I’ve been trying really hard to eat eggs for breakfast, but I don’t really like eggs by themselves and I’ve been eating them on an English muffin just to get me to eat them at all. Does that mean my breakfast isn’t healthy since the English muffin is carbs?

Lylou Y.
I wouldn’t say so, but try to eat them with different and maybe even healthier types of breads/carbs. Consider adding things to your eggs like tomatoes, onions, and/or spinach to make up for you not like I go them by themselves too.
Tony S.
Carbs in and of themselves are not bad (in moderation). Try going with an open faced English muffin instead of both halves. Adding some avocado and sriracha to that really spices it up. That’s one of my favourite starts to the day.
Fanny P.
Yes it has more carbs but that doesn't take away the healthiness from the egg… maybe even try a whole wheat English muffin to gain more healthy fiber and other nutrition benefits
Samantha Z.
If you don’t like eggs try another protein source for breakfast I like natural Greek yoghurt with a few fresh blue berries. Or even a protein meal replace with blueberries so it is still a protein meal👍
Harriet Z.
Everything in moderation is my philosophy on food. I would say your breakfast isn't unhealthy in the same way adding a pinch of salt to your eggs doesn't make the dish unhealthy.
Becky Y.
You're still getting the nutrition from the eggs and it will still keep you full for a while. But I had the same problem so I've been putting a ton of kale leaves, onion leaves, and cheese in mine.
Wallace O.
I don’t think eating one muffin makes your breakfast unhealthy. But I suggest you try other ways to cook eggs, like omelette with herbs and vegetables.
Lucille U.
Not necessarily. Carbs aren't inherently bad; they just need to be consumed properly. Make sure you read the nutrition facts on the muffin you are buying. Pairing it with an egg means you are also getting healthy proteins, vitamins, and minerals. In fact, I have read a good meal needs carbs, fat, and protein. To really kick this breakfast up, I would recommend adding a vegetable.
Felix A.
There are other alternatives to eggs, try something that's high in protein, like nuts. A nut butter on bread with a piece of fruit like apple or banana.
Silas C.
Food isn't all sorted into good/healthy and bad/unhealthy, it has more to do with your body and your needs (everyone is different!). Having carbs in your breakfast isn't a bad thing, and it doesn't cancel out the nutrients in the eggs! That said, if you want to try something else, you could add things like cheese/meat/spinach/olives/etc to make an ommlet!
Mike F.
While eggs are good source of protein there are other foods that contain it too. If you really don't want to eat eggs for breakfast don't. You won't enjoy it if you have to force yourself. Try having some yogurt or adding some nuts or seed to cereal, even just milk contains protien so you could have a glass with some fruit and if you cant have dairy soya milk works just as well
Vernon Y.
It's not at all, but being overly concerned about carbs is. Just make sure you include some fruits and pat yourself on the back for making a healthy decision at the start of your day, and if you do, it will lead to even more healthy decisions.
Edgar I.
No it isn’t less healthy because of the carbs. But maybe because of the sugar. I don’t think that you have to eat eggs. If you don’t like them than try a different protein source like chicken breast or low fat quark
H Seyin O.
I think you are doing fine. You’ve started eating eggs, which is a big thing because before you didn’t even like them. You’ve taken a small step to change. And I guess you probably notice that, feeling less hungry. After a couple of days you even might like eggs. I don’t like hard boiled eggs, but I like scrambled. And sometimes I make an omelette with paprika and tomato. I like to vary, maybe it’s something you also could experiment with. I just would like to say: keep going. You are doing a great job!
Julia J.
Absolutely not! Carbs are part of a healthy diet. You could do a whole grain English muffin, but you also don’t have to eat eggs. You could try nut butters, seeds, nuts, lean meats, quinoa, etc. the more you restrict, the more likely you are to binge. It’s better to make consistent holistic decisions than to try to do a crash diet (like eliminating carbs).

Eat your English muffin if you want it!

