What are some ways you prep the night before or earlier in the week to speed up time to finish breakfast in the morning

Madeleine B.
I have very limited time in the morning, as I need to leave for work before 6 am. My usual breakfast is a quick smoothie to go! I often prepare the night before by cutting whatever fruits or vegetables I'll need the next morning and combining most ingredients in the container. In the morning I just add liquids, mix and go!

Kristle P.
I plan meals, organize shopping and handle most meal prep for the week on Sundays. This includes breakfast items such as hard boiled eggs, fruit, smoothie ingredients, etc. This means that once I am ready for breakfast, all I have to do is pull our meals items and eat.

Annie Z.
I put my clothes ready the night before, I sometimes put my tea or coffee ready. I also sometimes bath or shower the night before to not have to rush

Magnus P.
The night before I think what will be my breakfast in the morning. On the next day, I start by what takes more time and while that is doing somehow by itself I prep the other stuff.

Constance Z.
Sometimes I shower the night before, choose my clothes, and make my lunch ahead of time. There are also oatmeal recipes you can make overnight in the fridge.

Judy S.
Tidy your room and pack your bag for the next day. Prepare your clothes the day before and decide what you'll eat for breakfast.

Kasper N.
* Make sure I have easy things to eat for breakfast. Cereal, milk, fruit, bread, peanut butter, etc. Some protein bars are good too.

* Overnight steel cut oats—just like putting a glass of water by your bed. Will be ready when you wake up—just need to eat it.

Floyd P.
Standardise your breakfast. Eat the same thing on all weekdays. Buy groceries for it on the weekend. I have 3 boiled egg whites, a cup of tea and one fruit for breakfast. It's really simple and nourishing.

Lv J.
I make a schedule the night before to ensure I hit all of my morning rituals. If I need to iron I will do that the night before. For the most part, I am committed to waking up in enough time to complete all of morning rituals with time to spare in the event of something happening. I take this approach because I feel it makes me commit and stay on task. It's like I'm forced to do it this way.

Terry N.
I buy things for my breakfast on the weekend, and try to buy breakfast for the whole week. I don’t buy things with more than a couple of ingredients, except for when I occasionally have salsa with something, in the morning. My breakfast will usually involve some meat that I grilled, broiled, or sautéed the night before, or smoked salmon; fresh fruit and/or avocado; nuts or a nut butter with no added sugar. I love dipping strawberries and bananas into sunflower seed spread :-). The smoked salmon or smoked fish is great for the days when I was not able to do a quick cook the night before, and I can also throw in a tomato with it, for breakfast. Eggs are great, but I only like hard-boiled eggs, so I rotate them in a couple of times a week.

Carolina F.
I use to prepare the avocados I eat at breakfast when Im cooking dinner the night before! Saves me a lot of time and before I get to bed I see how the weather is going to be and prepare what I'm going to wear! Ah btw a started showering at night to save me time at morning, we all know once we get in the bathtub it's hard to leave!

Robin T.
I purchase enough berries and spinach on Sundays for the week and blend them with protein powder and almond milk for a delicious and quick breakfast smoothie. Another option is a whole wheat English muffin, toasted, with microwave poached eggs. I’ll add spinach and avocado to this combination some days.

Esteban C.
First, I recommwnd you to find easy, fast, and highly nutritious recepies. Then make sure to buy all that is needed, like eggs, fruits, nuts, etc. You can also check what utensils you'll need and clean them.

Sarah P.
I tend to have simple breakfast that doesn't require much preparation. Sometimes I will make overnight oats the night before. If I had to serve breakfast to a number of people I would consider setting up a breakfast bar where they can serve themselves in the morning.

Lobs N.
If you can opt for simpler, healthier stuff like banana with peanut butter and toast, boiled eggs, etc. Do every step that doesn't involve cooking and pack stuff for the next day. If you can plan ahead the whole week, great, if you can plan the night before, ok too. Just try to prepare and not decide in the morning, you will probably make better and healthier choices.

Liam S.
When it comes to cooking for myself I’m really bad about not making sure that I have all the ingredients. So I always make sure that I have eggs in the fridge and will go get more while I’m at work if I’m running low (4 or less). I make sure I have an alarm set for earlier that I would usually do it wake up too. But the biggest thing is just forming the routine. It’s hard in the beginning but the more I do it the more natural or becomes.

Osmar F.
I start by making my lunch for the week ahead of time. I try to put by lunchbox put with my cups in the morning. I also think about what I will wear the next day.

Ser P.
Lay everything out the night before, this ensures that it is in eye view when you get up in the morning so you'll remember that it is something you need to do, of course, keep cold substances like milk in the fridge.

Alex Z.
Plan and lay out what I'm going to wear
Stick to 1-2 breakfasts in the week
Get out of bed and get dresses as soon as I wake up; be purposeful and force myself to keep moving

Leslie P.
I do a couple of things to make my mornings run as smooth as I can, such as: I freeze as much as I can ie prebake egg cups in a muffin tin or use prepared chipped frozen fruit in a smoothie, or I may place everything I need on the counter ready to go such as cereal, bowls, spoons..

Jessica P.
Designate a time to prep. Whether its while you put the kids to bed or right after dinner or just before you brush your teeth. Lay your ingredients and grocery items out, prep each one at a time to not overwhelm yourself. Preparation makes it hard to fail when it's as easy as pulling pre-prepped tupperware out of the fridge.

Sharon R.
Ensure you plan your breakfast meals for the whole week (day by day) and buy the ingredients for that week. Once you have those, you can then pack them in labelled containers so that each day has its meal prep ready. If it's cereal or granola you are having for 1 day, you measure out how much you will be having into the container and label it for a particular day. That morning all you will need to do is grab the labelled container and add your plain yoghurt and you are good to go.

Pre-planning and prepping meals removes the stress and time of dealing with making a healthy and wholesome breakfast on the spot and eliminates the likelihood of you missing breakfast altogether.

Ami Lyn E.
I prep our family lunches for the week so in the morning I can focus on getting ready for the day and eating a good breakfast. Knowing that a health lunch is a grab and go away!!

Ximena P.
Planning your breakfast the night before by observing what you have at home to make a wholesome meal helps to speed up the breakfast schedule

Sierra U.
Depending on what I'm having for breakfast, or if it's a work day or not this answer changes. If I'll be eating at home, I make sure I have the kitchen clean, the tools I need out and ready, and a clear plan for the ingredients involved. If I don't make up my mind before hand, I'm more likely to blow it off. If it's a work day, I'll make sure my breakfast is already packed in my lunch bag, or pulled to the front of the refrigerator so it's an easy open the door, grab and go. Whatever I can do to eliminate as many inconveniences as possible!