What are some good vegan and vegetarian options for a healthy and quick breakfast?

Franklin C.
Vegan option: chia pudding with coconut milk, nuts and seeds or blended silken tofu. Vegetarian options: crack an egg into muffin tin. Add leftover vegetables. Veggie sausage. Cheese. Italian seasoning. Bake at 400 until golden and firm. Freezes well. Breakfast on the go
Amanda U.
Making a cooked oatmeal in the microwave is very quick. You can also add chia (or other)seeds and use plant milk to make it vegan. Add some fresh or frozen fruit and maybe a spoon of nut butter for protein.
Wilma C.
Avacado is a good choice for healthy fat. You can do a quarter or half everyday. Boiled eggs for good for protein and easy to cook. Mango is also great for immune system.
Deondina Q.
As a vegan, oatmeal with fruit is the most convenient to me but I also love beans with spinach and avacado for breakfast as well.
Alex R.
Porridge made with oat milk and sprinkled with nuts and seeds. I soak the oats overnight so I can just quickly heat them in the microwave in the morning.
Ottokar X.
I’ve been loving oatmeal with a little cacao powder, oat milk, drizzle of honey, roasted hazel nuts and maybe a little plain yogurt swirled in!
Lina N.
I just made myself a banana smoothie with chocolate syrup and milk (which you can substitute with water or alternative milks). If you have some bananas that are going, peel them, break them up, and throw it in the freezer. They'll act as ice cubes, giving it a nice consistency. Sometimes I'll add Peanut Butter, but you can customize it to your taste!
Mery S.
You can have overnight oats there are tons of good recipes or a good fruit or veggie smoothie once again you can find lots of really good recipes online this isn't vegan but having cage free eggs poached on toast with spinach and avocado is fairly quick easy healthy and delicious
Alexis U.
I would go with things that have protien like apples and peanut butter, protien granola and almond milk, avocado toast, or pecan and blueberry crapes.
Amy F.
I like non-instant oatmeal like steel cut oats or a hot oat bran cereal. Then add ground golden flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts, peanut butter, and blueberries. Vegan, healthy, and delicious!
Jamie T.
Make fresh cheese with soy and add to a smootjie instead of cottage cheese or yogurt. So good! Make it neutral with lemon juice and soy milk only. Use the Epicure fresh cheese maker for the easiest way to do it. Other staples are are greens, beans and nuts- in any combination! I like to eat hash browned potatoes with veggies and baked beans on the side instead of traditional eggs and potatoes. You can even get this at a restaurant that makes omelets.
N Rio W.
I'm a big fan of oatmeal in the morning, it's so versatile you can do anything with it! I like to add almonds, craisins, and cinnamon
Jason Q.
So I’m not a vegan, but being in the restaurant business for 24 years And dealing with many types of ppls needs
Vegan breakfast: I would sautee vegetables and tofu together. It’s high in protein and great vitamins.
For a vegetarian have a veggie omelet or oatmeal with berries. If you like cheese add some cheese.
I love adding avocado to my omelet. Vegans can do that to add avocado!