Caroline C.
Meals are about variety, quantity and balance. A healthy, balanced meal will have a small amount of multiple food groups. So, for example, a piece of whole grain toast (healthier carb), mashed up avocado (heart-healthy fat), an egg (protein), topped with some hemp seeds (rich in protein, fiber, and healthful fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6) and a few cherry tomatoes. Your English muffin and egg are fine, but introduce some mashed up avocado, sauted peppers and onions on top and it is even healthier! Plus, you may be full after just one half of English muffin and less carbs is always better! Hope this helps 🙂
Lohan E.
I would suggest crafting your egg breakfast with some other ingredients. Maybe instead of using English muffin, you could eat it with a corn meal slice instead, add some avocado, and sprinkle with jelly or salt. Maybe find an egg substitute for protein if eggs aren’t your style.
Valerie N.
It is ok that u didn't like eggs cuz at first even I hated eggs but I tried different types of cooked eggs more variety. scramble poach fried omelette boiled french toast. U should also eat them on bread but not too much carb
Joachim O.
Hey! Eggs don't have to be your go to if you don't like them! Also carbs aren't bad depending on your diet restrictions, health reasons, and fitness goals. I don't believe in forcing yourself to eat something you don't like. If you are doing it for the protien, then there are so many other options out there for you to try. I would encourage you to do some research and expand your diet to fit your needs AND taste preferences
Enzo T.
I simmer 3 or 4 leaves of ribbon sliced kale or collard greens while I soft boil 3 eggs. Then I put Salsa or pasta sauce or sundried tomatoes over them and warm up some leftover Quinoa too. I might also have some sheep or goat feta. I don't eat gluten now. And I think that English Muffins are not nutritionally dense. But eating some carbs will give you some gas for your "gas tank". And eating enough veggies and with enough dark leafy greens has good omega 3's and other really useful nutrients that help metabloize our proteins and many other functions!
Nicole O.
I think that you are already doing your efforts to eat the eggs. I guess the muffins has to much sugar, according to the application, so maybe as time passes you could try not to eat the muffin. Or replace it with other kind of cake that it healthier. Good look!
Cl Sio P.
Getting our engine started any way we are willing to is preferable to starting our day with no fuel in the tank.
As we get into habits like eating breakfast we can adapt them (eg. try whole wheat or gluten free e-muffs,) but the most important thing is the Doing new, healthy, self-loving acts as often as we will.
Be encouraged, be loved, be radically accepting and personally responsible.
Know We are Love and You are One.
Blissings 🙏😇
Clarisse Z.
I think that in the morning you need energy so carbs are good, if you have eating them on an English muffin it’s a great idea
Solange Z.
In my view, healthy and unhealthy meals exist on a spectrum. French toast with whipped cream is on one end and egg whites and spinach are on the other. Adding an English muffin doesn’t negate the protein and energy you get from the eggs—yes, it’s carbs, but it’s not carbs in the same way that giant piece of French toast is carbs. I would say and English muffin and some eggs is still definitely a healthy choice. And I also can’t do eggs in the morning so I sympathize.
Claire C.
It's better to avoid the muffin. If you have an aversion to the texture of egg, try hard boiling them for a great on the go protein source. You could also try making a frittata with them. The internet has many make-ahead recipes that can help you too.
Jeffrey U.
You will be good if you eat and English muffin with your eggs. The English muffin will be all the fat you need for the day. One muffin will be satisfactory, but this is all of the fat you need to eat today.
Barry U.
You need carbs and fat and protein. Carbs aren’t all unhealthy unless you don’t eat a balanced variety of foods. But why eat eggs if you don’t like them? Find something you do like for breakfast: oatmeal or yogurt with berries and peanut butter, a smoothie, a turkey sandwich.
Hubert U.
Every food is a sum of all its components, albeit some of them are more prominent than others, the key aspect is to keep in mind what you consume, as that ultimately is what you take into your body. Everything has a use, carbs included. Since carbs are a source of energy, you might want to work it out more in whatever active behaviour you so choose. The thing with carbs is that the unused surplus is stored as fat, so you should avoid higher concentrations of it in your food if you're less active.
Leon T.
You can try preparing the eggs in a different way. Personally I prefer them scrambled with some salt and butter. But, like you, I also don't like them by themselves, so I put them on crackers. If none of that works, I think the letter mentioned other protein rich foods you can have instead.
Amelia Q.
Carbs are actually a necessity for us humans. They are what provide energy for us to move and perform basic functions like breathing. So don’t worry about it too much. If you still don’t feel healthy eating the muffin, try putting your favorite seasoning on the egg. It’ll definitely help the flavor!
Cody X.
Carbohydrates are not bad for you, in fact they are an integral part of a balanced diet. If you don’t like eggs why not try a different source of protein? I don’t eat eggs so I have oats or peanut butter instead. Whole meal toast might be s healthier option than a muffin if you are worried about too many refined carbs.
Ros Ria Z.
If you are doing this Fabulous app then you are exercising, you need some carbs to eat throughout the day that exercising takes away. My opinion I personally don't feel its bad if you have some carbs. I am the same way with plain eggs i don't like them either. I won't lie, sometimes for breakfast I'll make bacon egg and cheese on a bagel. Try different ways to make eggs like scrambled with ketchup, egg salad sandwich for lunch, ect. Just do the best you can with what you have. 🙂
