my problem is about wakeing up early so i can be able to eat breakfast. i have more energy at nights rather than days so i sleep late and wake up late too. what should i do? my body has been built for night working!

Deborah E.
I have to be up early in order to get my day going. Therefore I need to train myself to get to bed earlier. Get a good sleep and wake up on time.

Peter Q.
Well, oatmeal can be made in under a minute (if you use oatmeal packets) and then you can toobjt with fruit.Yogurt and granola is also superbfatd and easy.

Han N.
If you want to change your sleep routine you have to start slow. Let’s say you get up right now at 9am every morning but you want to be up by 5am. Start by going to bed 20-30 min earlier than you normally would and set your alarm for 20-30 min earlier in the morning too (8:40-8:30). Then every time you are able to easily get up at that time set it another 20-30 min earlier, until you reach the time you want. Another thing that may help is to have your breakfast meal planned the night before. Know what you want to have and maybe even have the ingredients out and ready to start quickly (depending on what it is). Also making a morning routine besides breakfast will help you. Mine involves waking up at 6am. I drink a glass of water, get up to stretch and meditate, eat breakfast, brush teeth, read a little, then make sure my room is tidy. Having a routine to stick to gives more reasons to get up at that time.

Anindita N.
It’s hard to change habits but not impossible. Try going to bed earlier. Start small my aiming 30 mins earlier then your usual time. Try to avoid exercising too late in the evening or caffeine after 4 pm cause they can give you a burst of energy later on.
Good luck!

Joshua R.
I would suggest trying to get to sleep earlier to start with, if your schedule allows it. Try some relaxation techniques if you feel restless. Get in bed and read a book or drink some tea! Don’t associate your bed with anything else other than sleep. For example, if you lay in your bed to do homework or watch tv, try to do those activities elsewhere. Then your brain won’t associate your bed with anything other than sleep. Secondly, try to wake up at the same time everyday, even on your days off. Your body will build up an internal alarm clock and eventually, it won’t be hard to get up at your desired time anymore. Another thing you can do is give yourself something to look forward to in the morning. For some, it’s having coffee, or setting aside some time to meditate. Personally, I like getting out of bed and heading to the shower first thing in the morning because it’s refreshing and helps to wake me up just a little bit more. Hope this helps!

Tasfia V.
Same here, but all you have to do is start to wake 2 or 3 hours earlier than you're usually waking up. That will make you early riser and throughout the exhausted day you'll be tired anyway, so, you'll fall asleep earlier than usual. But, then again block the distractions and create a nice and cozy sleeping environment and go to bed 2 to 3 hours earlier than usual. And strongly stick with it.

If it helps you, I'll be thankful. Take care.

Ethra N.
I found that it helps forcing myself to get up early a few times like I would if I have an early meeting and then really listen to my body in the evening and going to sleep as soon as I’m tired. Or prep a healthy breakfast to go the night before.

Edenira A.
I know I was like that too, if you really think you are more active at night may be you can keep more activities at night and keep your morning routine shorter. However scientically it's proven that morning routine and early rise is the best. So if you really want to become a morning person from being a night owl like I did first stop telling your self that you are more active at night than in morning. When ever you say it to you it will be difficult to change your habbit. Then first 3 days sleep 15 mins earlier and wake up 15 earlier, eventually you can increase the time of early sleep and wake up. If it's hard to sleep 15 mins early try 10 or 5 mins first. If sleeping is hard you can try breathing exercises before you go to bed to relax your mind. Then try to drink water when you wake up. Thirdly, try switching off the mobile phone one hour before your sleep with small step by step process, e.g first day try to stitch it off 15 mins before sleep. Then follow the same with morning not checking your phone in the first hour of the day. These steps helped me, hope it will help you too

Ruba Z.
The same with me i used to sleep late and wake up late and feel more energy at night, what you should do is try to finish everything you have for today early, try to drink chamomile tae and get ready for bed early too and turn off you phone and sleep early, set your alarm👍🏼👍🏼 You can do this✨. [email protected] this is my email if you want to contact me, because My day is just like what you said exactly like you said,

Nick N.
Your question needs more context on what commitments you have e.g. work/school start times. The short answer is to pick a reasonable time for you to wake up and keep it consistent every day e.g if you wake up at 11am every day then do your morning routine at 11am everyday it’s fine just Make sure you wake up at the same time everyday

Rem Gio Q.
Quit drink get a place yo live so you can have a routine so you can be happy and actully acomplishing something in the morning instead of spending all your time doing ugly paintings or caking on your makeup

Eliot C.
To think about changing yourself is an achievement in itself. It will take time try taking slow steady steps
U can't achieve it all at once
Try to change ur sleeping schedule slowly. That might work out

Sylke X.
Since you are up later, try finding a couple good make ahead breakfast recipes that you can put together the night before. Use the time you're up later to prepare them and other things you'll need in the morning (clothes, lunch, etc)

Julio Y.
Remember to drink herbal tea before sleep and exercise. This will make you feel more tired so you are more likely to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier! Your morning starts at night

Cristina T.
It's only about habitude. You can go ti vedo ad 12 (so you can work at night) and wake up at 8 (so you can sleep the necessary, but at the same time live the morning). Try changing your routine 30 min per time, it Will be easier. At the end try to eat dinner before (7pm) and eat something light such as a boiler potato (or you can find other easy recepies for the sleep online).
Good luck!

