How do I make a healthy breakfast with the limited amount of time I have before I leave?

Mauren Z.
Prepare something the night before.. when you’re cooking dinner, you can crisp some
Bacon and store in the fridge for the next day to just warm it up and add it to some scrambled eggs and some fresh tomatoes. You can peel off a carrot and cut it in slices in advance so it’s ready to eat. Buy some berries, they last in the fridge for a couple of days, so every morning you just have to make your bowl of yogurt, add the berries, some cereals, chocolates bits of you want and you are set to go. Buy a bag of roasted almonds and just pick as many as you please in the morning with the rest of your meal.. you can have nuts on the go as well if you commute. I also buy berries, 4 types, cut them all, add a banana, pack all these fruits in 6-7 ikeas plastic food bags, 1 per every day of the week, and freeze them. So in the morning I take one out, Chuck it in the blender, add coconut milk or yogurt and whatever else I please and in a couple of minutes I got an energising smoothie/frozen yogurt I can drink while getting ready for the day or take it with me.

Mathias B.
I like a protein smoothie. Protein powder (not the weight gain type) with almond milk and frozen berries or frozen banana. Sometimes I add some instant coffee. tastes great and keeps me satisfied until lunch.

Todd T.
There are several ways to make sure this happens:
A) Plan your breakfasts – morning meals are the most important ones to plan ahead because people usually have less time and it’s going to set you up for the day! So think ahead: how much time do you have to prepare a meal on workdays? 10 minutes? 5? Maybe no time at all? Work with what you have. Let’s say you only have 5 minutes in this example.
B) Prepare: once you’ve planned ahead, you know you only have 5 minutes to prepare. That means you will need to do the bulk of your preparation ahead of time, and you have 5 minutes to assemble and/or heat up your food. Some options for a 5 minute prep time: egg muffins (basically omelettes in the shape of a muffin for portion control and easy to carry around); fruit & nut butter; open faced smoked fish sandwich; boiled eggs.
C) Prepare again: preparation is so important! Healthier options usually need some cooking time before they’re ready, so make sure you always have some elements in your fridge or pantry that are ready to eat if your schedule gets ahead of you: a bunch of boiled eggs, homemade sauces and seasonings, roasted vegetables etc. If you run out of time one day, you’ll have this ready and no excuse to pick up a drive thru fast food breakfast!

Molly J.
I try to stick to easy to grab items, or things that I can get ready the night before. Like nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, individual yogurts or drinkable kefir. Packing peanut butter in a container the night before so I can take with me, then slicing up an apple right before I leave. Preparing a protein shake or a fruit and veggie smoothie the night before too.

J Nior S.
This question has bothered me too. I suggest either waking up earlier or making a light breakfast like Müsli or maybe just an omelette.

Ottmar G.
Prep your oatmeal the night before by doing this:
1/2 cup liquid like dairy milk or almond, coconut milk
1/2 cup oats
1/2 cup yoghurt (optional)
1 teaspoon chia seeds (optional but highly recommended!)
1/2 banana smashed (optional)

Blend this all together the night before and leave in fridge over night. Your healthy breakfast is ready for you the next morning. Top with your favorite toppings to make even better, for example cinnamon, fresh fruit or berries

Mark W.
Buy your fruits every week from the grocery store, or order them online. Next day in the morning have a banans or an apple while heading to work, you can also add a slice of turkey to it. If you're not a huge fan of fruits, you can have a bag of almonds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts.

Vanice C.
Make it quick & simple, How? It's easy, just preper to wake up earlier than before make the alarm wake you before so you can make your great breakfast perfectly and eat fruits and any another healthy products would be just fine.

Jean O.
I do not make breakfast before I leave. I make breakfast at work. I keep it simple so that it is easy to prepare and consume.

Tilde Y.
Well, I too have limited time before work. So, energy bars are always a good option for me! However, overnight oats is a good choice. Or portion out smoothie ingredients the night before that way you just pop them in the blender and go! Hope this helps!

Anne Katrin F.
I’ve been eating overnight oats. It takes a couple minutes to through everything in a bowl the night before and it’s ready in the morning.