Lola S.
I don't know what else u add to the muffins, but it sounds some sober breakfast. If u like I have a lovely pancake recipe without carbs, with eggs and u can change your toppings everytime u wish.
Liam Z.
Hi there 👋,
Eggs are a great start to the day and so are carbs to fuel your body and keep off hunger. I have fried or scrambled in butter and on seeded toast with a condiment if its scrambled then I just add a bit of pepper. You can have eggs anyway even an omelette is good with some bacon and tomatoes with some herbs, basically eggs is a great breakfast imo I'm very much into fitness just dont follow and look after myself as much hence why I joined this fabulous app,and eggs dont have to be just eggs they can have things added to them to make them more palatable for yourself. I hope this helps and also remember carbs are good for your body when you put your body I to ketosis it's not good as you will soo put the weight back on, without carbs our body doesnt function so well and yes we loose weight but its easily put back on when you start to eat normally again 😊
Samantha O.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone to have English Muffins since I, myself don’t usually have carbohydrates for any meal… So, an old fashioned oatmeal would be the best choice for breakfast!
It’s healthy, it’s got fiber, protein and light carbs.
Astrid G.
Unless you are doing a specifically low-carb diet, eggs on an English muffin is a healthy choice. I did mine on a tortilla this morning with a spice mix I created and threw on some greens, which is new to me. Still carbs, still healthy and balanced.
Larissa T.
I prefer to eat meat early than eggs. I don't know if the result is the same but it makes me eat less for lunch and at night I already have it off my carnivore mind. I am not an egg person so I'd rather have them in a crepioca which is a Brazilian recipe (google for details) with eggs and tapioca dough.
Serenity F.
Carbs are totally ok and don't need to be cut completely from your diet, just try to regulate how many carbs you take in during the day! If you're not a fan of eggs by themselves try to spice them up a little by scrambling them with chilli flakes, parsley, herbs or baby spinach. It's easy to change the flavour!
Sebastian Z.
Absolutely not. You have to have a balance in your diet with macronutrients, protien, carbs, and fats. Also, You have to have a healthy sustainable diet through small changes. Don't run a crash course on changing your eating habits, you'll never stick to it that way. Try to add eggs in once a week, then twice a week, and repeat till you reach your goal.
Manon Z.
The important part is that you eat breakfast! Eat what you enjoy. Don't force yourself to eat something you don't like because someone told you to.
S L Na P.
Carbs are not bad for you, an abundance of simple carbs is. One English muffin is fine, try adding some tomato and lettuce for some more complex carbs and vitamins.
Alison E.
Its not necessary to have eggs everyday plus having it on a muffin might make you get used to it which is not good because it's not healthy for the body . You can try to eat something other than eggs that have high protein like a handful of nuts on some Greek yogurt for example
Katrine W.
Carbs are not bad for you. You need carbs in a healthy diet. If you want to add a little taste to the eggs, I like to put salt, pepper, and little bit of cheese and eat that on a piece of rye toast. It tastes so good and it gives me something to look forward to in the morning, since it’s hard to wake up for me. Breakfast is a very important meal, make something healthy, filling, and something that you’re excited to get out of bed for. Sending you good vibes! Namaste.
Jasmim Q.
Being vegan, I don’t eat eggs. I used to love them though. Now I eat granola in the morning with berries or toast with avocado, tomato and vegemite (Australia)
Enrique O.
No, it's not healthy to eat eggs with an English muffin. Carbs can be part of a healthy, balanced diet. Opt for whole grain versions and consider swapping it out for grits, oatmeal, sweet potato cubes, or other complex carb options.
Bobby Y.
It is healthy, don't worry about it, just make sure it's all balanced out within the rest of your daily diet, there's nothing wrong with carbs honestly as long as you've got a healthy balanced diet, it's all about not eating too much or to little of everything your body needs, you do need carbs but with your diet in general it's all moderation and it's all dependent on your weight and exercise routine etc. So I can't give you a definite answer but I think if we're just talking about your breakfast, you're honestly overthinking it 🙂
Katherine C.
One English muffin with no spread is only 120 calories so not necessarily a big deal. Could you opt for wholewheat to make it even healthier? Carbs are not necessarily unhealthy unless they are consumed in excess.
Charly Z.
You know the breakfast is the most important meal of the day.. so it is the best time to eat the carbs!! This is excellent idea to eat eggs with English muffin ! 😉
Justin U.
Whole Grains are an important part of the diet. They help our brains function. Carbs are not inherently bad. Look into complex vs simple carbs for more answers. And if you don’t like eggs then don’t eat eggs. There are plenty of other healthy breakfast options. Lean proteins like turkey sausage/chicken sausage are a good choice. And don’t forget the fruit and veggies!
Anthony J.
No. It has produced a positive step forward, however small; this is better than a grand step with no lasting improvement
Alison E.
Proteins actually require a level of Carbs/sugar to piggy back them to the muscles, so I’d say it’s better that nothing! Try some toasted rye bread as a change up.
Benjamin E.
Not really. Just be mindful of your carb intake and all the other additives. If it makes you feel better you can do a half of English muffin.

