I am in Vietnam, most healthy options are not easy to buy. Only Egg and Fruits, Yogurt. I want to try some healthy breads but I dont even know if they are real.

Catherine F.
You have to ask them. When you go to the grocery store, you need to ask and see and the people at the store will tell you.
Isabelle S.
Egg, fruits and yogurt sounds like a great start, especially if the yogurt is low in sugar. Maybe you can find some vegetables? Even frozen vegetables work well! If you don't trust the breads to be good, you can find other slow carbs by eating something like sweet potato or beans or lentils. If you're looking for breakfast foods, some scrambled or boiled eggs with vegetables or fruit could be an option.
Nellie S.
If you're interested in healthy breads, it might be a cheaper (and funnier) option to bake it yourself!
Sometimes it takes alot of research, trial and error to find good stores in your area. Stick to the most unprocessed foods available for the beginning ✌️
Sharna Y.
Rye bread is healthy as it releases energy slowly and has a lot of fibre. Perhaps you could find it in bakeries? Its German. Sourdough is also good for your gut. Good luck!
Diana C.
You are in Vietnam! You are so lucky, my favorite country to be and to eat. Everything is so healthy! Fresh vegetables and noodles. Stick to healthy local produce rather than thinking foreign foods are healthier
Sarah V.
You are right. Try buying some cereals, rice, noodles, spaghetti and other vegetables, like potatoes. Nuts, beans and raisins are great too. Take a look at some healthy recipes, you’ll know how to buy and cook.
Arthur T.
Hi. I am not sure why you say real bread is hard to buy, however if that is the case, can you replace the bread with something else, such as muffin, cake, oatmeal, noodle, or congee? You can do a search on a list of things for replacement online. I wish you the best and I am praying for you!
Aur Lien Y.
Do not worry! You dont really need bread for your breakfast.
Try to mix fruits in yogurt, and some nuts if possible. Boil an egg, and you will have an amazing and healthy breakfast!
Ciara B.
Sourdough bread is one of the healthiest breads you can eat
Aim for whole meal / brown breads as these are better for you
Jens E.
Bread is not the most healthy thing but there are healthy options. My mom is really carful that we eat healthy so instead of getting white breath we get sprouted whole wheat bread. Good luck with your journey!
Ava P.
Nice one on the eggs and fruit! I believe this is a better option that bread anyway I've not heard of healthy breads so keep doing well and power to you!!!
Vivan E.
I have no idea if you can get healthy bread there, but Eggs, fruits and youghurt is the meat and butter of a great breakfast
Alfredo U.
Go for the eggs, fruit and yoghurt! By lack of anything else the least you can do is get all the options you do have available. When you see other options, try to stock up. Freeze some if you can.
You could try the breads, see what they do to your body. Maybe you can try baking your own healthy bread? It's super easy! You can definitely use the yoghurt, fruits and eggs for that too.

Remember, it's always better to do something small than nothing at all

Victor Y.
I think whole grain bread is nutrious as it is packed with fibre and other essential nutrients. In moderation i believe this a healthy option
Freja X.
Honestly I dont believe there are but there are healthier options as far as bread options. I prefer sourdough or rye bread. Also ever had banana pancakes!? Delicious healthy option that give you a bread like texture. All u need is egg, ripe banana, and cinnamon ( if u like) mash up the banana and milk it with a beat egg then use the mix as if it were pancake batter.
Ac U.
Yes, healthy breads are real. Whole grains are a good source of fibre. Dieticians recommend getting a serving of whole grains at every meal.