How do you make it easier to prep for breakfast when you’re not a morning person?

Klaus Michael U.
I think it helps a lot to prep the night before, or even to prep on sunday for the upcoming week. Its a lot easier to just take a container out of the fridge and heat it up or even just eat it cold, than it is to make a whole nutritious meal right after you wake up
Malo Y.
I get up early at 6:00 or 6:30 so I wait up a little time to pass like 10-15 minutes and then I start eating something easy like apple,banana…
Emma Y.
Make it easier by trying to wake up earlier so if I spend some extra time in bed I can still prep a quick breakfast. For my breakfast, I have "homemade" oatmeal which is plain rolled oats and hot water from my coffee machine.
Lorenzo P.
Get something that is easy to get in the morning and have good willpower to stick to your breakfast habit everyday.
It will be worth it
Marlene Q.
I already drink tea every morning so, I buy food that is easy to make and appropriate to drink with tea for example cream cheese with bread.