I know eggs maybe a quick and healthy choice, but you can also do an overnight oatmeal. Look the recipe up on Google. It's a great healthy alternative.

Hope this was helpful!

Alfredo Q.
It doesnt mean its unhealthy, but there are lots of ways to enjoy eggs without the English muffin. Try mixing in different veggies and spices, with a bit of cheese to make an omelet or frittata. You can even Google how to make an egg wrap and put a bit of Turkey in it for a nice breakfast wrap. Eggs are really versatile.
Lia Q.
An English muffin is much better than pancakes or waffles! Choose English muffin that is whole grain and made with no added sugars. Have you tried omelets? Add whatever things you like to the omelet (tomatoes, peppers, onions, a bit of cheese, bacon or sausage). Perhaps this will help you eat eggs “by themselves”!
Heather C.
It's not the issue of you English muffin being a carbohydrate that you should be concerned about. Carbs get a bad wrap but are a necessary part of a nutritious meal plan. The issue is if your English muffins are made from bleached white flour, which has very low nutritional value. If you're able to use whole wheat or whole grain English muffins or bread, then along with your egg, you will be eating a very nutritious meal.
Gordon P.
I think that your breakfast is still very healthy but a suggestion would be to consider using whole wheat English muffins or maybe to just make a breakfast sandwich on rye bread and if u like ketchup you could use low or no high fructose ketchup to help disguise the taste of the egg. You could also try another variation such as a breakfast wrap with eggs, spinach, and a healthier condiment of choice. Lastly, I know this might sound gross but you’d be surprised, if you like oatmeal try topping it off with eggs and then mixing the eggs into the oatmeal. It’s really not so bad and not only is oatmeal great for breakfast it’ll mask the taste of the eggs .
Leona S.
That depends on the ingredients of the muffin. There're a lot of healthy recipes about muffins that you can search. I recommend you to use Pinterest for ideas, also you can use eggs in other types of breakfast. But if you really don't like eggs, try to look into other foods that may contain the same amount of proteins, is okey if you just don't like eggs. Just replaced them with some other thing.
Ingeburg X.
I don't like eggs at all and have just been switching off from eating oatmeal for breakfast and eating yogurt for breakfast. I'm starting to get bored of eating the same thing basically every day. Does anybody know anything else I could eat?
Martha F.
I think more important than trying to completely restrict certain foods, like carbs, is to have a balanced diet. The key is appropriate serving sizes. Rarely do people eat healthy servings. So, if you are trying to reduce carbs, try putting the eggs on half an English muffin instead. Also, try getting whole grain muffins if possible, the added fiber is great for your body and will help you feel fuller. Good luck!
Lucie T.
Not at all! Carbs are necessary to give you the energy to get through the day. I enjoy two pieces of toast with my breakfast every day, and they help kickstart my day.
Brooke W.
Not at all! It’s definitely good to have a balance. You need a lot of different macro nutrients throughout the day to keep your body going. It’s important to not only make smart decisions but to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet as well.
Clifford E.
If it’s an effort then forget about it. Start off with just a friend or veggie that you love. Then after a few days add something to it you live. Build a nice breakfast. Think of it as fuel for for your body. My favorite breakfast is a very seedy toast with an organic crunchy peanut butter. Once in awhile I’ll add slices of banana!
Bella O.
Muffin is bad. Cut them off. Try to search some other low-carbon alternative, most ideally. Otherwise. You need to calculate the net carbs and if does not exceed daily portion, you would be good to go. Or, another way is to cut off eggs. There are other high-protein choice.
Evangelos O.
Carbs are healthy! Keep balanced with variety of other food groups. Swap white flour carbs for whole wheat/grain. Sure you could get brown muffins! Good luck
Erhard P.
Eggs on an English muffin is a healthy breakfast choice. The carbs in the muffin with the protein from the egg will give you lasting energy to get you through until lunch.
Gustav A.
No, you need carbs on your breakfast but i suggest you try an omelette for breakfast so you can eat eggs and vegetables in a tasty way.
Malvina Q.
A single English muffin should be fine. Should either be without butter or with an extremely small amount.
Carbs are not the enemy – too many carbs is the behavior to avoid. Unless you are on a carbless diet, one muffin should be okay. My problem is that one muffin a day usually turns into two a day slathered in peanut butter by the end of a week.

If you don’t want to fall down a hole in the street, don’t walk down the street that has the hole in it.

Corey U.
Don’t worry too much about eating eggs! If you don’t like them, then by all means, you shouldn’t feel forced to eat them! Just make sure you’re getting some protein in the morning and that you’re eating something that will nourish you and keep you full.
Karl S.
If you don't like eggs, than you can eat something else right? I think carbs are not bad, but you can also get them from fruit and vegetables which have more vitamins and Fibre.
Kay Uwe M.
Not at all! I think that carbs are needed in the morning to give you some energy. As long as you are still eating protein, fruits and vegetables, some carbs are good! ( also you don’t have to necessarily eat eggs for breakfast if you don’t enjoy them, you can find other things that still have the same benefits. One thing I like to eat when I get sick of eggs is avocado And eat it with smoked salmon on some whole grain bread – btw smoked salmon is REALLY GOOD- it’s really healthy and gives you energy
Daniel O.
Carbs are still necessary for a balanced diet. I like a protein heavy breakfast because of my blood sugar but toast or English muffin is a nice balance. Look for whole wheat or protein heavy carb/bread products. They are out there. (Disclaimer:I’m not a Dr or nutritionist)
Pierre T.
Sure not. Carbs are ok if there's also protein there. Also, I wouldn't stress so much about eating eggs in the morning if they're really not your thing 😉
Jessica Z.
If the English muffin is made from whole wheat flour, you are fine because wheat bread has a lot of fiber that slows the digestion process making you feel fuller longer. However, if it's made of processed white flour (which I believe most English muffins are) it will shoot your blood glucose levels up much like eating a donut would.
Fulg Ncio Z.
Not necessarily, it depends on what type of eating style you prefer/are working toward. If it's a low carb diet, like atkins, keto, etc, you can still have some carbs, if you do an English muffin with your eggs, just portion out your carbs to acommodate for it. If you're doing straight calorie restriction, just portion the calories to accomodate for it. Like most things in life, everything in moderation.
Livia S.
This would mostly depend on your goals! An English muffin per day isn’t gonna do anything awful, but if your goals are to stick to a low carb meal plan, then it would matter. For a low carb alternative, you could look up other ways of prepping eggs for breakfast, maybe with cheese or hot sauce or something to make them more appealing to you. Otherwise, just enjoy your breakfast!
Mariane Q.
Well, my doctor, who has me on a low carb diet says that a small amount of carbs is ok, it is just really important to eat them in the morning, that way you have the entire day to burn them off. After breakfast avoid having carbs with any other meal. Also, if you don't like eggs, don't force yourself to eat them. Have a peice of fruit instead.
Noah S.
What portion of your daily carbs does an English muffin equate to? It might be well within your allowance and if you enjoy it, fantastic!
Quiche is another great way to enjoy eating eggs. If you don’t particularly like eggs, as you indicated, 1 Tablespoon of chia seeds has 2 grams of protein. There are many possibilities to build healthy breakfasts without eggs. I’m proud of you for making healthy choices and learning to take care of yourself.
Hans Gerd T.
I don’t think that makes it unhealthy. You’re working on improving your life, that is healthy. If it means you’re eating an English muffin until you start eating just eggs or having a protein shake/fruit/etc then it’s just a step in your journey
Regina A.
Well I’ve personally run into this problem before we’re I want to eat healthy but it doesn’t taste good unless I add something not healthy. Just remember it is okay to have some carbs as long as that’s not all you’re eating, If you really want to have something healthy for breakfast maybe try to have something different like oatmeal and fruit or eggs with bacon instead( to get protein instead of carbs).
Brandy L.
Surely they're not the best if your goal is to lose weight, but they surely give go lot of energy! I think they're "being good" depends on what's your main goal!
Naja G.
Based on personal experience, I would say that you should use whole wheat bread instead of white, sugary breads like an English muffin.

