Yes… I am overweight so I need to know what kind of breakfast I should eat.

Oliver N.
Fruits, especially the three core “grab and go” kind. Like a banana, apple, or an orange. Citrus and juice containing Vitamin C will help kickstart your digestion. Cereal is also a good way whether it be oatmeal or Cheerios or Raisin Bran. Try to stay away from sugary or overly fatty foods like donuts or bacon. At least not all the time. Coffee is good too! Good Luck!
Maja U.
A breakfast packed with protein. Something that will give you energy all morning. Whole wheat toast and Avocado make a filling and nutritious breakfast. Or try overnight oats made with chia seeds, mashed banana and plant milk.
Mila B.
Smoothies are a great breakfast ! Add peanut butter or protein supplement to feel filled up ! Eggs are another one- healthy protein, great way to feel satisfied but not heavy to start your day.
Heather Q.
Slow-burn sugars like grain and oats, and protein-heavy things. Eggs are great for this, kale and lentils are good for vegetarian options! For easy small substitutes, try things like swapping white bread to brown bread initially. Ultimately, you know your own level of change resistance, so listen to yourself and do what you're comfortable with. There's no shame in eating something less than ideal for you if it makes you happy, but just be mindful that when you do eat something good for you, you'll instead feel proud! Good luck! ❤️
Francesco I.
Try with a breakfast with low fats and sugars, avoid those foods with a great quantity of sugars, they make you feel satiated for only few hours, then you will be hungry again. Try with foods with a good amount proteins (both animal and vegetable), such as almonds, eggs, salmon (if you like to start the day with fish 🙂 ), but also fruit like apples should be good.
Mar A G.
Sorry if I write something wrong, English is not my first language. The first two days I ate two eggs and integral bread, with unsweetened tea. Today I woke up late, walked an hour and finished at 11, so I just cut 2 pieces of papaw. Hope it helps.
Axel O.
High protein and high fibre is good, if you can find something you like enough to eat every day. Smoothie, eggs, whole grain toast are good. Bit of protein powder in the smoothie can also be helpful.

Calorie counting apps are actually more easy and fun to use than you might think, and can help you play around with different breakfasts to see how many calories they were, and how much they helped your energy. Good luck!

Rowen Q.
All you should do is track your calories with an app, I use yazio cause I'm underweight. So in your case, you need to eat less calories in a day, and just eat food with low caloric density, so you'll be full with less calories, good luck 🙂
L Andro Y.
I would recommend something that will keep you satisfied for a long time, like porridge. Yoghurt with fruit and granola is also a great choice! Go for something you like!!
Babett Q.
Eggs are the best breakfast food. They will fill you up & keep you full the longest. When you get tired of eggs swap to oatmeal with fruit and vice versa. You've already started in the right direction, don't stop now! You're tougher than you think, you got this!! 💪
Neil O.
Make sure that the food you eat contains low calories and of course healthy, such as eggs, apples, low calorie milk, oats, bananas, and others. You also need to move often.
Namjoon S A.
A healthy breakfast that should have high protein & is not high in refined sugar. A good breakfast choice could be rolled oats with berries.
Amelia U.
To be honest, I am not really into having great breakfasts since my childhood. But nowadays, I started to getting used to it. Even though I don't eat eggs I eat bread, susam paste, grape moselle and older things which are rich in terms of protein.
Stephanie X.
A balanced breakfast would be the best. A mixture of fruits and healthy cereal such as oats. Avoid foods with excessive fats like bacon but treat yourself with a nice home cooked breakfast at least once a week. At the beginning it will be hard (trust me I’m still struggling with it) but it all depends on your motivation towards achieving your main goal.
Cl Mentine U.
Eat a healthy nutritious breakfast that's going to keep you full up and energised longer have oatmeal a handful of nuts and or dried fruits and an apple and a banana with a glass of water
Claus Peter E.
Make a soomthie with your favourite nuts & seeds and porridge oats. Add some healthy protein, a banana, some berries and use your favourite milk. This is a really delicious and sustaining breakfaat!
Kathryn O.
Me too! When I do eat breakfast, I either eat oatmeal or grits or fruit, always with coffee. Just pick something small and without a lot of processing!
Samantha J.
A Greek or natural Yogurt will keep you surprisingly full until just before lunch. And even with fruit or a couple of spoonfuls of granola is a low cal option.
Samuel B.
I feel energetic when I eat a protein in my breakfast like eggs or spinach. I also love to eat chia pudding because it's make me feel satisfied for hours and has a great flavor. Oatmeal it's a great idea for breakfast too.
Lina P.
I love overnight oats for something quick, filling, and delicious. I put chia seeds and fruit in, so it’s like a dessert in the morning. Good for heart health.

