What’s the best thing to eat when you’re in a hurry?

Hugh O.
I think that eating some walnuts when you're in a hurry it's great because It gives you enough Energy and It prepares you for the morning works. They're also very good for your skin because It conteins vitamins E and C..
Pr Spero P.
Whenever I’m in a hurry, I grab some jelly or some cheese or anything that is pushed the fridge and can eat on the way to school!
Alfred E.
Although easy, a simple yet affective thing to eat during a morning rush is simply a banana or a protein bar. If you have a couple minutes maybe even a smoothie.
Alina O.
Granola bars, they come in all sorts of flavours and fill your tummy for the morning. If you don’t like granola bars, then fruit – an apple or banana or pear or whatever fruit is in season is really easy to grab on your way out the door. Just be careful that some fruits do make a little juicy mess.
Viridiana Q.
Anything with nut butters! If you pair it with crackers you get complete proteins that help stabilize blood sugar. I love almond butter and apples when I want something sweet but stabilizing.
La Ssa P.
A toast with salmon, cream cheese and rucola/lamb’s lettuce. Enjoy and don’t stress out, you’ll be there just in time, and even if you won’t be, take easy 🌸
Rachel F.
I go for string cheese/BabyBel cheese, nuts, hard boiled eggs, raw broccoli + dip, salami/summer sausage. Most of these foods are full of fat and protein to keep you full for a long time. And they don’t have carbs, which can spike your blood sugar and cause you to crash later on. I love these quick snacks!