I myself substituted white breads for a dense, whole wheat bread. I find that this keeps me satiated for much longer, whereas white breads make me hungry quite quickly. I am not sure why this is but I truly feel a difference.

I also like to add butter to my whole wheat bread and, though it may seem counter intuitive, it keeps the hunger away.

Sophie C.
You don't have to eat eggs, just make sure you include a healthy source of protein and stop over thinking being healthy.
S L Ne O.
No, carbs aren't unhealthy as long as it's in moderation. Eating carbs in the morning will give you a slow release of energy throughout the day.
Antoine S.
I like salty foods but I try not to add any extra a way I’ve found around this is breakfast sandwiches, not the frozen kind but pick your toast, I like sour dough, i use a small frying pan and make a protein like bacon turkey sausage, even hotdogs if I need to clean out my fridge, then two eggs a lil cheese a lil milk, scramble in the pan and assemble! And it’s faster than you think plus you can customize to how you like
Max W.
Everyone's bodies are different so it really depends on the amount of physical activity you do and how much you consume in that one day. Carbs can be healthy. Its just like that saying, 'Too much of anything is bad for you!'. So if you really want to continue eating eggs then go ahead! If that's the only way you can eat eggs then JUST DO IT✔
Nanna W.
English muffins are high in carbs which would provide you with energy to start your day. Plus if you don’t like eggs try having it with other protein rich foods such as cottage cheese. As long as you don’t have anything sugary for breakfast, you should be a-okay.
Krin U.
English muffins are made with white flour, making them fast carbohydrates that will leave your system quickly and cause a crash. If you instead had your eggs on whole grain toast, your meal will last you longer into the day.
Evan F.
I think that some carbs in the morning are fine. You are getting protein in in the mornings to help keep you going all day, which is great. Also consider if you don't care for plain eggs a type of omlete! You can add whatever you want to your omlete and it can distract from the actual eggs. That's what I sometimes do when I don't feel like plain eggs.
Hermit Rio G.
May be instead of english muffin you can try something else which is equivalent to egg.Starting your day with carb is going to make you hungry early and doesn't provide adequate amount of energy.You can try oat meal with milk and fruits or can check youtube vedios to know more about healthy breakfast.
My Best wishes for you😊
Rosa B.
Definitely not. Carbs are a thing to be had in moderation, but a healthy breakfast can be anything from toast to eggs and everything in between. No extra sugars is the important part
Tim S.
I think that's all right since we still can eat enough of carbs alhough the most portion of the menu are eggs/veggie/oats.
Earl X.
Carbs are a really important part of a healthy diet! One of the biggest mistakes is people eating too much protein and not enough healthy fats and carbs. You should google a macro calculator and find out what your body needs. I also didnt like eggs for the longest time. And they are definitely not necessary for a healthy breakfast if you dont like them. You can try other sources of protein.. like plain greek yogurt.. or something I usually do is just eat dinner for breakfast. Any left over chicken or rice and fruit and veggies are my favorite breakfasts. You can experiment with what you like. But yeah. Long story short eat carbs and you can ditch the eggs if you dont like them. Trying any old Macro calculator on google might be helpful. Hope that helps.
Crispim A.
If you don't likr eggs I would not eat them. Therr are so many others healthy and delicious options out there.:) Life is about enjoying doinf things.
Marius P.
Not at all… carbs arent the enemy here, an unbalanced diet is. So long as you are having plenty of fruit and veg, and less sugar (also within reason) you will be healthy. If you don't like eggs… you can try making egg salad sandwiches and mashing hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise. That way you are getting protein from the eggs as well as the mayo, good fats (if the oil used in the mayo is cold pressed), and carbs (the good kind of sugar that your body needs) to fuel your body. For me… I take a jar of assorted nuts and fruits to work with me and eat them in the car on the way there, and the way home. I eat quite a lot, but they keep me full for the whole day 🙂
Raphaela F.
Eggs are not as necessary as you may think. They are source of protein but also a very high source of cholesterol. As a nutritionist I would advise to eat humus (which is great source of protein as it's made out of chickpeas) or peanut/almond butter on wholegrain bread. Add greens or plant protein powder (100% pure with no additives) to your morning smoothies and you will have more than enough healthy and full of variety protein.
Regarding english muffin… well if you eat it maybe once a week or even less it's probably not as big of a deal, but I would advice something more wholegrain (which is also carbs but less refined).
Alison E.
Why are you hardly trying to eat something you don’t enjoy? Have you thought about finding a replacement for eggs by something you like? It sounds to me like an annoying routine to accomplish in the morning every day…
Regarding the muffin, if you can balance the carbs, the protein and fat you take over the day, it shouldn’t be an issue, I believe. Good luck!
Ma Line T.
Eat a different protein that you like. Change your mindset about what breakfast should be. In some countries breakfast looks like our lunch or dinner. Try making your own chicken sausage from ground chicken and add your favorite veggie.
Faustine O.
If you dont like the taste of eggs themself. How about adding milk to egg. Omelete or scrambled egg with milk taste different for me. Sometimes i add cilantro also
August N.
No it doesn’t, English muffin can be a good source of Fiber as well. Everything in moderation is good for the body, when you start to exaggerate that when positive effects becomes negative! That is my opinion
Victoire Q.
No, of course not. Carbohydrates aren't bad for you, and they provide slow release energy which is needed for a healthy breakfast.
Brianna E.
Not necessarily. Our body needs both – proteins and carbs. But if would be better to eat whole grains instead of a muffin. There are a lot of healthy muffin recipes, like those baked with whole grains, with nuts etc. if you don‘t like eggs, also try different recipes. Experiment with seasoning. For example, try scrambled eggs on a piece of whole grain toast with seasoning, or cheese. There are tons of different options pimp the taste 🙂
Pio W.
I don't think that an English muffin is bad. Carbs should be a major part of your diet. I guess white carbs are not as good because your energy will spike up and down. But there are plenty of ways to accompany your eggs in the morning, for example with a slice of wholemeal toast – not to mention how cheap this would be! You can even pre boil eggs the night before if you needed something quickly.
Holly P.
I think you have to keep what you having now and try to make the muffin size smaller, this is the right strategy for you.
Gustav P.
Depending on your goals this may not be ideal.