Audrey T.
Whatever you eat when you wake up, no matter the time, is breaking fast – that's breakfast. Work with your natural energy flow, like what it sounds like you're doing, and just make sure to eat something when you wake up.

Carly O.
Either work at night because that is when you are naturally more active, or create a functional morning schedule to adapt and change your habits so you can function well in the morning. Good luck!

Anne M.
Maybe you can prepare your breakfast the night before, lets say at 9-10 p.m. you then are preparing to sleep, so maybe you can also brush your teeth and turn in your pyjamas. Then read a book until you fall asleep (another tip to fall asleep early: listen to a sleep meditation video on YouTube whilst in bed with your eyes close. Helps me a lot with falling asleep earlier then my natural sleepschedual). Preparing your breakfest makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning to eat that breakfest. Sorry for my english, im from the netherlands. And i hope this helps a little bit

Leon Dio P.
getting proper exercise helps keep your body on a regular sleeping schedule. if you want to change your habits, start by making it easier to wake up early: go to sleep 20 min. earlier every night to wake up earlier until you're on the schedule you want, give yourself enough time for a decent sleep (8 hours is usually recommended), get your clothes & stuff ready the night before, put your cellphone and/or alarm somewhere you can't reach from bed, drink water to wake yourself up easier, etc. find things that tend to wake you up easier (ex: music, sunlight) and take advantage of them

Mary O.
I have found that deliberately slowing down in the evenings helps me go to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier. Staying off all electronic devices after about 8:00PM also helps. I spend the last part of my evening getting everything ready for the morning and then taking a shower or bath. It took me a couple of weeks to be able to easily wake up earlier. Now it is my normal.

Yvone N.
Even if you go to bed late, you try to wake up early. Then you will feel sleepy at night and you will sleep early. Try to do that for 21 days, then it will be an habit and even if you don't realize you will wake up early!

Elo Se E.
Your body is not built for night working. Body is programmed to sleep at nights. So you can slowly shift your bed time earlier ( half an hour each time) until you reach the adequeted bed time. By this way your body gets used to sleep earlier and wake up earlier consequently you can have breakfast in the morning

Ladybird N.
Set your alarm and put it across the room so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Either that or look for night shift work!

Elizabeth N.
Hi, have you always been a nightowl? Do you do shift work or nightshifts (my Dad did and had some similar issues)? Could it be that you've got into a cycle so that in you've given your body the energy in the evening. I know it sounds odd but there is some truth in the adage that we should breakfast like kings, lunch like knaves and supper like paupers (aka wake up hungry!). I know it's not easy (I can't say I do that everyday, working life tends to put midday and evening meals the other way around!) but if you can try to reboot yourself, that might help. My partner's a nightowl, for example, but we try not to eat after 8pm or have caffeine after early-mid afternoon and he finds that a drink such as milk keeps him going but he's now also got a better breakfast practice. My issue is that if I have breakfast TOO early (like in the first hour of waking, let's say 7-8am) then I'm just hungry again by 10.30am – so what I do is have a drink first thing, then wait about 90mins before I actually have my breakfast. This seems to stave off the 'second breakfast' issue but it also reminds me of the idea that when we THINK we are hungry sometimes it's actually that we are thirsty and a good long drink of water will do the job… for a bit! I hope that helps.

Z Nia C.
Sometimes it's better let your guilt of not eating a breakfast go and just don't eat it in the morning. Instead eat your breakfast in the night. Some studies show that people don't necessarily need breakfast so that tells me that the whole idea of eating breakfast is uniquely dependent on the person. Plus it might not be in the morning, but by eating your breakfast before going to bed gives your goal of eating your breakfast 😉

Jabim P.
I understand your problem, my flatmate is the same and we both learn that you must stick to a bedtime. I normally go to bed at 10:30 pm. You have to find out how many hours of sleep are good for you, for me is 9 at the moment. I wake up at 7:30 everyday even weekends. It is very important to follow your sleeping times, your body will get used to it and recover during that time. More you get used to the times you will be able to go to bed and get up at the time you want, feeling refreshed and with plenty of time to do what you want to do

Marietta O.
Could you do some prep cooking? Make or buy something healthy you can zip in the microwave in the morning so you don't have to do a lot of cooking?

