How do I break the one habit that seems unbreakable: eating too much?

Kristine I.
I'am eating 4 times everyday here in Åttringen were I live for good now. I hav old and bad habits I had and have it still in my entier life. Fabulous iam eating unhealthy because I'am not having it easy i have done it and still do it in my entier life. Fabulous but now in 2024 I'am going to make it different I have life friends here in Åttringen were I'am Living for good. Fabulous
Luna N.
To try and break it you can slowly start to chip away how much you eat, like if you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner that are big hefty meals then try to make them smaller in size/portion by little by little until you have met ur preferred eating goal. But don’t go too low and eat very little, you eat until you are full and don’t go over and eat more you can handle.