Have you tried a homemade smoothie? There are lots of recipes available for low sugar, low carb options and you won't even taste the egg.

Mille C.
Unfortunately, that is exactly what it means. Once in a while is okay though. An omelette is a quick and good way to go and you can make a one egg omelette 😉. You don’t need to eat eggs every
day. 😉. Good luck on your journey.
Cassandra T.
A bunch of experts are gonna give you a bunch of different answers in this one. Ask yourself how you feel after eating it. Don't feel good? Try something else. Feel fine, ok, then it's not urgent to change. Experiment with other foods. I joined a keto recipe group on fb this week and they had a cool recipe… put scambled eggs in a muffin tin with each tin having some chopped omlet ingredients, and bake it. Just poke around until you find something you prefer!
Magnus W.
No. It is a muffin with whole grains or whole wheat. Stay away from butter, and maybe add tomato or spinach for some vegetables too.
Adrien Q.
Carbs don’t exactly equal unhealthy. Our bodies are different from each other and how much we consume is going to be different. So unless you’re consuming in large amounts I wouldn’t count it as unhealthy per say. If you don’t want to add the English muffin though I would suggest adding vegetables or maybe ham or turkey to the eggs as another alternative.
Linus X.
Carbs are not the Enemy. You need energy, in a balanced amount, and carbs can be part of that. It's far more important to enjoy the food you eat, you can't spend your whole life eating "healthy" foods you don't like.
Monja U.
Personally I don’t count my food’s calories. I just focus on eating healthy and enjoy my breakfast. Your body needs Carb so do not torcher yourself and enjoy ☺️
Sander Z.
No this is definitely fine! The protein from the eggs will keep you satiated. Nothing inherently wrong with carbs, pure carbs meals just don’t give you sustained energy and nitrogen. Feel free to also try other breakfasts such as oatmeal with a big dollop of almond butter.
Louna T.
It’s still a good breakfast! It’s better not to divide meals into “healthy” and “unhealthy,” or to demonize carbs. See if it makes you feel good and that’s the important part. If not, try another way to get protein for breakfast.
Olivia Q.
You're not actually required to eat eggs. As long as it's a food that's moderately healthy, just eat whatever you want. Also, carbs aren't evil. Everything in moderation, you know? Suggestions:
– roasted veggies
– Greek yogurt with fruit
– granola
– steak
– sandwich
– leftovers

The goal is to eat a food in the morning, you're not contractually obligated to eat an egg. Be free my friend.

