What to eat when you’re not hungry?

Melanie G.
So I don't really know what to eat, but i prefer something with bread like peanut butter and jelly or just peanut butter.If you have to go somewhere in the morning you could make yourself a sandwich at the night and be ready in the morning. 🥰
Malou Y.
I haven't had an appetite lately. But I understand that I want to eat. Usually, I definitely drink water. I've been drinking coffee every day this week. I think when you don't want to eat, it's better to eat something light. For example, fruits 🙂
Cathy T.
When I'm doing right, I realize that's whats going on & I grab a water. But when I give in to the munchies, I grab a flavored water or diet soda. Then I try a crunchy raw veggie. But if I grab sweet or salty, then I'm done-for for the evening.