Quick breakfast ideas?

Meg O.
I choose to eat something that has protein and sugars (carbs or regular sugars). For this reasons I recommend salami and a piece of fruit like a banana

Mariya G.
Morning breakfast is very essential to our daily life . Because we get energy for that day . Skip the breakfast is very harm to our body.

Vince N.
When im in a hurry I find that fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, grapes and stuff go good with a small energy bar if you’re in a rush

Andrea Q.
So for the last few years I've been eating fairly Paleo/whole30 style, and one of the best I discovered in doing 3 whole30 rounds was a concept called the plated fat, which is a healthy fat on your plate after cooking (during cooking fats don't count!), So, my go-to breakfast for the last ~2.5 years is 3 scrambled whole eggs and an avocado! To speed it even more, you can scramble the eggs the night before and put them covered in the fridge. When I eat my go-to breakfast and follow whole30/paleo-ish eating (including that plated fat!!) I can go up to 6 hours between meals without getting super hungry! Before I started all this I could barely last 3-4 hours between meals, and I would get so hangry all the time 😅 Hope this is helpful! Good luck and Godspeed! 🥰

Ross U.
I bought nuts so I can eat a few handfuls.
Smoothies that are premixed so it blends while I shower.
Eggs and snow peas in a wrap.

Matt M.
cereals with peanuts and fruit /apples/pears/strawberrys also milk. honey sometimes work. eggs and toasts with avocado mozzarella cheese

Gerry T.
Hard boiled eggs combined with some slices of raw bell pepper, all can be prepped in advance and it'll give a lot of energy trough the day

Bekah E.
Avocado toast is great with tomatoes and garlic salt for flavor, for a sweeter choice, homemade granola with yogurt and freeze dried strawberries is my go to. There are plenty of recipes on pinterest or google

Alexia Q.
When I wake I start the day by drinking a glass of water followed by an apple then I start to prepare my breakfast which usually consists of one piece of carb with proteins. So I could have eggs and toast or a glass of milk with a pastry and fruit. Just enough to keep me energized through the morning .