What do I eat when I am running late and have to head out the door?

Brittany N.
When I am running late and tempted to skip breakfast, I grab a piece of fruit and a granola bar. I typically keep apples and bananas around. If that's not available, I keep protein powder on deck. I just scoop some into a blender bottle and go.
Ot Lia F.
Have hard boiled eggs already prepared from the night before. Applesauce, oranges, bananas, pre cut pineapple or whatever your favourite quick fresh fruit is. Some are more hassle to chop and clean up. A handful of nuts will get you going. Look for them in bulk bins. Granola mixed with yogurt is a yummy quick options too
Julie I.
Maybe a healthy granola bar type option.
Or, if you have prepped yogurt parfait or something that can be eaten at work….? Can you make instant oatmeal at work (a healthy option with low sugar)…?
An apple, banana or some other fruit that is grab and go is also nice to accompany something else for breakfast.

Maybe some (healthy) muffins are another option.

Good luck!

Aleks O.
I know it’s not the healthiest choice but I usually grab a Pop Tart. It has enough calories to get me through whatever I’m doing in the morning.
Magrit H.
You can eat some fruit and oats it is a very quick and healthy breakfast ! You just need to add water or any milk to the oats , put it in the microwave for a while and then enjoy with fruits
Violet F.
Cereal or instant oatmeal. Have them in your cabinet so in case you don’t have time you can quickly get the milk out and pour it on the food. Or grab a banana as it full of potassium and some nuts.
Squishy O.
I like to buy peaches nectarines or apples to be able to grab it I’m heading out the door and I always keep some sort of nuts in the car to snacking on my way there as well.
Durbalino E.
Well if you usually swing by Starbucks on your way to where ever then they have protein boxes. Otherwise grab a banana or apple and a protein bar.
Pamela W.
Depends on how hungry I am. If I am not very hungry I will grab a green apple, but if I am very hungry I will grab a quarter cup of almonds, and maybe a cheese string!
Osohai E.
Take some fresh nuts (cashew nut, pistachio etc) and dates with you . eat this while you are on your way. You can take an apple also.
Gerfried X.
Usually, I would just leave with no food. Sometimes, I would leave with a coffee.
But from now, I am going to make sure I take a piece of fruit with me. Or set a reminder to pick up a breakfast or fruit ASAP. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I need it to fuel my self for the day. I wouldn’t go down the motorway with no petrol.
Linda N.
If you manage to make some overnight oats during the weekend it can stay in the fridge for up to 3 days (need to check). You can always grab one to have on the go.
Eva P.
There's a lot of variety in terms of fast food, but the most productive way to ensure you eat while on the run is to prepare your breakfast the night before. You could do this by simply preparing some overnight oats the night before and leave them in the fridge overnight so they are ready to grab on the go in the morning. A good overnight oats recipe could supply you with much needed nutrients to fuel your day, such as fruits, oats, hemp hearts, and chia seeds!
Helena F.
Peanut butter sandwich. If you add berries, nutmeg, and cinnamon, it tastes great and will fill you up with plenty of protein, fiber, and some fruit.
Hailey P.
There's a variety of options: Apple, banana, protein bar, smoothie (prepared the night before), toast, nuts, yogurt, hard boiled eggs (prepared the night before), granola bar, deli meat rolls, cherries, a couple handfuls of cereal in a baggie or tupperware, grapes, make your own trail mix… It helps me a lot when I prepare for next day's breakfast the night before. My favorite is using a cupcake pan to make my own egg bites. They hold up nicely for days, full of protein and light on carbs (carbs causes my energy to crash before lunch)