Don W.
Carbs aren’t always unhealthy and eggs actually have really high cholesterol levels. Maybe some porridge with nut butter and fruits, or, if you want something savory, some avocado toast (with whole wheat bread is better), or with some hummus and tomatoes.
Inessa Q.
I would encourage you to experiment with eggs. You can scramble eggs with practically anything. I like to fry up a tomato and eggs. It’s quick and good! Also, I like mustard with eggs in any form. I don’t think carbs are evil either, and wouldn’t worry so much about a muffin. It’s all just to get your body some fuel in the morning to give you more energy. If you experiment with it you will probably notice that you have more energy if you eat after getting up as opposed to waiting until later in the day. Go for things you like. If it’s not eggs in any form, learn a tofu scramble recipe or eat oatmeal with some apple sauce or milk or whatever you like. It’s all about having energy and enjoying the breakfast.
Andrea E.
No, it doesn’t mean that your breakfast is not healthy just because you added muffin to it. You just dislike the eggs by itself, so you just add something good about it for you to be able to eat it. And that’s okay, as long as the muffin is not so much on your plate due to carbs diet issue.
Juliana J.
I always have better results when I don’t try so hard. I suggest building on what you like for breakfast. Decide why you want to eat eggs. Protein? There are plenty of high protein breakfast foods. Find a way to make it easier on yourself is my advice.
Joel E.
Carbs aren't unhealthy in and of themselves, but maybe try something other than eggs, like meat and cheese? You could get some ham slices and cheddar or similar and not have to eat eggs at all : )
Deanna U.
Not at all. The egg is the protein that is driving the breakfast. Small steps. I’ve been eating no sugar added plain yogurt with a high protein granola. You’re not forced to eat eggs or your protein alone. Try spicing it up with some veggies too. I love my eggs with tomatoes, onions, and avocado.
Simon W.
There’s no need for you to eat eggs at all my friend. Just because this app tells you there are good proteins in there it doesn’t mean you need to eat something you don’t like. Just make sure you eat something in the beginning of the day that feels good for your body and gets you energised!
Paul J.
It is still healthy, eggs are great source of high protein. Muffin is a carbohydrate but with moderation, I think it will not do harm.
Mina C.
Hi Friend ! Ive been there. I find eggs much easier to eat when scrambled in the pan with spices like peper and onion powder added to them. I personally try to avoid bread but its much better to have them on an english muffin then to not eat breakfast at all. If you really dislike eggs maybe try having an all-in-one morning shake and an apple. Hope this helps
Jules F.
I don’t think that it is necessary to eat eggs. Breakfast should give joy to you as anything that you do. So try to eat vegetables or chicken meat for example. Or smth like that. Sorry for my english. Its not my native language.
Jen O.
I honestly feel like adding an English muffin wouldn’t do to much harm! If you don’t like eating eggs by themselves try adding spinach and maybe some cheese (not a bunch of course)
Riley E.
Carbs are still fuel and that's the main point to eating breakfast yes? But why are you forcing eggs on yourself. There are Soo many better options. I currently am doing cottage cheese (can replace with Greek yogurt) apples and a bit of apple butter.
Kelly E.
The traditional way of making muffins is unhealthy for breakfast because of the sugar, so unless there's another way of making them witch i don't know yet keep away from it and try another alternative, there's some suggestions in this app.
Hope this will help
Gladys O.
Carbs are not inherently unhealthy. We need some carbs for a balanced diet, it's just that most people get too much in a day. If you're worried, try something else like putting some cheese on your eggs, or salsa, or scrambling them with veggies and onions… just spice it up. You can also just use a different source of protein like nuts.
L Rke W.
I think English muffins are a healthier choice than other carbs. I really like a boiled egg or two chopped up with an avocado with a bit of salt and pepper. You could even mix that up and put it on a keto friendly wrap of some sort. Being healthy is very important as is eating a healthy breakfast, but don’t stress about it too much or it will just become another chore that you don’t want to deal with. I hope this helps!
Jonathan S.
There are many different food options that can tastes amazing with eggs. English muffin not necessarily considered bad carbs, english muffins are high in fiber and also composed of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which are great components for a our body. Although just have in mind that when eating with butter, jelly, and others this are unecessary carbs. n
Arnold W.
English muffins are carbs , but none the less it's no harm to have a muffin and egg for breakfast maybe check for other healthy carbs like advacado
Castelino Z.
Some carbs are ok. Moderation is a way to be more successful in maintaining changes. Enjoy life and view your modifications as lifestyle change. The longer it takes to achieve your goals, the longer you will maintain them. One small step at a time! For example, if you take two teaspoons of sugar in your tea or coffee go to one teaspoon for a few months. Graduate to half a teaspoon by asking for a sugar packet on the side. I love cream and it has a touch of natural sweetness, that can help too! As far as eggs, try a hard boiled egg cut in half with mayo on each half. You can boil eggs ahead of time and keep them in the fridge when you're ready to eat them!
Delfim Q.
No! It's freaky important that you get some good protein in the morning, and eggs are great protein! English muffins are not that bad for you! You might want want to look for a while grain muffin. My understanding is that the glycemic index of even white flour English muffins is low than that of bread…. In other words, their starch is more resistant so it doesn't flood the body with sugar as fast. You may want to some days go with oatmeal (a more resistant starch). Keep eating the eggs and other high-protein foods at breakfast!!! Other ideas are quinoa, nuts and seeds and nut butters, broccoli (more protein per calorie than beef), lentils or legumes. Good luck! (their souffle