Mark A.
I try to make something the night before – hard-boiled eggs, overnight oats, or chia seed pudding, even a fruit/yogurt parfait – that doesn't need to be eaten warm/can sit in the fridge for a bit if I know I'm crunched for time in the morning.

Emily Z.
You can have your breakfast even at 1 p.m. If you are full of energy in the evening let yourself be natural. But try to wake up approximately at the same time. I can't work productively in the evening, that's why I wake up early and have my breakfast at 9.

Mary P.
Hi I have the same issue. But what I find helps is having a loud alarm. Something that wakes you right up! Then that cold glass of water by your bed. Hope this helps. Your doing well and loving the positivity for change! Keep going ✌️

Tilde F.
Try to sleep early so that you can wake up early. Sounds cliche but true. Try by sleeping 30 minutes earlier each day until you get to the ideal waking up time

Oliver B.
I have that kind of problem too! What Ive been doing lately is making, or at least deciding, what my breakfast will be the night before. Meal prep in advance has helped me a lot when I don't want to do it in the moment.

You can do it! Make yourself a good cup of tea to wake up with. Mornings are gross, but you are tough and you will conquer this.

Lindsay N.
Can you do meal prep so you can just take it out of the fridge without having to cook anything? Things like yogurt and fruit salad or “overnight oats” Can you eat it on the go, on your way to work or even have 5 minutes when you are at work?

Mahgol F.
just start by sleeping one hour earlier for a few days. then move on to waking up one hour earlier. your biological clock will get used to it in a week. if it's too much, start with 30 minutes.

Christian C.
Every human is unique, listen to your body. You can adapt the habit to your needs, if you have more energy on the evening, you can let the breakfast ready for the morning. If you want to be able to wake up earlier, you can start creating a new habit, you body needs time to adapt, what about setting your alarm only 15 min earlier every day?

Julia X.
It's proven that we work best in the morning. Maybe you just need to adjust your body to have more energy in the morning than at night. Start setting an alarm earlier in increments. Your body will want to go to sleep earlier. Once that timing is down, make yourself a good breakfast. You'll slowly trick your body into enjoying it's new schedule.

Felecia W.
I was a total night owl. I'm new to the fabulous app, but over recent years I have changed my sleeping habits. Weirdly, I now get up between 5:00 a.m. And 5:30 a.m., sometimes earlier, and that is such a cool time to wake up for the day. I always feel I have so much day to work with which makes me feel good. Also, I create my art in the mornings so there's huge reward there. For me, this change was gradual. And I can't say what's best for you. But if you want to alter your sleep cycle, getting up very early has really turned out to be so awesome. Very rewarding and has done so much to make me feel peaceful and good about myself and excited for life. Good luck!

Jose C.
Hi, maybe try a lavender oil on a candle burner and a chamomile tea. Hot bath before bed And turn off phone 30min before bed. Also if you say you cant wake up early enough to have breakfast, just have it as soon as you get up, and dont eat like 2 hours before bed. I found this a real problem for me. Stopped me getting to sleep. Plus starting this journey just under a week ago. And waking up and having breakfast I'm finding every morning I wake, I'm hungry already. So it kick starts your body from the first day. As long as you dont eat late night. Good luck, I wish you all the best and hope you get a good nights sleep. Your doing great, even wanting to take those steps is a great goal.

Yagmur G.
Divide your sleep. Wake up, prepare a good breakfast that you actually want to have right away. Don't have coffee. Go right back to sleep 🙂 as a flight attendant I truly know how hard it is to adapt your body to different times of the day. Try to do these cuts first and day by day sleep earlier about half an hour. You got this.

Bertold N.
If you like oatmeal, you can make cold-soaked steel cut oats overnight (you can find recipes online). You could also make hot cereal in a crockpot the night before, and it will be ready in the morning. You can put leftovers in individual containers to heat up the rest of the week.
If you like protein shakes, you can do the easy version and get a shaker bottle and just put your favorite powder and water in the bottle and mix. Or you can use a blender and add other ingredients and make it the night before, then refrigerate and just give it a blend in the morning.
Breakfast egg muffins or egg frittata muffins have lots of recipes online. You can make a lot at once, freeze them in bags or containers, then take out what you need a day or two beforehand. Heat them up before you eat.