Shawn T.
Preparation is the key, when I have no time I can allways at least make a quick smoothie with greek yogurt, fresh or frozen berries, almond milk, peanut butter and protein powder… for this there is allways time

Kordula R.
I begin making breakfast the night before. Sometimes I make a bunch of mini frittatas, overnight oatmeal together my smoothie. Get things started The evening before it will be easy to follow through the morning

Louka P.
Good Morning,
You can prepare a nice cereal in the evening with different nuts, raisins, etc. and in the Morning you just add some fresh fruits and milk.
This can be done in like 5 min.
Otherwise boil some eggs and eat them in the morning. You can peal it and with two bites you have a lot of “Energy fuel“ in your Body.
Best regards

Alison E.
Easy, preparation. Schedule time each week to clean out your fridge, empty and clean the kitchen sink, meal plan, and create a shopping list (about 1-1/4 hours). Then go shopping and purchase only what you need for the week (about 1-1/4 hours). When you get home, portion out what you need for breakfast (and lunch?) each day. Cut (fruits & veggies), or cook (oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, etc.) as much as you can in advance (about 1-1/2 hours). CLEAN UP AS SOON AS YOU ARE DONE! (about 5 minutes). On work nights, place the next day’s breakfast items in the front of the fridge. Each day when you wake up, you’re ready for a quick prep & chow! (about 5 minutes). CLEAN UP AS SOON AS YOU’RE DONE EATING! (about 2 minutes).
I make a green smoothie for breakfast every day which cuts down this entire process by far more than half since I use bananas, frozen organic strawberries and blueberries, baby spinach, and apple cider, all which require no prep; I use only a straw and a glass/cup. And cleaning my vitamix requires just 30 seconds of blending water with a single drop of dish soap and a quick rinse.

Sylvie O.
When I am short of time, I just take some oat flakes, coconut milk, some berries and sliced banana.
If I have a couple of minutes more: one egg, 2 spoons of yogurt, 2 spoons of oat bran, and cook for 2 minutes each side.
Both are really good and easy! 😊

Elaine O.
In such case the best thing to do is to prepare your breakfast the evening before. There are plenty of meals you can prepare in advance. You can cut some fruits etc… Also you can create a box filled with some healthy snacks which you can eat before lunch during the day so that you don't eat too much for lunch.

Marilou Y.
Plan your breakfast the day before. It's even better if you can do some preparing like measure out your cereal and milk, check you have the ingredients and so on.

Amandine A.
Overnight oats are a great healthy breakfast that you make up the night before and they are ready to go, cold, the next morning!! Look on Pinterest for some great recipe ideas!

Lukas E.
I think the key is to prep things so there’s minimal work to do in the morning. If no cooking is required you can set everything out the night before and even put it in a container so you can grab it and go. If you want to cook something, leave all the tools out where you’ll need them and prep anything you can the night before. The less work you have to do in the morning the more likely you are to stick to the plan!

Lida A.
Make something like over night oats! Something you can make and have ready to grab and walk out the door in the morning! Also cold pressed coffee the night before to also just press and pour in the am!

Antonio N.
A breakfast can be a healthy shake or instant oatmeal. They are light enough on your stomach as to not make you feel sluggish digesting the food.

Lucy J.
If you have a limited amount of time to prepare a healthy breakfast in the morning, it might be helpful to prepare something the night before. Overnight oats are a really easy option. Or it could be something as simple as a high protein, low sugar breakfast bar and a piece of fruit!

Dan O.
Overnight Oats is a good-for-you and popular breakfast. There are many recipes on the web. Grab-and-go breakfasts are also good when one plans them. Think a high protein, low added sugar breakfast bar or a protein drink, a piece of fruit, maybe a carton of low-sugar, lower fat Greek yogurt. You can make combinations, put them in the refrigerator the night before, and get it in the morning. Options are many: boiled eggs, yogurt, Greek yogurt,

Jonas P.
You can do it the night before and in the morning just grab it and go. You can also buy one on the way towards your next location.

