Any simple breakfast ideas which are healthy?

Silke X.
Definitely no . some people eat sweet snacks such as cookies or cakes because they're getting ready faster .
It makes us get hungry in the middle of the day and decrease our energy .
Lilly T.
A scramble is always quick. I just add frozen broccoli that I microwave to thaw, whatever veggies I like that I have on hand. Some days I add mushrooms other days I add sweet potatoes, but I always add one slice of American cheese and some shredded cheddar. It's so yummy. If I need something extra quick, I eat a morning star breakfast sandwich or a Jimmy Dean croissant sandwich that I zap in the microwave. If I'm not really hungry I enjoy tea and some sweet bell peppers and hummus.
Carl C.
Cooked breakfasts work well. They are nutritious and you can have fun cooking them. Foods that are high in protein such as meat and eggs can help provide the energy you need for the day. If you don't have time to make a cooked breakfast, having a piece of fruit with your cereal or toast provides you with one of your five a day and starts your day in a healthy way.
Marina O.
Grab any greens you have and some fresh green herbs (I like basil, peas and grated zucchini) and add them to a bowl with some whisked eggs. Stir everything until combined and then cook in a lightly oiled pan or skillet set to medium. When the bottom and edges are set broil to cook the top and you’re done! Cut into pieces and store left overs in the fridge for an easy healthy breakfast hot or cold.
Barbara P.
An egg, cooked any way you like it, Greek yogurt, or a cheese stick for protein. A piece of high-five toast or shredded wheat cereal to keep you going. A piece of fruit, or we make fruit smoothies with spinach in them, and freeze the leftovers in popsicle molds for the rest of the week. Or make a breakfast skillet with olive oil, bacon (optional), diced potatoes (optional), spinach or kale, diced or grape tomatoes, and an egg on top. Add a little pepper and /or Italian seasoning.
Lois N.
Yogurt is always a great breakfast. You can add any healthy toppings like fruit or granola, and you can take it on the go. It is also soooo delicious, and is a breeze to prepare in the morning. Personally I think the easiest way to prepare it is to cut up any toppings the night before, and sprinkle them on in the morning. Some topping ideas include
And more! I hope you found this helpful! Have a FABULOUS day!!!
Lore S.
My breakfast ideas are revolving to make it easier to stick to my goal: plain oatmeal with almond milk and a sprinkle of sugar with berries; sprouted toast with butter, eggs, and broccoli sauteed in olive oil and salt and pepper; icelandic yogurt on mornings short of time; and cantaloupe on days I'm not very hungry and can wait a few hours before eating (it's recommended not to eat an hour or two after eating melon due to its ability to create gas in your gut).
Regina C.
I really love overnight oats. I used to make it with almond milk, now I just make it with water. In the morning, I just put the desired amount in a bowl and top with fruit and other flavorings. I try to avoid adding sugar but, occasionally, I'll add a slight drizzle of honey. Two of my favorite variations are peanut butter with bananas and apples with cinnamon.
Johanne Z.
I like overnight oats. The recipes is I mixed oats, yoghurt, honey, chia seeds, almond milk, peanut butter or berries, then put on fridge overnight. I eat it next morning. Tasty and healthy.
Mada N.
My favorite and healthiest breakfast is overnight oatmeal. They’re so simple to prep and so much you can add into and on top of! One of my go-to is oats overnight soaked in almond milk with honey and chia seeds. The morning of, I usually top it with blueberries and strawberries. Tasty and simple!
Christina Q.
The healthiest recipe for productive weekdays are Egg sandwich. They are soo tasty and healthy too. I like to make a sauce of ketchup and mayonnaise.😋
Rachael N.
Overnight oats are great – you can make a big batch of dry mix in a couple of minutes (oats, seeds, nuts & dried fruit), then scoop a portion into a container, add plant-based milk (and fresh/frozen fruit if you like) and leave it in the fridge overnight.
Kevin X.
The ones I can think of fight now are: soft boiled eggs with toast, omelet, granola cerial with fruit and yoghurt, and porridge.