Some other tactics I use to manage my portions and weight is drinking water frequently and before meals so it fills me up a bit and I don’t overeat, which is my tendency. I also try to eat a little bit less than I think would make me full and try to eat just a tad healthier. So if I want fries, I get sweet potato instead of regular fries. Small steps like that.

Sowande P.
You should eat less carbohydrates in the morning and add have something healthy instead. Stop taking anything sugary and fat milk
Javier O.
Hey there, breakfast is the most important meal of our day. If your goal is to use this meal to lose weight, I suggest detox smoothies. There are tons of recipes online and I just started drinking them myself. My friends have lost ridiculous amount of weight drinking green smoothies every morning and shared the suggestion with me. Try googling a pineapple and celery detox smoothie. They don’t taste bad at all. You’ve got this! 🙂
Valdemar N.
No carbohydrate,oily foods
Only protein, fat for energy
Lemon juice and green tea u should take

And beside foods u also need proper sleep at night 7-8 hours
And early morning walk or free hand exercise

Noa S.
You should start with drinking lemon water and do exercise for 10-15 mins.
You could eat low carb breakfast and try to avoid any oily food.
Llama Y.
It's okay, everyone is different. But, if you want to be healthier, I would lay off eat bread and stick to more eggs, yogurt, and fruit.
Lina L.
Try to eat at the same time every day and try to leave at least 14 hours between dinner and breakfast. (for example last meal at 6PM and first meal earliest at 8AM). In the beginning it's hard but you get used to it. Then try to eat something that is not too high on calories and you don't like so much (for example porrige without sugar, muesli only with oats and nuts and no sugar). And eat as much as you need from it. Make sure It's something you don't like binging on!!! 🙂
Klaus G Nter F.
A smoothie will be a great start to the day, it gives you a feeling of being filled without containing too many calories.
Marion I.
Celery is a vegetable that requires more calories to digest than it provides to the body, making it a great snack at any time of the day for people who want to lose weight. Vanilla is a spice that naturally suppresses appetite, making it a wonderful addition to smoothies, spiced almond butter, or teas for those who want to slim down. Breakfast ideas: Celery sticks topped with homemade vanilla almond butter. Chai smoothie with real vanilla bean. Detoxofying smoothie blend with celery hearts.
Ayulia N.
I only eat omelette or fish with a little rice and banana. sometimes I only eat 2 bananas with tea, milk, or coffee. Or just milk! I try to balance nutrition and reduce sugar even though it's a bit difficult.
Lisa C.
Focus mostly on health instead of weight. It’s not the amount of food you eat, but the kind. Eat fruit and protein. It will give you energy during the day. Avoid sugary foods because they’ll make you crash. Yogurt parfait can be a fun sweet treat. Have a variety of healthy options available.
Megan I.
I’m one of those people that when I start eating I continue to snack on little things. So a filling breakfast works really well for me. I started eating oatmeal, like the instant kind that comes in different flavors. And they were really good. And I was full for longer. You could always give oatmeal a try. If that’s not your thing, maybe get some apples or grapes. Eggs are filling and soooo good. Or maybe a bowl of Cheerios. I hope that helps 🙂