Loane Q.
Just because you may not have enough time in the morning to cook up a fancy breakfast, does not mean that it should lack in nutrition. I find that it is easiest to make sometime that doesn’t require pans and pots that you will have to clean up before you run out the door. Lately, in the morning I have been really enjoying whole grain, or gluten – free toast with a healthy, low sugar nut butter and bananas on top! Not only is this dish packed full of protein to give you energy, but I swear that it tastes so delicious even though it takes very little time to make.

Frederik W.
I always rush in the morning, therefor I never have extra time to make breakfast. So, I started to think of options I could make in advance to quickly grab and go in the morning! Overnight oats has been my go to! It’s as simple as it sounds; plain oats, milk (or milk alternative) and whatever other yummy ingredients you love; mine are chia seeds, brown sugar, craisins, and sometimes strawberries (depends on my mood). I always found that super easy and convenient, all you have to do is remember to grab it out of the fridge 🙈!

Hanna X.
Go for eggs boiling time 15min
peel ,cut ,eat just in a jiffy,
If ur veg go for potatoes…there are alot of reciepes on youtube try that too

Charlotte P.
I usually will cut ingredients I need the night before and put it in the refrigerator. Another thing I would suggest is egg whites with shredded cheese and spinach. They are easy howeve, if that’s too complicated for the morning maybe make a smoothie.

Stephanie O.
Hey! This is a great question – there are a few things I’ve tried in the past, some work better than others.

1. Try to wake up earlier – this is definitely the hardest option, but an earlier rise will help you have more time to make breakfast.

2. Meal prep on Sundays before the week starts! A great meal prep option is hard boiled eggs, pair that with some whole wheat bread and fresh fruit and you’ll have an easy, on the go breakfast every morning

3. Make smoothies – if you aren’t a fan of the meal prepping, you can also smoothie prep. Combine fresh fruits, vegetables and coconut water or fruit juice, add in some protein powder or oatmeal and you can get a completely breakfast, quickly!

My person preference is a combination of 2 and 3, this way I mix up my meals and on the days I have a little more time I make a smoothie! And when I don’t I have eggs fruit and bread ready for me!

I hope this helps


Adiel C.
Making a good breakfast takes time which can be done only on weekends. For week days you can have milk and fruits or cornflakes. This is the perfect good to go breakfast for me. I hope this helps!

Alyssa O.
Muesli is a great option. You can let it simmer for 7 minutes while you are getting ready for the day, or you can combine it with yogurt for a cold option.

Marie Luise F.
Personally, I prepare for the morning the night before. If I do a smoothie, I will have it ready in small ziplock bags. In the morning I just grab the bag and put it in the blender. I also do this on the weekends for the week. Saves me tons of time

Arthur J.
I like to hard boil eggs one day a week and then have them throughout the week with a piece of toast and a little fruit. We also make steel cut oatmeal in the slow cooker overnight and it is great to wake up to something already made. Other options are to portion fruit into small containers and make a simple smoothie in the morning with a little yogurt. A fruit parfait with yogurt, a few berries, and a small amount of chopped almonds or granola on top is also quick and healthy.

Hector Z.
Breakfast smoothies are my go to as it is easy and extremely healthy. Have your fruits stocked and you can add oats or switch the recipes.

Ann C.
Scrambled eggs are a great way to go. Pretty fast, healthy, tasty. The other way you can make healthy breakfast in a limited time is to prepare some of it’s elements in the evening, so you can just wake up, tale everything you need — and there you go

Aurore W.
Prepare it the night before. For example I love overnight oats with carrots, apple raisins, walnuts with maple sirup. Just shred the carrots dice the apple throw it’s all together with oats and some milk into ait-tight container mix it well and leave in fridge overnight.

Joann J.
I pick eggs and fruit for this. First melt a little bit of butter in an egg pan. Then scramble with some high quality soft cheese like Boursin. Cut up strawberries. Perfect breakfast in five minutes.