Nana C.
Same here! I started taking a nap in the afternoon so I don't need that much sleep at night, and I also made a morning playlist on Spotify with energetic songs to play as soon as I wake up. I break it down into small steps: 1) put on music, 2) drink water, 3) make coffee, and then everything else

Alicia J.
It’s not how your body is being built, but how you treated it and told it. Keep up the habits and you will see the change:) hang in there🔥

Neha T.
Prepare something the night before like overnight oats, or smoothies or something as a takeaway breakfast. Don't make drastic changes to your sleeping schedule, it won't work. Try going to bed just a little earlier than your usual bed time. Then when you're comfortable with that try going a little more earlier to bed. Hope this works. Good luck

Garance S.
Keep a rhythm that allows you to quieten down in the evening. Tech time off 90 mins before and don’t start anything you aren’t willing to finish before bed time or to break into small chunks over a period of time. I’m a morning person so I prefer to make the most of my sleep earlier in the night. Making sure you’re in bed by 10/11pm so you can get a full 7-8 hours sleep. Set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to wind down around 9/9;30pm

Larissa O.
I think this is a matter of time. Your body has more energy at night now because that's what it's used to. If you keep trying to wake up early and make it a habit, your body will slowly adjust and have energy in the mornings.

You can also think of it like adjusting to a different time zone. When you travel, you get jetlag because your body is doing activities like eating and working at different times than normal. Changing your sleep schedule has the same effect, but after a week you adjust and it becomes normal!

Albert W.
I use to do the same thing. My partner works later into the evening then I do. I'd be scheduled to work early and go to bed late. My average sleep a night was 5 to 6 hours. I started in 15 minute intervals, going to bed 15 minutes earlier then before and waking up 15 earlier. I did these intervals over a period of weeks. I use to go to bed at 1030 PM. I now go to bed at 930 pm and wake up at 530 am. The first thing I do is drink 8 ounces of water. I then make me a smoothie which is fast and easy. The store has frozen fruit ready to make smoothies just add a nutritious liquid. I how this is helpful

Mitchell Z.
I would start out kinda small like setting your alarm to go off a half hour earlier or an hour earlier than what you normally set it to. And try and go to bed a little earlier than normal. It makes it a little easier if you try smaller steps then say 10am your normal and shooting for 5am to wake up. It'll be really hard, but not impossible. Try not to drink caffeine after 4pm and have an evening routine. I like to brush and wash my face and play a puzzle game for about 15-30 minutes.

Ross S.
Try building a night routine. Decide on a reasonable bed time that allows you a good 7 hours of rest. An hour before you need to prepare. Get your things ready for your breakfast and pack your bags for the next day. Take a warm drink and get into your sleepwear. Turn off screens, set your wake up alarm and read a book (not work related). Do this every day for a week and see if your morning routine improves too!
Good luck xx

Kent J.
First, I suggest figuring how much sleep to your body runs best on. For example, I can function on 6 hours of sleep but my body works best on 9. Then count back from your goal wake-up time to figure out when it would be best to go to sleep. Something I find helpful is to back up the time you fall asleep by 30 minutes per night until you reach your goal bed time. And remember, it's ok to slip up sometimes. It takes a while to get used to another sleep schedule.

Samy F.
Your body hasn't been built for night working, it has gotten used to it. Technically, your body was built to sleep when the sun is down and wake up when it comes up. I would suggest you go slowly: try going to bed a quarter of an hour earlier for a few days, and waking up a quarter of an hour earlier. Keep doing that until you get to where you want to be. Also, screens trick your eues and your brain into thinking you are supposed to stay awake, so maybe switch your tv/computer/phone for a book or music an hour before bedtime. I've stuggled with this a lot, but it really makes a différence

Kira F.
If the case is that you dont have time to make a breakfast then do a meal prep the night before so you just have to heat it. It doesnt matter what time you wake up. The important thing is that you eat something when you wake up.

Savannah Z.
Something I’m trying out now is to prepare breakfast before I go to sleep so that it doesn’t cost time in the morning (like overnight oats or other mealprepping ideas for breakfast). You could even make it in jars and take it with you if you have to leave the house soon.

Sophie U.
I completely understand working better at night! Around nighttime, stop any snacking completely. Maybe even eat an early dinner. During this time, drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated. Come morning time, your body will likely naturally wake you up because you’ll need to use the bathroom, and you’ll probably feel those hunger pains upon waking up. I hope this helps!

Missy F.
Hey, in Also n night owl. But my day starts always between 5.45 and 6.45, just because I'm working shift. So I use to stay up late, but I m used to wake up early. It's like my own routine. You will get used to it.

Aleksandra X.
I'm guessing you do not eat the right food for you in the morning. Some people feel better after protein/fat breakfast, avoiding carbs. The right meal should give u enough energy to feel good until the next one. Also, u can try to eat your last meal 2h before going to bed, to excecise in the evening and then meditate and relax. This should help you getting to sleep. But for me it is always making yourself stand up after even 5-6 hours of sleep. It is then easier to go to sleep same day. Set a timer when u want to sleep and start preparing for that 1h before depending on your routine.