Can you suggest more breakfast ideas?

Darko G.
I normally do boiled eggs and spinach and other days I will just have oatmeal. If I'm in a rush, I will pull an apple and bananas and by mid-morning I have almonds, raisins, cranberry mixed for snacks. It keeps me full of energy
Jonathan X.
I like to make overnight oats the night before, or make them in bulk at the beginning of the week. Premaking smoothies is pretty easy too, you just divide up the ingredients into bags and throw them in the freezer. Then in the morning you just have to blend them up and you're set.
Arlene F.
Make your breakfast the night before, like overnight oats, you can enjoy them warm or cold in the morning and you won't spend time thinking about what to have because you've already made it
Gregory S.
If you are on the go like me then something as simple as yogurt is a good idea. Other ideas could be Amigas, a smoothie, breakfast burritos,huevos rancheros, classic egg, sausage and toast breakfasts.
Quentin C.
Boiled egg, yogurt, fresh fruits like banana and strawberries and steel-cut oatmeal with chia seeds and apple pie spices.
Amy Z.
Not really. I don't eat cereal or sweets or very many carbs at all, so the options I named are pretty much it. You could try a healthy smoothie, a handful of nuts, apples with peanut butter, things like that…

H L Na Y.
Scramble two eggs, in a microwaveable bowl, cook for 1 minute. Add some cut up kale or spinach, stir, cook for 30 seconds more, add some shredded cheese, and stir
Rosa P.
I like to make a smoothie in the morning. I boil oats in kettle water, add a tablespoon of honey, a banana, strawberries sometimes, homemade yoghurt, and fill the rest of the container with milk. All blended together. I then fry 2 eggs on the side, season with salt and pepper and eat on the side
Dan U.
My favorite is a peanut butter, banana, strawberry and almond milk smoothie. Using the unsweetened original almond milk, and just peanuts (no added salt or sugar) makes a healthy and protein filled, satisfying breakfast. Fruit is always my go-to breakfast side with some sort of healthy protein. I don't eat meat so going for nuts, grains or beans work perfectly for me to incorporate into the first meal of the day!
Valentina U.
I usually spend 20 minutes making breakfast every morning. I eat proteins like egg and meat first, and then choose vegetables like lettuce(salad or cook it) and I often cook tomatoes, mushrroms and egg with vegtables either. And the last one will be starch like bread (I'll put cheese(can also add egg, meat and avocados).
Lino Q.
Well I have been looking for breakfast ideas myself. My one advice is to stick with eggs. Eggs blunt your hunger and satiate you, so for example, I had an Eggs Benedict for breakfast today and it blunt my hunger for almost 4 hours now. Another advice would be to play with yogurt and oats as they are perfect bases for varied toppings and spices. So for example, these days I've been having low fat unflavored yogurt with rolled oats (uncooked), cinammon, pumpkin seeds, slices of oranges and crushed almonds.
Mirza S.
Boiled eggs cooked the day before, chopped up with some fresh herbs on a rice cake.
Or, if you can stomach it, cold omelette.
Eden O.
For breakfast I usually have a smoothie. I blend kale, frozen raspberries, POM, dates? brewed green tea / or something variation but always greens and berries. Raspberries are my favorites.
Suzanne B.
I purchased a portable blender (size of a drink bottle) put my fruit, water and yoghurt in it for my on the go breakfast.
Oat meal
Eggs – omelette- scrambled poached! Plenty of choices with those.
Eggs in a muffin tray with bacon and chives sprinkled through!

Soham J.
Oatmeal with fruit, chopped fruit, turkey bacon and sausage, eggs, banana pancakes (made with bananas rather than flour), avacado toast, breakfast burritos
Lana Z.
I feel like eggs are always an important part in breakfast, maybe try some breakfast egg muffins with sautéed veggies and cheese.
Cl Mence W.
Boiled eggs are good.

Beans are high in protein.

Egg muffins with veg, baked, work well.

Banana pancakes with nuts

Gilbert F.
I've found a lot of success with an egg scramble. I add in pepper jack cheese, bell pepper, and onions. The veggies I dice at the start of the week and store in a mason jar so I can scoop out what I need and return the rest. I make about a week's worth.