Agnes F.
If you don't have time you could make your breakfast the night before for or grab a granola bar of a apple of banana or yogurt and eat it on the way to wherever you are going

Ricky E.
Have everything prepared ahead of time in a way things stay fresh.. same concept as a frozen dinner. All in on container.. and then crack the eggs, add the prechopped veggies etc wtc when you are ready. I used to take forever but with time, you get faster. At 30 minutes now, done with breakfast and dishes

Arnold O.
If I have little time in the morning, I usually prepare my food the night before. For example, I hard boil eggs the bight before and then I put them in the refrigerator. In the morning I just take them out and eat them at home or I take them with me. I also sometimes make overnight oats. Those are super easy things to make.

Shelly J.
Plan it the night before and keep it simple. Boiled egg w/ a banana, an apple or berries.
Do it for two weeks until you get used to the rhythm. Then change it if needed

Capucine U.
I can have frozen foods on hand like waffles, berries, and other easy to prepare foods that aren't exactly "grab and go," but allow me to make breakfast without too much trouble. It's a good stepping stone to a different lifestyle, which will come later once I reprogram my brain and my habits.

Mimon C.
Get an instant pot and make porridge that has red beans, brown rice, black rice, peanuts, and other things you like. This takes a few hours but normally it lasts a few mornings.

Wencke J.
Hey there 🙂
You can prepare something in advance like overnight oats.
I personally have a meal replacement which provides all the nutritional needs of a complete and balanced meal.

Trudi F.
You can prepare your breakfast the night before i.e overnight oats, protein shake with fruits and veggies or include the time you have to prep for breakfast in your Morning routine so you’ll have enough time before you leave.

Marika E.
Take time to think of quick meals. Boiled eggs take 10 min. You can put eggs on hop then get dressed for work till they are done. Or just have oats with cold milk or grap some fruits and veg. Just think of something you like to eat.

C Lia O.
I find that making a couple pieces of toast with a couple of fried eggs is fairly quick. Add some fruit or yogurt to the breakfast, and there you go! Hope this is helpful! 😊

Giliane A.
My key is to prepare it the evening before or maybe even earlier. Overnight oats with berries or fruit is a classic. Personally I prep my morning eggs (mashed avocado and stirred eggs) once a week, put them in small containers and freeze. Each evening I move one serving to the fridge, ready to be microwaved the next morning. Quick healthy breakfast in about two minutes 😁

Tony P.
I found organise it the night before is a good way around this. For this reason I like to make up containers of oats then add fruit (fresh and dried), nuts and cinnamon with milk the night before and let them soak then put them in the microwave in the morning to heat them up. Great for a cold morning and a lot of variety to be had.

Duane J.
I switched to intermittent fasting, I feel more energized and lost some weight also. This way I get only cup of coffee to go early morning) ) and no time wasted))

Estela B.
Let’s get real. If you don’t put in the commitment it won’t happen. You might need to do some preparation the night before or you will need to be up earlier in the morning. However, there Are easy breakfast options that you can do within about 10 minutes. Pop in a toast while you’re getting ready. Once you’re dressed, mash up an avocado with olive oil, salt and lime juice. Spread that on your toast and head out the door!

George Y.
Take 2 minutes for planning your breakfast before you go to sleep. Make a list -just in your mind, you don’t have to write everything down- of your favorite healthy breakfast meals, and keep the necessary ingredients in your fridge. For example, I like all kinds of omelettes and experimenting with eggs, so I try to find creative ways of enjoying my eggs using the vegetables and cheese I keep in the fridge. Remember, always have fun.

Marius N.
You can make something ahead of time, something that’s easy to heat or just eat in the morning or on the go. Something like a breakfast casserole. Or if you have a little more time, prep everything the night before and just cook it in the morning fresh. There are other options like fruits that take no prep at all.

Jonathan E.
Maybe meal prepping is something that might work? Making a big batch of something and then only having to heat it up a little before you go

Florent O.
i prepare my breakfast the evening before. i know i have to get up very early most days so by using the time i have waiting for something to cook in the oven, or a pot to boil, i make up my breakfast and lunch for the following day. in the morning, then i just have to ‘grab n go’!