geoffrey O.
Frozen Banana. Cinnamon. Cardamom. Maple Syrup. Sacha Inchi Powder. Reishi & Lions mane powder. Put it in a blender with Almond/Coconut/Oat milk. Enjoy.
Milo Y.
Even if you have a busy morning, make sure you make time to enjoy it beceause it’s a moment where you nourish your body. It’s you that gives some love and attention to your OWN body, we already rush to much and need to think about to much other things so give yourself that one moment of rest and peace. You want to hear my advice for a good breakfast? Just take some things you realy like, those little foods that make you happy and put them in a pot or cup and enjoy them wherever you go, so simple as it is! Per example I love my coffee every morning so I just put it in a cup and take it with me. I like yoghurt, some granola and fresh fruits so I just put it all in a pot and eat it at a moment I can enjoy it.
Riddhi Z.
I usually buy bread and jam/some other spread, just spread it on and chomp chomp! I am an exchange student in another country so I did not buy a toaster, I just microwave the bread and pack my bag while it is heating. If you have a toaster you can also put the bread to toast and get something small done. Also, sometimes I have leftover curry from the day before and I use it as a spread.
Modesto Q.
For a fast. easy & nutritious breakfast: Heat-up a bag of steamed broccoli & rice you bought from your grocery store's Frozen section. Then, dig in!
Rishika T.
Pancakes! 🥞 Vegan or not, pancakes are always a go-to breakfast when you're in a rush. Try making souffle pancakes, or even mixed vegetables pancakes that always taste delicious and makes you feel full for a long time, and they're super quick to make too!
Adam J.
I think that egg and a cup of milk or cup of fruite are give an energy to start a busy morning ,because they have protines and vetamines which are so healthy to our bodies . Sorry if my spelling not good and thanks for this app💙
Edith E.
It's easier sometimes to skip breakfast when you are tired or don't have enough time to prepare it. But if you choose to eat something healthy, under no circumstances will you regret it.
An oat bowl prepared from the previous day is the recipe I want to share with you. All you have to do is adding layers of oats, Greek yogurt, a fruit of your choice cut it small pieces, some honey or marmalade. Put it in your fridge. Congratulations you have made a nice healthy breakfast. You are ready to face all the problems of the day!💙
Japneet X.
My mom makes breakfast for me. We live in indian punjabi family. So I have proper calorie full breakfasts like alo prontha and may more