What are some high protein breakfasts? Nothing elaborate since the morning is crazy busy!

Brent O.
Eggs, cooked anyway are a great way to get protein. Also Greek yogurt has high protein, paired with some me fruit and granola it makes for a tasty and healthy breakfast, even on the go!
Rhonda C.
Eggs are always usually number one for protein, I wouldn’t do bacon all the time because that’s so greasy and fatty. Vegetables like spinach and all sorts of nuts contain great amount of protein.
Emma C.
I don’t really know but would it help if I told you what I ate this morning
I had muesli cereal with fruit with milk and after that a hard boiled egg to go
Vanna N.
Yes, mornings are crazy! I make extra protein for dinner the previous night and eat leftover in the morning. Try a warm chicken on pita! Carry it too !!
Derek A.
Cottage cheese and fruit or vegetable. Peanut butter/nut butter with well, anything. Eggs (hard boiled are easiest to have prepared but I like frying eggs).
Izzi P.
Eggs!! Any form and on toast or however you want to serve. I also use my blender to make a juice or smoothie with fresh/frozen fruit and add chia seeds for the extra nutrition. Or try and make a yogurt bowl with various nuts, especially almonds. Hope this helps!
Marius E.
Eggs are great! I either poach, scramble or boil them. Or I have granola, Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit as an alternative too.
J Nia A.
Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and toast! An omelette with your fav veggies. A protein shake with some granola and yogurt!
Eleanor N.
Quinoa and oatmeal is a great breakfast. Especially with steel cut oats. You can make it once a week and have enough for every day. Quinoa has proteinand fiber and the oatmeal provides fiber, iron, and carbs for the day. Steel cut oats are slower to digest so you won't get the highs and lows of a more processed cereal. I like mine warm so each day I put it in the microwave for about a minute and then add some boiling water from the electric kettle and whatever toppings I want (granola, fruit, etc). It's super fast to make each day (about 2-5 min aside from waiting for water to heat) and quite tasty. It does take a while to cook steal cut oats and quinoa but most of it is sitting around while it simmers and once a week makes it not that bad.
Olivia Z.
Some high protein breakfast that you could have is eggs or a berry smoothie. I love these breakfasts and they taste vary good.
Sarah X.
I love having eggs, I know they get a bad rap but it’s a versatile breakfast staple you can easily switch up with different mix ins and cooking styles. For a day I want high protein I do a scramble or omelet with ham, a good lean protein.
Clarice Q.
Parfait with plain Greek yogurt, eggs, and omlet, fruits and nuts, oatmeal with flaxseed, smoothie made using protein powder, kale, spinach, or Greek yogurt, and cereal made with soy milk