Do you like breakfast?

Romy N.
Yes. Just could not have a good day without breakfast. Breakfast is most important to me. And I love to have my. Breakfast on time.
Ne Teles F.
Yes I do. Fruit and veggie smoothies are my go too these days, but sometimes I would switch h it up nd have cereal or oat flour waffles.
Sander P.
Yes breakfast is a great way to get me in a good mood for the day and to give me the necessary energy to complete all the tasks I have set for the day.
Suzy Z.
To be honest for me, it's cereal or eggs with avocado toast. A method you can use for on the go breakfast is preparing your breakfast meals the day before and putting it in the refrigerator or freezer. You can do a breakfast burrito and freeze it, and whipping your eggs the day before so you can have scrambled eggs.