How do you get up when you don’t want to?

Maha M.
I get up even if I don't want to because I have responsibilities to make breakfast in the morning. If I will not make breakfast than alot of individual who rely on me will be starving and it feels bad. That is why without procastination or any feelings I just decide to wake up and do my task.
Yuri E.
It depends. If it is a weekday, I need to get up to go to school, so I manage to urge myself to get up by eating an unhealthy breakfast. On weekends, I would either be excited about an event and want to get up, or just let myself have a lie in.
Kanykei V.
When I wake up I try to remember my dreams, but instead I end up imagining scenarios in my head that are very unlikely to happen. It keeps me in bed for minutes or even hours. I tried a couple of things that work for me.

What I noticed is that when I add vitamins to my lunch, I'm more energetic and much less likely to stay longer in bed.

Second, I try not to think. I do some mechanical things, just something that doesn't require my brain to work. It used to be scrolling social media, but it's another mind trap. So, if you cannot control your screen time, better keep your phone away. Now I am moving towards opening a window and breathing in fresh air. It really helps.

In short: Stay healthy and do something without using your brain.

Laila Q.
Remind myself that my children need me and that if I don't get up now, it will have ruined all of the progress I have made towards creating a daily routine and becoming the wife/mom that I want to be.
Carrie J.
I usually set aside 2-5 minutes for me to reflect each morning. During this time, I take deep breaths and try to relieve any overwhelming feelings or stress. This really helps me get out of bed and actually start my day after a bit of reflection in bed.
Mathilde N.
I swing one leg over the side of the bed and just slide out, never snooze my alarm, and always take that sip of water in the morning!
Maria P.
If you like a savory breakfast, I recommend bulk preparing breakfast burritos during the weekend or when you have some time. Make a batch of rice, beans or mince meat or both, some guac and veggie salsa and eggs if you’d like. Roll the toppings in small tortillas and toast these in a pan till golden. You can then store these in freezer bags and reheat them in the microwave. For a sweet option I recommend a protein smoothies