Are you familiar with low-carb high-fat diet (keto)? What are your thoughts about it?

Nota Space P.
Yes. Have previously tried before and now prioritise an adapted version of it in my diet as much as much as possible. Where previously refrained from carbs entirely, now find feel much more energised and fuller for longer after incorporating a small portion of whole grain carbs with each meal. Goal is always to have mostly vegetables/whole foods in all meals and avoid sugar and sweeteners. Although still good to have a treat. Keto taught me an effective weight loss diet, should not be so fast, once you've lost the weight, you are highly sensitive to putting weight on if you eat anything outside of that diet. It should encourage permanent change which you can adapt to your own needs and have a greater sensitivity for how foods affect you in terms of energy, mood, fullness etc.
Claire C.
It could help you get stronger give you a better version of yourself mentally and physically I had to say it’s very good for your body