What should be the eating routie

Vanessa O.
At the moment I am following intermittent fasting after 16 to 18 hours I take my first meal which will be a healthy lunch followed after 2 hours a snack and then dinner based on protein and healthy fats.
Alya P.
Eat good food which has carbohydrates in the morning and for the day always make sure to have fruits after lunch and for dinner 🍽️ sprout salad and beacuse I am in India we have rotis at night 🌉 it maintains u r physique
Kanishka Q.
I don't know.. i just eat bread butter or black coffee as my breakfast.Is it enough. What should I eat as a proper breakfast
Racquel I.
Start with yoghurt and water, some fruit before lunch and nuts before dinner. Dinner with a lot of vegetables and some fruit oe yoghurt for dessert.
Violet N.
I don’t have one sorry but one thing I can tell you is that every morning I have lots of fruit and one thing with chocolate in it to give me energy for stupid school 😫🤔🫣🫠