What is your go-to breakfast?

Cody F.
Omelette, low fat cheese, mushrooms, sugar free ketchup and tomatoes with a side of 2 slices of toast OR Protein French Toast OR Overnight Protein Banana Oatmeal
B N.
I do not have one. I normally just drink coffee. I’m learning to take in variety for the mornings. If eggs are available I normally make eggs with bacon or sausage. The eggs are either scrambled or over easy
Nicoline N.
My go-to breakfast is yoghurt or skyr with granola, blueberries, and dark chocolate. Sometimes I add walnuts too, or I have some juice.
Swagatika Z.
I do 16 hours intermittent fasting, and after a long time of empty stomach I feel really hungry and at that time it is really important to eat nutritional food for a greate health as well as a mind blowing day. If I eat less or a lot in breakfast it makes my day frustarting and make me feel hard to do things which I must do. And obviously after a long break I wait eagerly for delicious and nutritious smoothie which is made up of sweet fruits, protien of chana, vitamins of seeds, fat of nuts, and satisfying water.
Andreas Z.
if im nor fzeling like making anything i eat cornflakes other times i eat what i feel like it could be an ommelet oats a smoothie or just a piece of fruit