How do you remember at night to have breakfast items ready?

Riddhi I.
I usually eat fruits so I don't need to cook in the morning. And if I need to I have a night routine so I would add it to that , or you could cook it with dinner .
Emily F.
The only way I ever manage to get my breakfast prepped is if I fix a double portion or more on a day when I have time to fix my breakfast. I make a big breakfast Bonito or two and one half of those makes a decent breakfast. So then I have breakfast ready the next 3 days.
Iris X.
Normally, i would prefer to set a reminder or alarm, generally set the time in the evening when you go a walk or nearby market so it will be easy And make a list of items which you have to buy .
Kim U.
I know that a possible way to remember to have breakfast items ready the night before by writing a list or a note and posting it on the refrigerator that way it can be seen and used as a reminder. Or taped on the bathroom mirror like when you wake up and brush your teeth you will see the reminder of the breakfast item or breakfast idea that you want to do later.
Juju N.
Breakfast is my favorite and easiest meal to prepare. So it’s not too difficult for me to remember at all. It’s making sure I go to the grocery store every week and making sure I have the fresh breakfast items I need and then I never forget as long as I have the breakfast food at home. I work night shift as well so essentially I eat breakfast at about 5am-6am and then go to bed a few hours afterwards. It’s dinner I struggle with, I eat about 5pm-6pm a few hours after I wake up.