I find it hard to find inspiration to change my breakfast and often get bored with eating the same one until I get tired of it and then I have no idea what to eat. Got any tips?

Richard O.
stop wasting time trying to find inspiration. sometimes, unplanned things are the most fun. be random sometimes and try things out.
Jacob S.
looking for an inspiration wouldn't help because you will not find it always. so its better to make a breakfast plan the night before . so that you know what you will make in the morning and there is no confusion
Brent Z.
I have the stuff to make 2 or 3 easy breakfasts for the weekdays. This is stuff like oatmeal, ready made breakfast sandwiches, and yogurt. Being able to cycle through these options and having and a back up or two that you know you like should help keep you from getting bored with it.
Anton W.
First things first, make sure you've bought a variety of things to eat. If your fridge has variety and everything us available within one reach, you'll find it easier to actually bother making your breakfast. I've recently found myself really interested in new recipes that don't demand anything difficult, so you could do the same. Try instagram reels, they have everything for people who don't know how to cook or don't want to because they're bored
Tri A.
You may try reinventing the same breakfast that you are eating everyday. Prepare it using another method or add a little twist to it like a new ingredient. If you enjoy the small changes, this could encourage you to experiment more and never get tired of the same old breakfast everyday. However, it is totally fine to eat the same simple breakfast a few times during the week as we don't always have the time to spend on preparing an elaborate breakfast.
Laura Y.
Search for ideas on the internet,or chose a color everyday and eat something of that color.Have fun with your brrakfast,arrange it in any way and you can also try new ingredients every day.
Merfim P.
The first step is drinking water and then tea or coffee. For second like milk, cacao or porridge(a little portion). Then u can take fruits, bread, toast, omelet or something. Or u can just eat your dinner more early(6pm or 7pm). Then u maybe gonna be hungry on the morning.