Do you eat before, during or after your other habits?

Sofie W.
Sometimes the habit *is* eating… something healthy. When it is, I end up eating in the order the app tells me to go. When the habit is something other than healthy eating but I also need a meal, I’ll usually eat afterwards. Some times I feel I need more energy before I can begin my new habits, then I’ll eat before my task.
Gloria T.
All three. I dont think it matters. Then again, this "Fabulous" Journey I've been on has made me open my eyes to a lot of things that previously I had thought didn't matter.
Alexandra S.
I try to eat first. It gives me more energy and it’s the hardest habit for me to remember so I try to do it first so it’s out the way
Faith W.
I eat after stretching and my water, but before anything else. The morning water jumpstarts my day, flushes toxins, kickstarts my organs and primes my body for what comes next. I'm not naturally a breakfast person, having breakfast soon after waking is the best way to ensure it gets done or I will most likely forget as I get into my day.
Dominic J.
It depends what’s your morning routine. If your routine is short, I’ll suggest to eat after, if it’s long, u May eat during other things. For example, if you meditat or read at the morning which may takes more than 30mins, u may find yourself hungry halfway and couldn’t concentrate on your thing, then u may eat before these long morning routines. P/S: eat light snack before exercise and eat proper breakfast at least 30 mins after you finish exercise is healthier for your digestive system and will help in lost weight.
Jonas W.
In the morning I get out of bed around 10 ish, but I am trying to wake up earlier. I get breakfast but with that I drink a glass of water to awaken my body. It also helps if you eat in sunlight, it helps replenish and awaken your body.
Johnny U.
The first thing I do in the morning is to eat a healthy breakfast! I usually start with a glass of water and Aloe, then I drink a glass of hot herbal tea concentrate and to complete my breakfast I eat a protein and full of all my body needs super shake!!!
Fredo N.
I eat before most things, I'm a grumpy morning person if I don't have food and water in me before I try to tackle anything else.
Steven Z.
I try to eat as its own mindful moment. In the morning, it's after my wake up routine, but before my calendar/diary habit.
Emmie O.
If you exercise habit is light and you do one like 4 minute exercise abs and core then it wouldn't be bad to eat before then getting straight to it but if it's more like a 7 min workout which I have not tried then eating after would be better that way you feel lighter to the workout and don't feel like you have thow up or cramping.
Jeannette J.
That’s actually a good question! I try to eat before my other habits. It’s more or less that I live a very simple lifestyle. I eat the same as everyone else, morning, afternoon, and evening.
Teresa C.
I get up thanks to Alexa who plays my morning music as my alarm. I have it set to play what I consider wake up music. Then I have my routine programmed into Alexa so I do things in a regular patter. Drink water, stretch, and then go and get my breakfast and meds. I like to eat relatively early in my morning routine because I figure I need the energy ASAP.
John X.
Most of the time I don't have time for a big breakfast so I take something for my drive to work. Otherwise, I would be eating in between habits
Felicia E.
I have a good breakfast after I drink water in the morning.
Usually I will sit in front of my desk, having my meal prepared then put on my earphones to enjoy my breakfast slowly.
Michael Z.
In the mornings I eat after I do my habits of drinking water, making my bed and getting ready for work, once I’m pretty much ready then I’ll decide if I have time to cook eggs or like today I cut up some fruit and put a scoop of peanut butter together. Then after eating I’ll go out through my day completing other habits until I’m hungry again and might eat while doing another habit or wait till I’m done to finish other habits.
Amalie N.
Yes. Before preparing meal I drink a cup of water. After eating I clean up the table and kitchen and drink water. When I sit down to eat I say thanks for the food.
Egil S.
I eat after my other habits. I wake up do my thing, head to work and eat my breakfast at work. 1 – 1.5 hours after I wake up.
Kelly G.
I eat after meditation, after shower, after drinking water. I brush my teeth sometimes before breakfast, sometimes after
Lu S Z.
I eat after my other habits generally but sometimes i eat during others. I wake up at 6-6:30. then I take my baby. and play with her. then I go to the kitchen and give her some snack. then I go to bathroom and wash my face up. then clean some mess. then change my outfit. sometimes take a bath but it really soo mixed. I want to orginize this tasks
Josephine S.
I tend to eat after my other habits when my family and I can all have breakfast together. Sometimes we even dance while breakfast is cooking! It’s a great way to start the day!
Tiago Z.
I drink about a cup of water first, then walk, then eat. Eating is a good reward for me and it lets me chill afterwards.
Layla N.
Typically I eat a healthy breakfast that includes fruit, eggs, and oatmeal. A tall glass of cold water. Then wait about 30 mins to start your workout.

After your workout it's best to have some type of proteins weather it be a shake or a bar. And then when I get home I'll eat a salad or something light

Timmothy E.
I’d say durning. Well my morning routine is drink water first thing, then I eat a light breakfast with more water of course, then I workout for about 30 mins to an hour, then I eat a healthy snack. You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach and a snack afterwards is good for the body. I eat all day lol, small healthy meals and snacks about 5 times a day. On days where I am not working out, I might eat a larger breakfast.
Tony U.
I eat before my other habits because I'm hungry when I wake up. I also am grumpy without food, so it's the fastest way to improve my mood.
Timothe Z.
I eat after my habits. I normally wake up, now starting to drink water every morning and also giving both of my kids a cup of water, then meditate through reading and awaken my inner spirit, and finally, eating breakfast.
Paige E.
If exercise I try to eat very much before or after so as not to upset stomach. As for other habits I tend to do eating after except at nigh where we want early better than later
Ida O.
Breakfast is listed as the last of my morning habits, but sometimes it gets out of order. It sometimes depends on if I want to eat breakfast together with my husband who has to leave for work earlier than I do.