What’s your favorite go-to breakfast when you don’t have time to prep a full meal?

Zil O.
I like to prepare a peanut butter-banana sandwich. You put peanut butter on a piece of bread and then put banana (first cut it in a half ) on the top. It's good before the trainig and you won't be hungry for a long time
Barbara T.
When it comes to breakfast one should always make sure to wake up early and have that nice healthy breakfast. I always count in the time for cooking and eating time the night before and wake up accordingly. I just feel it's a ceremony of loving yourself and nourishing it properly. We have always time for what we make. so this should take priority over switching off the alarm and going back to sleep for 20 more minutes
Elaf N.
My favorite go-to breakfast is overnight oatmeal because it is easy and you prepare it from the the night so you just grab it from the fridge and eat it also an easy cheese sandwich (toast, cheese and honey or any syrup on it) is a great choice