Aubin E.
I would complement the diet with an extra protein in order to outdo the carbs.
English muffins are probably not the best option, it doesn’t mean it isn’t healthy, but I would go with another type of bread.
If eggs are not a good option for you, try to ind something else
C Me T.
If you make it a whole wheat English muffin then it’s definitely still healthy! And either way, if the English muffin and eggs are replacing something like sugary cereal or a donut, then you’re still doing better than you were, and that’s something to celebrate.
Lohan Z.
It depends how you digest carbs. If you don’t have fructans or gluten intolerance and are not obese it’s fine to eat bread and carbs. Breakfast is also a very important meal and shouldn’t be cut in calories or carbs.
Ilija F.
Carbs are fine and in fact important. You should absolutely be having carbs at breakfast. That being said I’m not sure if English muffins are the sort of carbs you want to be starting your day with, perhaps try some whole grain toast or oatmeal with your eggs instead.
Timmothy C.
I think it’s ok to eat the English muffin if you limit carbs in other meals. Total cabs per day should be around 1 g per lbs of ideal body weight. If you hate eggs though, why not find something you love? Tofu scramble or Greek yogurt? Maybe a protein shake?
Aiden Y.
That’s yummo. I love that too. Try make it exciteing finely chop up some cooked sausage in with the egg kinda like an omelet or mini omelet and fry up the egg. There is a circular egg holder for frying you can get one of those. Though make sure you fry up the sausage befor you fry the egg so it cooked well to eat. There is nothing wrong with carb’s, you can make a wrap with lettuce leave’s if you don’t wan’t the carbs, and finely chopped up sausage. I love ice berg lettuce.
L O E.
Carbs aren't bad, but if all you eat is carbs that isnt healthy. Make sure you are eating a balanced diet, including carbs, and you'll be fine
Barry I.
There are much better options than eggs if u don’t like to eat eggs..muffin are carbs high on calories so u can try eating oatmeal
Joseph Z.
Use whole wheat brown bread instead of muffins because muffins contain a lot of sugar that makes you lazy in the morning
Karen E.
Honestly I hate eggs too but even though carbs are shown as bad you need carbs in your diet to keep you healthy. Your breakfast will still be healthy even though the English Muffin has carbs if you don't want to feel guilty for eating it with your eggs try getting an all natural or gluten free English Muffin. Also even though you don't like eggs by themselves you found another way to eat them! You kept with your diet even though you don't like it you are staying healthy keep it up!!
Emin Q.
You can prepare egg bites.
Set your oven to 325°F. Beat six eggs, then add: whatever kind of shreded cheese you like (I usually use swiss, mozzarella or parmesan);
and any type of veggie – grated/cut spinach or asparagus or peppers or brocolli, carrots. Mix well. Crack a little pepper
Spray a muffin or cupcake tin with non-stick spray. Place the mixture inside the tin. Cook for minutes.
You can store them for 3 days in the fridge or in the freezer for 2 months.
Katherine E.
That breakfast seems healthy to me! Change the muffin out for a wholemeal one or brown/wholemeal toast if you're looking for bit less sugar or refined carbs. Also, you don't have to force yourself to eat something you don't like – it's not sustainable for habit making. Try yoghurt instead or a protein bar or maybe a shake. You can also scramble tofu and add spices. Maybe sometimes swap out for ham or another meat you like. Make it as easy as possible on yourself
N Ia E.
Hello there,
I had no idea about an English Muffin so I googled it. It doesn’t look like an healthy breakfast. I don’t like eggs either. If you don’t like eggs by themselves, you can try to cook it with oatmeal. Some mornings I cook oatmeal with milk, chia and an egg white. Then I slice a banana, put some walnuts and enjoy it! Try some!
Melanie F.
I don’t think so
You can use whole grain English muffins or pita pockets
One company does a breakfast sandwich and substitutes the muffin for an egg frittata
They are in the frozen food section
Amandine E.
It all depends on what the ingredient of your muffin is if it is just too much sugar n chocolate then it's a bad idea … instead there is something much healthier to opt for…PANCAKES 1 cup flour, pinch of baking powder n salt, olive oil 1egg mix it n pour the batter on the pan making cute little pancakes and have it with honey or maple syrup…much healthier option to include eggs in your diet…
Or you can opt for French toast…and carrot muffins or any fruit muffin avoiding much sugar .
Thankyou 🌷
Tess T.
Carbs give energy. Try a whole wheat or higher fiber muffin. Eggs are the perfect protein but you can get protein from nuts and oatmeal. Or add some veggies to scrambled eggs. Or a little shredded cheddar.
An Lia Q.
It is not really healthy. But I suggest to add peppers on a pan make peppers first and add eggs and I eat everything with ketchup, so it taste great.
Heidi P.
I’d try making an omelette or something. Put some ham, bacon, or something like that in it. And an English muffin isn’t that bad. It’s good you’re trying to eat an egg with it.
Armand O.
Well, portion sizes matter just as much as the choice of food. A small portion of an "unhealthy" food can be just as healthy as a larger portion of a "healthy" food. That said, have you tried making an omelette vegetables such as onions, green peppers or tomatoes? I like that much better than plain eggs, and it's definitely healthier too.
Lana Y.
Carbs are not bad for you… Focus on what you need to get in you, rather than focus on what you don't want. Make sure you get bits of everything and don't worry about carbs! Maybe add some fruit to your breakfast to get more vitamins 🙂